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HTML5 geolocation Building geo-location-based WEB applications

distanceCalculate the move Distance if ((Lastlat! = null) (Lastlong! = null)) { var currentdistance = distance (latitude, longitude, l Astlat, Lastlong); document.getElementById ("This move Distance"). InnerHTML = "This move Distance:" + currentdistance.tofixed (4) + "km"; Totaldistance + = currentdistance; document.getElementById ("Total move Distance"). InnerHTML = "Total travel distance:" + currentdistance.tofixed (4) + "km"; } Lastlat = latitude;

Building a JMX based management system for Web applications

the time of writing, the latest version of the JMX specification is v1.2 (, and the latest version of the JMX reference implementation is v1.2.1 ( After the JMX launch, some large projects immediately adopted a JMX based implementation framework, such as Jakarta Tomcat and JBoss, which illustrates the feasibility and good nature of JMX.

HTML5 WebSocket protocol < A > based on building real-time Web applications

PrefaceAs a next-generation WEB standard, HTML5 has a number of compelling new features, such as Canvas, local storage, multimedia programming interfaces, WebSocket, and more. The WebSocket, which has the "Web TCP" , is particularly appealing to developers. The advent of WebSocket makes it possible for the browser to provide support for sockets, providing a two-way, TCP-

HTML5 WebSocket protocol < two > based on building real-time Web applications

widely watched.We can get the source code from the link belowHttps:// LibwebsocketsLibwebsockets is written in C + + language, can be customized more aggressively, from the beginning of the TCP monitoring to the completion of the package we can participate in programming.We can get the source code from the following commandgit clone git:// of WebSocketThe advantages of WebSocket have been enumerated a lot, but as an evol

Building Rich Internet applications with Grails, part 1th: Building Web Applications with Grails and Flex

Introduction: Rich Internet applications (Rich Internet Applications,ria) ensure the dynamic and functional nature of desktop applications through browsers. One of the main features of RIA is to move the presentation layer to the client and support it with the robust RESTful service layer on the server. This idea is spread through popular words such as Soui (Serv

Notes on building a high-performance web site-infrastructure-notes on building a high-performance web site-Applications

Notes on building a high-performance web site-Infrastructure Building a high-performance web site-Application Cause It took me less than a month to finish reading this 400-page book "Building a high-performance web site".

Single-page Applications: Building Modern, responsive Web applications with

A single-page application (SPA) is a WEB application that loads a single HTML page and dynamically updates the page when the user interacts with the application. SPA uses AJAX and HTML5 to create fluent and responsive Web applications that do not frequently page overload. However, this means that a lot of work is done in the client's JavaScript. Traditional asp.

Building Web applications with Eclipse, WTP, and Derby

specialized, different solutions to generate WEB-enabled applications. "This article does not discuss building new tools for this platform, but rather uses it as an open platform for building WEB applications using open source co

Real-time OLAP applications for building commercial systems based on ODS

there will be a lot of unnecessary data retrieval. The above problems can be solved by the middle-layer ODS (operational data storage) of DB-DW. Like DW, It is a topic-oriented, integrated dataEnvironment, and the current detailed data is also included in the operational dB. The establishment of ODS-based Real-time OLAP applications is a solution for middle-level decision analysis. It can be well adaptedFr

Gradle Building Java Web applications

feature that provides the source code for compiling and packaging. It establishes a set of standard catalog layouts for the project, which ensures that tasks are performed in the correct order, so that these tasks are meaningful in the Java engineering environment. Now is the time to create a build script for our app and to use this Java plugin.Building Java ApplicationsAt first, each Gradle project creates a build script called Build.gradle. In order to create the script and tell the project t

Building simple and high-performance NiO applications based on Mina

. ByteBuffer.setUseDirectBuffers( false ); 2. ByteBuffer.setAllocator( new SimpleByteBufferAllocator()); The last optimization technique is to deploy your application on Linux and enable Java NiO to use the Linux epoll function. You may not have heard of epoll yet, but you should have heard of Lighttpd, nginx, squid, and so on. Thanks to epoll, they provide high network performance and occupy a very small amount of system resources. JDK 6 has enabled the epoll configuration by default. Therefore

Springmvc+json building restful style-based applications

(value= "/say/{msg}",produces= "Application/json;charset=utf-8") public @ResponseBodyString say (@PathVariable (value= "msg") stringmsg) { return "{\" msg\ ": \" Yousay: ' "+msg+" \ "}";} @RequestMapping (value= "/person/{id:\\d+}", method=requestmethod.get) public@ Responsebodypersongetperson (@PathVariable ("id") intid) { ("Get people information id=" + NBSP;ID); Personperson=newperson ();p erson.setname ("Zhang San");p erson.setsex ("male");p Erson.setage (30); Person.setid (ID);

ANGULARJS Development Guide 16:angularjs building Large Web applications

(socketed) applications. For cloud providers, I have used Nodejitsu and Linode successfully. The former will make it easier for you to deploy the program, and you don't need to care about the server environment. If you need more control over your server environment, then Linode will let you control the virtual machine from the bottom. Linode also provides a good API to manage virtual machines.In terms of the build process, I think angular needs to do

Multiple options for building Java Web Applications

web technologies in Java, developers have gained great benefits. Unified Expression Language is the latest development of web technology. It allows developers to mix jstl and JSF technologies and promises developers to continue to benefit from it. Today, Unified Expression Language is an important part of Java ee 5 specifications, which makes it an important part of Geronimo. Geronimo not only implements i

8 Development frameworks for building IOS-style mobile Web applications

JavaScript library), the goal is to WebKit the core browser. The HTML5 framework is used to develop cross-platform mobile applications such as IOS, BlackBerry os,android, and the Kindle, among many other mobile operating systems.Download the official homepage nowJqtouchJQTouch is a jQuery plug-in that implements a variety of common UI effects such as animations, list navigation, default app styles, etc. on your phone. Support iphone, Android and othe

Experience in building Facebook Web applications within 3 days

Recently, a friend on Weibo recommended a Facebook creative application Crush Notifier (Love notification ). The basic rule is: 1. Submit the opposite sex you like (the other party will not receive it); 2. If the other party also lists you as your favorite object, the two of you will receive a notification at the same time. 3. Each user can only be free twice. This application is booming on Facebook like Breakup Notifier, a product previously developed by the app. Next I have translated an artic

T3-JavaScript framework for building large WEB applications

T3 is a client-side JavaScript framework for building large WEB applications. T3 is different from most JavaScript frameworks. It means a small part of the overall architecture that allows you to build extensible client-side code. T3 applications are managed by Application objects, and the primary task is to manage mod

Some people say that the mature HTML5 mobile web application is the future, because it saves the development time of app mobile applications on different terminals. Terminal-based mobile applications are also on the stage. What do you think? -

0 reply: native programs will not be eliminated at half past one due to a series of reasons such as execution efficiency and browser security sandbox. I personally think that in the future, HTML5 and nativewill be differentiated based on different application purposes. For example, applications that focus on information, content, and networks may be placed in the browser using HTML5. For some local

Gradle Building Java Web applications: servlet dependencies and Tomcat plugins

Gradle's official tutorial describes the basic methods for building Java Web applications. However, you will encounter problems when uploading using the servlet. Here's how to upload a file through a servlet, and how to use Gradle to build the appropriate Java Web project. Reference original: How to Build

Building better Web applications with Ajax technology

.") Wait a Moment ");}(i) browsers that support Ajax technology• Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and above, and browsers based on it (MAC OS version not supported)• Gecko based browsers, such as Mozilla,mozilla Firefox,seamonkey,epiphany,galeon and Netscape versions 7.1 and above• Implement Khtml API version 3.2 and above versions of browsers, including Konqueror version 3.2 and above, and Apple Saf

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