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Product Manager Summary-Empty soap box

It is said that a large daily company, soap production line above the packaging may be leaking packets of soap problem. The company's president ordered a team of experts led by the doctor to tackle the problem. The research team used the world's

Magento SOAP API Bug using the Customer.update method

When updating user information using the SOAP API of Magento (, it is not possible to update the user's password.Let's start by looking at how to invoke the API update user information (refer to: Magentocommerce)login ($username , $password);

Bug in Delphi 6 Update 2 # and Its Solution

Bug in Delphi 6 Update 2 # and Its Solution Borland released the second patch that is significant to Delphi 6 and has greatly improved soap/Web service development, for details, see Delphi 6.02 preemptive research-bizsnap/soap/WebService

Gsoap bug note

The bug of using the _ write Method for socket communication check before sending socket data Version: gsoap_2.7.13 Operate System: WindowsXP Describe: I want to send the HTTP request mulitie times by the same socket. And I coded as follow: Code

Problem about the Salesforce SOAP API 32.0 in. Net Project

A problem has recently been encountered in an integration project project: When you integrate in. Net with the latest version of Enterprise wsdl (API 32.0), class errors are initialized when you initialize Sforceservice. This is the Salesforce in

MantisBT 'mc _ issue_attachment_get 'soap api SQL Injection Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Mantisbt Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 65445CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-1608 MantisBT is a Web-based bug Tracking System. In versions

Onvif implementation 21 on linux: solves the problem that Dahua camera cannot be used, and onvif Dahua

Onvif implementation 21 on linux: solves the problem that Dahua camera cannot be used, and onvif Dahua I haven't written any more articles in this series for a long time. Recently, I am exploring to solve the problem that Dahua camera cannot be used.

A small bug in processing soapfault in axis2

A small bug in processing soapfault in axis2 Gjs0064114 updated: 2006-04-27 21:56:07 $ version To meet project requirements, the axis2 client must be able to

WSDL file detailed (posted) on

The author: Carlos C. Tapang Infotects July 2001 Absrtact: As long as WSDL is used, that is, it is possible to automatically generate Proxy for Web services in a way that is truly not restricted by language and platform. (Total 28 pages


When the project was published, the file upload suddenly appeared a problem, very strange, the problem is described as follows:Error:StackTrace: [faultexception:becauseContractfilterin theEndpointDispatcherdoes not match, soActionto

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