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Wordpress bulletin board database cache

I thought about 8.2 million hair, but I couldn't help it. the wordpress bulletin board database cache version improves willin's database cache code. When a comment is added, the cache is refreshed. The bulletin board only displays the

Python Basic Tutorial __ Project (bulletin board)

With the recent learning of Python, the last 10 projects are good, from the basics of the basic Python tutorial. Personally think. I am a novice, if there is a mistake, please advise.The book uses PostgreSQL, which uses MySQL. Because this is a CGI

Destoon _php instance of a bulletin board calling custom templates and styles

The default home bulletin board call method in Destoon is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: $today _endtime-86400&areaid= $cityid & Pagesize=3&datetype=2&order=listorder desc,addtime Desc&target=_blank ")}–> The template file

Enter the bulletin board of the page

Tip: you can modify some code before running Enter the bulletin board of the pageImage files:Save this file in the same directory as the webpage file之间--> 提示:您可以先修改部分代码再运行

Dreamweaver easy to make web scrolling bulletin boards

If you want to display the most recent information, news, notices, announcements, and other long text messages on your Web page without taking up too much space, you can use the scroll report bar. The scrolling report bar is usually done by

The implementation of information effect of common bulletin boards

The effect of the implementation is as follows:The above effect is mainly used, Ul,h3,li,span, in addition to some CSS to achieve.To achieve the effect of the above bulletin board, the code is as follows:The first scenario: use padding to resolve

Can text display of the bulletin bar JS Code _ Typical effects

A text can be displayed in the bulletin board, can be used in many places, absolutely not to miss! Script Description: The first step: Add the following code to the area Step Two: Add the following code to the area:

Silverlight Pictures Bulletin Board official edition

A Silverlight Picture bulletin control was posted last week, only to achieve the initial effect. Take the time to complete it today and launch the official version. The official version adds a toggle picture animation effect, reads the XML file no

Bulletin boards that can be displayed in text

A text can be displayed in the bulletin board, can be used in many places, absolutely not to miss! Script Description: The first step: Add the following code to the area var i = 0; Used to cycle thru messages var textnumber =-1; Array of

Using DHTML to make scrolling bulletin boards with links

dhtml| Link a lot of JavaScript Master's home page is written with the link of JavaScript Scroll bulletin board, not only to make the homepage limited space to show more content, but also make the homepage added dynamic effect, it is pleasing, so

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