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[Android] build Android app based on Linux command Line (V): Ant build command

package.  Ant TestRun the test. The prerequisite is to install the. apk file that is ready for testing beforehand.  Ant Debug Installt TestBuild the test project and the project under test, install two. apk files and run the tests.  Ant Emma Debug Install TestBuild test projects and tested projects, install two. apk files, run tests, and support code coverage testing.Note:[1] If you use Eclipse for development, you may not find the Build.xml file in the project root because Eclipse has its own

Android Chinese translator-Building Your first app to build your one app

This article translated from: your first app (APP)Welcome to Android Development!This category teaches you how to build your first app. You'll learn how to create an

[Android] build Android app based on Linux command line (i): About Android Project

control system as part of the project. To edit the file, you can right-click the project folder in Eclipse and select Properties.  Local.propertiesThis file is used to save custom build properties for a specific computer. If you use ANT to build your project, the file needs to include the SDK installation path. The file should not be included in the version control system. If you use Eclipse, the file can

Build and run your app in the official Android studio document

Build and run your app in the official Android studio documentThis article is translated by MTJH and Jkyishon for revision.ObjectiveBy default, Android studio sets up new projects and deploys them to emulators or real-world devices with just a few clicks. With instant running, you don't need to

[Android] build Android app based on Linux command line (ii): Command line Administration Project

, and they are isolated from each other before they are merged into the application.Note:[1] If you do not want to enter the Android SDK directory every time to run the Android command, you can add the SDK platform-tools/and tools/two directories to the environment variable PATH.[2] Try not to change the project path as much as possible, as this will break the SDK path properties in If you

17 Tips for Android optimized app build speed

Longer build times will slow down project development, especially for large projects where the app is built for a long time of more than 10 minutes, short minutes, long build times have become a bottleneck for development, and this article is based on Google's official documentation, plus some of its own understanding to provide some optimization suggestions to i

Build your Android app with Gradle

│││├──values│││ nbsp;├──values-sw720dp-land│││├──values-v11││ │└──values-v14││└──release││├──drawable-hdpi││├──drawable-mdpi││├──drawable-xhdpi││├──drawable-xxhdpi││├── layout││├──menu││├──values││├──values-sw720dp-land││├──values-v11││└──values-v14│└── rs│├──debug│└──release├──source│├──aidl││├──debug││└──release│├──buildconfig││├──debug│││└──com│││└──example│││└──gradle││└──release││└──com││└──example││└──gradle│├──r││├──debug│││└──com│││└─ ─example│││└──gradle││└── release││└──com││└──example

Android environment build and create Android app by command line mode

ExperimentCreate Android apps from the command line This article is primarily to build an Android environment, then create an Android app from the command line , compile and package with Ant, and deploy with adb . (This article is mainly to prevent the next time to

Android App development Efficient toolset 1---ant build a simple Android project

, the proposed name-n is added, otherwise it is named by the activity name. -T can not be modified, the target ID of the project is actually the version of the Android API, we can view the project's Project.Properties, as a benchmark, as follows:[Email protected] ballgame]$ tail ... # project the original project ballgame directory and enter the following comm

Ionic2 + Cordova + Angular2 pack Android app environment build

corresponding dependency packageConfigure environment variables after successful installationAndroid_home:D:\Program FILES\ANDROID\ANDROID-SDKPath:D:\Program Files\android\android-sdk\platform-toolsD:\Program Files\android\android

3) 10 minutes Learn android--Build your first app and create a simple user interface

://"xmlns:app="Http://"xmlns:tools="Http://"android:orientation="Horizontal"Android:layout_width="Match_parent"android:layout_height="Match_parent"App:layout_behavior="@string/appbar_scrolling_view_behavior"tools:showin="@layout/activity_my" >EditTextandroid:id= "@+id/edit_message" android:layout_weight="1" android:layout_width="0DP " android:layout_height= "wr

Build an intranet WCF service with NAT123 and implement an Android app to access a simple performance test on a companion site

The following original, transfer please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation!Introduction: NAT123 is a very powerful tool, and the use of the very simple, really to help users ignore the internal and external network of the construction station services.Here is a brief introduction of how to build an intranet WCF service with NAT123, and then use an Android

Xamarin University Seminar Record | Build your first Android app with Visual Studio Xamarin

This webinar is over and you can find all of the conference content from the Xamarin University webinar series here . If you want to enroll at Xamarin University, or sign up for a 30-day trial membership, you can do this by clicking here .Around the world. NET developers can easily add their experience of developing mobile apps using Visual Studio and Xamarin to their resumes. Judy McNeil, a mobile development expert at Xamarin University, will show us how to

Build IIS that supports APK download and HTML5 cache (with an ultra-simple Android app) specifically explained

Why do you want to do something that looks unreliable?Because just learn Android development, not very good control of the Android interface editing and operation, so one of my urgent need to use the HTML5 version number, anyway, this application also need to get a lot of data from the server to display on the phone, that is to say: Must be networked, Ability to work normally, so think about it, anyway, to

"Lushengduan" 01, build the Android app development environment programming program HelloWorld

. OnCreate (savedinstancestate); TextView TextView=NewTextView ( This); Textview.settext ("Helloworld!"); Setcontentview (TextView); }}Open Androidmanifest.xml, modify its contents to the following codeManifestxmlns:android= "Http://" Package= "Com.example.lushengduan.helloworld"> ApplicationAndroid:allowbackup= "true"Android:icon= "@mipmap/ic_launcher"Android:label= "@string/app_name"Android:supportsrtl= "true

VS build Cordova for Android app Gradle

Original: vs Build Cordova for Android app Gradle I. Introduction of GradleGradle is a project automation building tool based on the Apache Ant and Apache maven concepts. It uses a particular domain-specific language (DSL) based on groovy to declare the project settings, discarding the tedious configuration of XML-based.When you use the VS

Android Studio, using an external emulator as an emulator to build app debugging

\Administrator\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools\.So here is the only indication that the ADB is connected to the simulator.    Here, even if Android studio is connected to the emulator. Our Android studio can also be viewed above.2.3. Click android Studio. Run->debug ' app

Android Cloud Server build and auto update function of Friends Alliance app

Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_splash); // Bmob SDK Initialization--only this piece of code is required to complete the initialization // please go to bmob official website ( to apply for ApplicationID, specific address: Http:// key=start_android Bmob.initialize (this, constant.bmob_app_id); + "Launched! ");Apply Appkey, modify the

Android to build your own personalization app (iii): Application plug-in

. * / @Override public void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) { super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (R.layout.main); Btnset = (Button) Findviewbyid (; Layout = (linearlayout) Findviewbyid (; Layout.setbackgroundresource (; try { "color: #FF0000;">friendcontext = Createpackagecontext ("Com.tony.reskin1", context.context_ignore_security); } catch (Namenotfoundexception e) { E.printstacktrace (); }

2.3 Build Android App development environment

take effect!!!When you configure environment variables, you can also modify the ". bashrc file" under the User directory!!3. Installation of ADT (online installation)(1) First run eclipse;(2) Click "Help" > "Install New Software" in the menu bar to open the "Install" dialog box;(3) Click on the "Add" button in the upper right corner, in the "Add Repository" dialog box, enter "ADT" in the "Name" text box (can be another name, but do not repeat with the existing Repository), in the "Location" tex

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