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a8-7600 with what motherboard?

a8-7600 with what motherboard? To understand this issue, the main need to understand the AMD a8-7600 processor what kind of CPU slot, familiar with the desktop AMD processor friends or access to information, you can sort out this processor the

A new way to install Windows 7 under an XP hard drive

Not all computers are equipped with DVD ROM, which allows the computer to install Win7 problems. Cannot install Win7 from the optical drive, or can use U disk installation method, but USB disk installation is not all computer support. You can only

Use vswitch security measures: Build a strict Architecture

Use vswitch security measures: Build a strict architecture and master the following knowledge points of vswitch security measures. You only need to spend a few minutes to learn about vswitch security measures. Many security issues will also be

Penetration notes-2013-07-13 on the SMB version of the scan

SMB2 overflow, in fact, in the Metasploit inside there are two scanners can be used, the effect is similar, just a more detailed judgment, a mere rough judgment. Welcome to the Metasploit Web console! _ _ _ | | (_)_ ____ ____| |_ ____ ___ ____ | | __

Mobile app intrusion diary (lower)

《Mobile app intrusion diary (on)"Is widely praised after the release, and now the next set is available, I hope you will like it. [0x03]-server attack "in most cases, one or more web servers communicate with the client. Attacks on mobile app servers

The virtual machine build (snapshot method) in my dual-system Linux

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System/DEV/SDA1 * 1 102400 7 hpfs/ntfs//100m,win7 reserved PartitionPartition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary./dev/sda2 7600 60943360 7 hpfs/ntfs//60g,ntfs format, Win7 C-Drive/dev/sda3 7601 59948 420484904 f W95

XP under hard Drive install Windows 7

XP system under new hard disk installation Windows 7 1, download Windows7 7600 ISO image, with virtual optical drive copy to non-C disk (such as d:7600) 2, the d:7600 directory under the bootmgr and boot directory, and in the C-packing directory

Differences between backbone switches and desktop switches (group chart)

Vswitches can be divided into backbone switches and desktop switches based on different application scenarios. backbone switches are mainly used for enterprises to build backbone networks, while desktop switches are designed to directly connect to

How to view Windows 7 detailed system version

  Generally, you can enter "Winver" in the running column to view the version. However, only the words 6.1 (Build 7600) are displayed, and the detailed version number behind 7600 cannot be viewed. To view the detailed version number of Windows 7,

WIN7 version View diagram

Now with the WIN7 more and more, the WIN7 version is also many, a total of 6 versions: Windows 7 Starter (primary), Windows 7 Home Basic (General edition), Windows 7 Home Premium (Family Advanced edition), Windows 7 Professional (Professional

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