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The 'bug 'of the ADO dataset lookup fields in Delphi'

This is a letter I wrote to Borland, but they did not reply. However, the content provides error causes and solutions. Body of the email: I am a loyal fan of Delphi. I have never understood a problem. If the lookup type field in the ADO dataset

90% programmers cannot write bug-free binary lookup programs?

Programming Pearl River (second edition) I mentioned more than 100 majors in Chapter 4 Program The staff spent two hours to write a simple binary search program. The results showed that 90% of people wrote Code All have bugs. knuth also mentioned

Bug lookup caused by multithreading +fork

1. Description of the problemA server SA is a multithreaded server, the main thread calls fork, and then exec generates the worker process SB.In fact, the main thread of the SA fork out a sub-thread, but does not perform exec.# PS AJXF | grep

Binary Lookup implementation (Jon bentley:90% programmer does not implement correctly)

Binary Lookup implementation (Jon bentley:90% programmer does not implement correctly)JulySource: The way of the method of structure algorithmIntroductionJon bentley:90% The programmer is unable to write out the binary lookup code correctly. Maybe a

A bug that is not a bug about ICMP redirect Routing

The first network problem in the new company was about redirecting routes, and this less-than-noticed problem took me a whole afternoon to sort out, and this article describes how the Linux protocol stack treats redirected routes.How route items are

Online application bug tracking search-Friends League statistics

Online application as long as the heart point can find some bugs, even, QQ is not listed outside. But the worst of the bugs is a flashback, which results in users not being able to use our app directly.Our company is particularly focused on user

Software vulnerability: start with the bug of "binary lookup"

Probably around July, I first saw this article on javalobby. At that time, I was shocked because arrays in JDK (1.5 and earlier versions. binarysearch (INT [] A, int key) and collections. binarysearch (INT [] A, int key) (which calls

Nyoj 209 && POJ 2492 A Bug ' s Life (and collection)

Topic 209 topic Information running Results Discussion area A Bug ' s lifeTime limit: Ms | Memory limit: 65535 KB Difficulty: 4 description Background Professor Hopper is researching the sexual behavior of a rare species of bugs. He assumes that

Release of Samba3.6.6

Release of Samba3.6.6-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, see the following section. Samba 3.6.6. Major enhancements in Samba 3.6.6 include: O Fix possible memory leaks in the Samba master process (bug #8

poj2492 A Bug ' s life (and look up the expansion)

C-A Bug ' s lifecrawling in process ...crawling failedTime limit:10000MS Memory Limit:65536KB 64bit IO Format: %I64D &%i64u SubmitStatus Practice POJ 2492Appoint Description:Csust_11 (2013-04-14)System Crawler

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