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Let the virtual meego tablet fly. Build a meego tablet development and testing platform in real-world Oracle virtualbox

BackgroundLast year, I installed the meego netbook on the open-source Oracle virtualbox. It seems that the speed is good and it is much better to use than the meego simulator (emulator) in qemu. After the beta version of meego tablet was released at the beginning of the year. I always wanted to build a meego tablet development and testing platform in Oracle virtu

Start from scratch-go deep into Android (theory-preparations before development-7. tablet and mobile phone support-retained)

Tablet and mobile phone support Do you still remember the content in the previous chapter? In resolution and multi-screen mode, we need to provide a variety of resources available to the system based on different screens, so that your app can be applied to many devices. And sometimes you want to further optimize them. For example, Tablet Provide more space for your app to display more information, but it ca

Linux from Scratch (build Linux system from scratch, abbreviated as LFS)

I. Preparatory work1.I. LFS TARGET architectureLFS's primary target architecture is Intel's 32-bit architecture. The 32-bit computer architecture is the most widely supported Linux system, while the 32 architecture enables open source and non-open source software to work harmoniously.In order to build the system, the prerequisite is that, in addition to the requirements mentioned later, you need to have an existing Linux system, such as Ubuntu, Red Ha

Use vue-cli to build a simple music website from scratch (1). Use vue-cli from scratch

Use vue-cli to build a simple music website from scratch (1). Use vue-cli from scratch After learning about the vue framework and practicing some examples, I want to build a vue project. I learned that a vue-cli tool is provided officially to build the project scaffold. I tr

Linux is the 16th chapter anyone can start from scratch-build a Linux system from scratch

Linux is the 16th chapter anyone can start from scratch-build a Linux system from scratchHttp:// is the GLIBC library? Without the GLIBC library, there is no Linux. The functions of malloc and strcpy that we have used in peacetimeIt's glibc the man who offered it. In addition, it also provides the socket API to be used in network programming. Previously exposed G

Linux from Scratch (build Linux system from scratch, abbreviated as LFS)-Version 7.7 (iii)

Eight. Build LFS system1. Preparing the virtual kernel file systemThe kernel mounts several file systems for exchanging information between itself and the user space program. These file systems are virtual and do not occupy actual disk space, and their contents are placed in memory.mkdir -PV $LFS/{dev,proc,sys,run$LFS/dev/console C 5 1666 $LFS/dev/null C 1 3 /dev $LFS/$LFS/dev/pts-o gid=5, mode=620 $LFS/$LFS/$LFS/ Run if then mkdir -PV $LFS/$ (read

Build the MySQL MMM architecture from scratch and build the mysqlmmm Architecture

Build the MySQL MMM architecture from scratch and build the mysqlmmm Architecture The cloud platform is a good thing. A typical configuration of MySQL-mmm requires five machines, one as the mmm admin, two masters, and two slave servers. It is really not easy to find five machines at once, not to mention installing the same operating system. With cloud, we have a

Starting from scratch, build a blog system MVC5+EF6 build Framework (2), test add data, integrate AUTOFAC dependency Injection

. Registertype - in //Create a AUTOFAC container -var container = Builder. Build (); to //Put the Controller object instance of MVC into AUTOFAC to create +Dependencyresolver.setresolver (NewAutofacdependencyresolver (container)); -} the} *}View Code4, modify the repository assembly and the Services assembly to build the roadbed to the WebUI layer of the bin directory, you can also

"Build your own. NET Core API Framework from scratch" (iii) Integrated lightweight orm--sqlsugar:3.1 Build environment

Tags: image connection inf Two kinds of PNG this line of storage Tcl HubFirst, there are two ways to introduce Sqlsugar to a project:1) Use the NuGet guide package directly2) GitHub download source code, then project referenceThe second is chosen here.After the introduction of success, we need to configure the environment according to their own habits, such as database connection string How to put, how convenient to use Sqlsugar for crud.First look at the database connection string, I put it in

Use parity to build proof-of-authority (PoA) Ethereum Chain5 minutes quickly from scratch build Ethereum Alliance chain

5 Minute quick build Ethereum Alliance chain from scratch In the process of developing Ethereum Dapp, a test chain is required, previously using TESTRPC or directly connected to Ethereum testnet (Ropsten), but Testrpc has a variety of pits to deal with and Ropsten Testnet is the need to synchronize and wait chunks, quite annoying. A few days ago saw parity 1.5 version after support to establish proof of aut

Build a frame from scratch ssm+redis+mysql (a) Summary

Tags: account recall user information jquery ref Redis get log technologyBuild a frame from scratch ssm+redis+mysql (a) Summary This article for my actual operation after the memory note, if there are steps errors and omissions, I would like to write [email protected] or comments pointed out. This article only embodies the process, only reflects the operation process, not the tutorial, it is not suitable for beginners learning role. Business backgroun

Start from scratch build Springmvc+mybatis project based on MAVEN (1)

-> Junit Test Test through, and take a look at what's in the database: Summarize The example above completes the creation of a simple project through MAVEN, insert and read operations on a database table, although it is not practical, but it is also possible to understand the basic usage of mybatis and how to integrate with spring. The project is packaged and published as a jar package, which is good for code reuse, but obviously no longer adds content to the Web Part. The traditional approach

Start from scratch to learn how to build and create a project in the Xamarin. Forms (2) Environment, xamarin. forms

Start from scratch to learn how to build and create a project in the Xamarin. Forms (2) Environment, xamarin. formsI. Build an environment in Windows: 1. download and install jdk, Android SDK, and NDK. Of course, you also need VS2013 update 2 (both VS2010 and VS2012) and later.. latest SDK,: B. android plat

Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi) build Linux system from scratch (Pilfs) (iii)

\- G sshd\- S/bin/false \- u50sshd./configure--prefix=/usr \--sysconfdir=/ETC/SSH \--with-md5-passwords\--with-privsep-Path=/var/lib/sshd makemake Install install-v-m755 contrib/ssh-Copy-id/usr/bin install-v-m644 contrib/ssh-Copy-id.1/usr/share/man/man1 install-v-m755-d/usr/share/doc/openssh-7.4p1 install-v-m644 Install LICENCE Overview readme*/usr/share/doc/openssh-7.4p1cd/sourcesRM-RF openssh-7.4P1# The SSH service is turned on when the system startsCD/sourcesTAR-JXF Blfs-bootscripts-2016090

Teach you how to build a discuz!4.1 forum from scratch (fig)

new classification and so on. Due to the space limit on the maintenance of discuz! and settings of the content is not too much introduced, interested readers can refer to the relevant articles. (Figure 21) Figure 21 Summary: Writing a forum from scratch is very difficult, but the use of other people to write a forum module to build a forum is very simple, we just follow the content described above step-b

Build your own Hexo blog from scratch

Build your own Hexo blog from scratchHexo is a fast, simple and efficient blog framework. Hexo uses Markdown (or other lined engines) to parse the article, and in a matter of seconds, it can be used to generate dynamic Web pages in a beautiful context.The obese WP to talk about the speed, such as a lot of solid fast. Here is a tutorial under Linux1. Deploy NODEJS/GIT/NPMsudo apt-get install npm gitcurl-sl | Sudo-e

Site build from scratch (quad) server configuration

accounts. If you buy a server, the provider tells you that they have the so-called one-click Fast Build station function (said very tall, in fact if you figure out WordPress, the principle is not complicated).For example, foreign suppliers commonly used cpanel panels, which can be installed in the application, WordPress is one of them. Install the application, set the binding domain name, you can go directly to the WordPress interface. Sina SAE can a

Build a Web Form from scratch using Visual Studio 2013

In this article, I'll take the specific template in VS 2013, which is the Web Form template without authentication, and explain how to build this project from scratch. At the end of the tutorial, you will end up with a template that has almost the same content as the Web Form template without authentication (File > New Project > ASP. Create a new VS 2013 Project in Visual C #) > Web Forms > No authenticatio

Teach you how to build a small program project from scratch

source code, 488 small program demo source code download area: P/36fc7213b5d0 If you are energetic, you are advised to read it. --- I opened a live in Zhi Hu, April 22 (Sat) half past eight I am in Zhi Hu to meet with you: [0 basic weekend learning applet Development] (, welcome to join. Long press the small program code, open the "spiritual community", and immediately join the "mini program" circle This article was first published in my personal p

Build LINUX [LFS] And linuxlfs from scratch

Build LINUX [LFS] And linuxlfs from scratch "LINUX is the example" has a chapter dedicated to introducing the Linux build. The process is detailed and interesting. A brief summary of this information LFS This site provides detailed steps to build a Linux from the source codeBooks Http://

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