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The K-Nearest neighbor algorithm improves the pairing effect of dating sites

K-Nearest neighbor algorithm to improve the pairing effect of dating sites One, theoretical study 1. Read the contentPlease be sure to read the "machine Learning Combat" book 1th and 2nd chapters, this section of the experiment by solving dating

Domestic SNS Status: 2008 ago Facebook: School

(a) Review of SNS prior to FacebookSocial network Services (SNS) is not created by Facebook, before Facebook, "Friends" and "community" (especially the BBS community) two types of Internet applications have SNS attribute. In particular, the former

10 Benefits of dating with a web designer

Maybe some people think that web designer's work is boring, annoying, but some people think that this kind of work is cool, creative, logical and strong, as long as a click on the mouse will make life become different.Regardless of whether you have

10 Web site planning skills to make enterprise website building more reliable and simple

With the rapid development of Internet, enterprise website construction has already become a necessary means of enterprise operation. It is very important for an enterprise to have its own official website, and it is also the foundation of an

To the Novice webmaster a letter-how can the site to do a good high-quality friend chain it?

Friend chain is a way to realize the chain, it plays an important role. Web site administrators know that the friend chain is the most direct way to obtain high-quality external chain. Then the question comes, how can you do a good friend chain?I

Love Apartment: Building a balanced community of friends and men

Community Zhang Jiaming: SNS Dating has been the hotspot of the Internet in recent years, love apartment is dedicated to creating a pure friend space and creativity for users, so that the user bonding degree will be improved a lot. Now the

Mature Star Fans website all-round planning case

The following plan is actually a year ago a company is a star FANS of the site to write after the interview, I wrote half a night, the result they are not interested in me, did not hire me, then I had to send my plan to everyone, how is also the

A good UE should be considerate service to meet user needs analysis of user psychology and requirements

Article Description: a good UE should be a love saint. See a product manager's article "Good product managers are great love Saint" Also send an article analysis under the mission of ued-in fact, like chasing a woman, the need for wisdom

Self-built websites (1) fast start and end of an enterprise site

If you search the website on the internet, you will find that there are countless tutorials on "xx days to learn Website Design". This shows that website development is not as difficult as many people think, starting from today, we will work with

Three months through AdSense earn 1 million U.S. dollars _ website operation

March 16, 2006, a senior member called markus007 in webmaster World Forum sent a post, the topic is: How I was in 3 months to make 1 million. Because the webmaster world is not allowed to post any site address, in the member data, MARKUS007 also

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