bulk file manager

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SNF Rapid Development Platform 3.0--File batch upload-Unified Attachment Manager-Online Preview file (with Internet and no two)

In fact, the use of attachment management in SNF is a very simple thing, a code can be done. But I also want to record here the requirements that the unified Attachment Manager can meet. Generic attachment management, do not repeat the

Excel2010 no script Editor to bulk modify table names

EXCEL2010 does add and improve a lot of features, but it also reduces some of the functionality, such as the Microsoft Script Editor in Version 2003. As a result, operations on the bottom of Excel have become difficult. As an example of changing the

Kafka Manager Kafka-manager Deployment installation

Reference Site:https://github.com/yahoo/kafka-managerFirst, the function Managing multiple Kafka clusters Convenient check Kafka cluster status (topics,brokers, backup distribution, partition distribution) Select the copy you want

"My Linux, I am the boss!" "RPM Package Manager/yum Front end Tools/compilation installation from Getting started to mastering

the--rpm of Linux package managementNetwork operating system is the architecture on the underlying hardware, the current kernel has a Linux series, UNIX class, Windows series, and so on, and then up to the library call, the implementation of the

Excel2010 Bulk Modify table name without Script Editor

First taste Excel2010, its gorgeous interface, perfect function, convenient operation is really fascinating, but the new version of Excel in the function is not increasing. Perhaps because of the frequency of use, Microsoft has canceled some

Add contacts in Office365 in bulk

In O365, the contact item does not provide an option for bulk import and requires one Add. When you need to add large quantities, it is a very painful thing!650) this.width=650; "src="/e/u261/themes/default/images/spacer.gif "style=" Background:url (

Getting Started with Android programming Development Folder Manager development file event actions-2

On a blog, we've got a list of folders, we need to add events to the File list subkey, for example, we clicked on the file and executedOpen the action, click on the folder to perform open folder operations, traverse the file list, and so on until

Managing Linux servers in bulk with ansible: Configuring Inventory and Batch execution commands

Ansible is a relatively new automated operations tools, based on Python development, the collection of many operations tools (puppet, Cfengine, Chef, func, fabric) The advantages of the implementation of batch system configuration, batch program

Error copying bulk file with removable hard disk

The computer uses the NFORCE2 motherboard's computer, installs the XP system, when uses the USB2.0 mobile hard disk to copy the bulk file, frequently prompts to copy the file error, then moves the hard disk the letter to disappear. Reseat the USB

SQL Server bcp Utility

Server bcp utility The bcp utility replicates data in a user-specified format between the Microsoft®sql server™2000 instance and the data file. Grammar BCP {[database_name.] [owner].] {table_name | view_name} | "Query"} {in | out | queryout |

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