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Use vue-cli to build a simple music website from scratch (1). Use vue-cli from scratch

Use vue-cli to build a simple music website from scratch (1). Use vue-cli from scratch After learning about the vue framework and practicing some examples, I want to build a vue project. I learned that a vue-cli tool is provided officially to

Starting from scratch using VUE-CLI to build a simple music website (i)

methods:First: Port 8080 is occupied, open project "config\index.js" file modified port:8080 to other portSecond: The computer cannot find the default browser, try to change the default browser to another browserIf successful, you will see the following results in your browser:PostScript: This article mainly records how to use VUE-CLI to generate a Vue project, the following article will be recorded how to use the scaffold to build a music

Starting from scratch using VUE-CLI to build a simple music website (ii)

: 1190000008010666) send a GET request, the address is a defined "/api/musicdata", and then call its then method, which is used to execute the callback function, Using the obtained response data, the above example assigns the to This.music01,template using the returned MUSIC01 object data: , the MUSIC01 under the Coverpath (music cover path) assigned to SRC, open the browser to view the results, has successfully read the data.One thing to note here is the problem with the path

Build a website from scratch (iii) DNS

the host will give you a URL to log in, access to the Control Panel. There will be options related to domain binding. Bind the domain name to be able to visit your site normally. Of course, the site is still empty, it is possible to display a default interface, such as GoDaddy's server will display the Commingsoon page.At the beginning I just bought a domain name and no host, see the CNAME can set the domain name pointing to a URL, and then try to set the homepage point to Baidu, has not been s

Dreamweaver MX 2004 Starts from scratch

Dreamweaver With the popularization of the Internet, many people are not satisfied with surfing the internet, but want to participate in it deeply. Now, having your own web site has become a trend. Although it's not difficult to make a simple Web page, it's not so easy to make a very refined website, so we have specially prepared a series of tutorials on the latest webs

Use parity to build proof-of-authority (PoA) Ethereum Chain5 minutes quickly from scratch build Ethereum Alliance chain

5 Minute quick build Ethereum Alliance chain from scratch In the process of developing Ethereum Dapp, a test chain is required, previously using TESTRPC or directly connected to Ethereum testnet (Ropsten), but Testrpc has a variety of pits to deal with and Ropsten Testnet is the need to synchronize and wait chunks, quite annoying. A few days ago saw parity 1.5 version after support to establish proof of aut

[Tornado website building from scratch] version 0.9 python website code is open-source-continuous update, tornadopython

[Tornado website building from scratch] version 0.9 python website code is open-source-continuous update, tornadopython Starting from January 1.1, the column Tornado website building started from and started to get this classified website of interest, the process from

Dreamweaver 8来 Build a compliant web site

dreamweaver|web| Standard | site A total of 8 articles in this series, starting with the popular web standards, describes how to build a compliant web with the Dreamweaver 8来, as the original author of this article is for "build Your OWN Standards" compliant We Bsite Using Dreamwe

Get close contact with website development from scratch

  get close contact with website development from scratch Last year when I took over the first website project, I didn't have the experience to do the site, only trying to do what I did when I was involved in Microsoft Office: The first is to build an intranet that facilitates internal communication within the company,

The ultimate course of Dreamweaver erection website

dreamweaver| Tutorial First, define the site 1, create a folder in any root directory (we assume that this is e-disk), such as the name MyWeb.Note: The documents used in the website should be in English name.2, open Dreamweaver, select "Site-new site", open the dialog box. In the site name, enter the name of the Web site (available in Chinese), and in the local r

Dreamweaver build Web Query System 2

dreamweaver|web| Query System After the first few sections of the production, the site preparatory work has been preliminarily completed, this section is built to start building 114 of each page. The arrangement of the paging file is such as:Top_114.asp: Is the top of all pages, located under the site root directory under the/common folder;Buttom.htm: Is the bottom of all pages, also located under the site root directory under the/common folder;The ab

Using Dreamweaver to quickly build a frame-type Web page

dreamweaver| page   I. Introduction to the Framework A frames page is a collection of pages consisting of a common set of web pages, usually in a set of frames, where navigation is placed on one page, and other content that needs to be changed on another page. The main reason for using frames page I think is probably to make navigation clearer, make the structure of the site more simple and clear. Let's take a look at the following example of this

Start from scratch to learn how to build and create a project in the Xamarin. Forms (2) Environment, xamarin. forms

Start from scratch to learn how to build and create a project in the Xamarin. Forms (2) Environment, xamarin. formsI. Build an environment in Windows: 1. download and install jdk, Android SDK, and NDK. Of course, you also need VS2013 update 2 (both VS2010 and VS2012) and later.. latest SDK,: B. android plat

Use Jenkins from scratch to build a Docker container (Ubuntu 14.04)

/bin/docker run-p the: the-D Apache4. After the configuration is complete, save5. Configure Jenkins UsersIt cannot be built at this time because the Jenkins trigger script is not the root user, so Jenkins is required to be exempt from the user and the user is added to the Docker group, otherwise the container ID is not obtained.[Email protected]:~# vim/etc/sudoers# User privilege specificationroot all =(all:all) alljenkins all(All:all) all[email protected]:~$ usermod-g Docker Jenkins6. Start

Worthy of our deep research and learning: from scratch to build an indestructible web system mainstream architecture

This article tags: Web System Mainstream architecture to build a Web system architecture cache server database schema a talk on the internet of tech start-ups Topic Description:1. Current status of website system architecture2, web system mainstream architecture analysis3, the Internet technical team early formation experience sharingThis article mainly combined with my previous in the Haier

Site build from scratch (ii) Server space

The original published self-built website, welcome everyone to visit, reproduced please retain this paragraph or note the original first part of the domain name related knowledge, the introduction of the server, also often called the space, that is, the site data is actually saved.1. General IntroductionAccording to the relevant provisions of the State, the domesti

From scratch, use Nodejs+express+mongodb to build a simple landing system

Front-end processing server that is very painful, beginner node, although feeling unusually strong, but it is still a bit difficult to learn, node is a tool, it is not omnipotent, build a system or need some other tools, for me this is not how to contact the front end of the server, the challenge is some. Yesterday, refer to some information to try to build a simple landing system with NODE+EXPRESS+MONGODB,

Maven Series (i) Build Java applications from scratch

; Configuration> Execution> executions> plugin> Plugins> Build>Project>In addition to the optional 4, compile Java source code. Run Maven and execute the compile (compile) target. When you are finished, you can find the compiled. class file in the Target/classes directory.MVN CompileExecutes the packaging (package) target. MAVEN will recompile (compile) The source code, exec

Site build from scratch (quad) server configuration

accounts. If you buy a server, the provider tells you that they have the so-called one-click Fast Build station function (said very tall, in fact if you figure out WordPress, the principle is not complicated).For example, foreign suppliers commonly used cpanel panels, which can be installed in the application, WordPress is one of them. Install the application, set the binding domain name, you can go directly to the WordPress interface. Sina SAE can a

idea to build the Springboot project from scratch

using them as static resources.The following specific record, how to start from scratch under idea, step by step to build Springboot Web application, here is Maven for dependency management, novice start, have any questions, please refer to Springboot official website.It is necessary to note that Springboot relies on a JDK version of 1.8 and above.(1) file->new, choose Maven, create an empty project, and g

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