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Forrest Gump--film review

artificial, the audience naturally follow the plot and walk, for the characters of the joys and sorrows."Forrest Gump" in the scene of Jenny and innocence is also very warm, two of people in a tree branches on the tree together to read the scene of the stars are also let people envy unceasingly, and after many years, the end of the film, Jenny infected with the virus, Forrest Gump will be buried in this tree, the

"Women's happiness and what about" notes

is not because of beautiful and lovely, but because lovely is beautiful. Some women and pets, although there is no ability, but good dependence, good crawling does, good attachment, so instead of those beautiful and intelligent women cost less, but the return is more.The happiness of a woman is related to the person she meets.Happiness is the peace of mindAs an ordinary person, and those who are not ordinary people have the same pursuit of course there is nothing wrong, but must be in advance t

"Historical records" for the 24 history of the first and other history is significantly higher than the

records", all the Chinese official history, that is, what we call "histories" are biographical. "Historical records" is the general history of biographical, and the other history are biographical dynastic history, is a dynasty, a dynasty, their own independence.A masterpiece of unparalleled history"Shiji" is the first of 24 history, it is obviously higher than other history. The important difference is three points:First, "Shiji" is full of hate.Record difficult, full of hate of the record more

Lu Xun meiwen

. -- But that's what I'm willing to do.However, this is just one sentence. When the breath is still there, as long as it is my own, I sometimes also like to save the traces, knowing that it is not worth a text, there is always no sense of nostalgia, the collection of essays and the name of the "Grave", it is a clever disguise. Liu was so drunk that he was behind him and said, "I will be buried when I die. A

It people also have emotional------------< peacock fly Southeast >

with you! And now I have no room, no car, I can't even loveLove I dare not to force, I am afraid she and I will not be happy together, will eat a lot of suffering by a lot of tired, perhaps her girlfriends said this Wuyi we goThailand Travel Bar, and she was forced to live under the pressure can not go still have to find excuses to refuse, until 51 of their own home to do housework brush friendsThe circle looked at the girlfriends in Thailand in all kinds of beauty, in the heart of the incompar

Intimate lover: intimacy-a bridge to the soul

and mastery of skills are not growth. I have been thinking about self-management since 10 years. I have been paying attention to myself for four years, which has made me better understand myself and feel my own growth. However,To be mature, a person must go out and get in contact with others. Learning and practicing intimacy is particularly important. As stated in the Mission declaration of agile individuals: inspire individuals to grow and embark on a happy life, starting from themselves, thei

The story of Queen Sun

We need to keep a low profile. We can see that the more you are, the more you want to keep a low profile. I read these articles again today. Especially in this section, "as a prince, suffering from virtue, without praise, and suffering from machine-less evil", the aftertaste is infinite. Great Sun Queen (600-636), Chang 'an people, the ancestor of North Wei Tuo boshan, father of the great sun when the official to the right Wei General. She was a child-loving reader, a good manager, and married

Read the Emperor Wu of the Chinese army over the past few days.

courtyard for knowledge. Unexpectedly, Liu Yi, the child of him, is jealous and almost vulnerable to drug abuse. Second set Zhang did not listen to the advice of Dongfang Shuo, and insisted that his father, who died in the western region, should be buried in a bad land. During the rabbit hunting conference, Prince Liu che led his brothers to fight for the rabbit king. He did not want to but accidentally hurt Zhang Yu, who was

The odd women in Chinese history

women's first, Song Dynasty female poet. She, born in scholarly family, Father Li Gefei proficient in history, longer prose, mother Wang also know the book can text. She, under the influence of the family, the small age of literary excellence, poetry, words, prose, calligraphy, painting, music, all familiar. Her words are tactful, fresh, sincere feelings, its creation has a distinctive artistic style, the first of the graceful faction, the impact

Write your own MEditor 5: basic functions

The two days have been busy, and the time has gradually vanished. In addition, the bullet trains collided with each other, and the energy was dispersed. Many people have been angry about the crash. In the face of such cold and arrogant feelings, ridicule may not be able to convey. Seeing Wang Yongping walking into the press conference with a tenacious smile, he told reporters that he did not trust you, and he was more magical about the miracle theory.

There are some internal differences between working and entrepreneurship.

a day without shutting down my computer. I hope someone could take care of the business; The confidence of working people is buried in the body, and the confidence of Entrepreneurial people is publicized outside the body; Working people do not want to tell others in front of the hall that they are Ma Zi. Entrepreneurs are most afraid to hear others say they are bosses in public, especially when they fail; During work hours, the telephone fee is al

Change the way: 25 things that will be regretted before death

must take property disposal as an important task and plan for it during our lifetime. If there are many children, the distribution must be fair. Do not hurt the children's feelings because of money or money. Eighth regret: I have never considered what is behind me. This is similar to property disposal. A person's life will leave a lot of marks. People and things around you will change as you leave. By planning ahead, you can not only make yoursel

The Battle of General is split: Li Ling

of the Chinese army was in place again. He was not afraid to create a fictitious combat situation. Although Li Ling's army has not been replaced, there are still more than four hundred people in the Division and division, and there is no possibility of "collusion". If Sima Qian's description of the war is inconsistent with those of these people, it will be a big disaster. The real reason is that the vanity of Emperor Wu has been cracked down. He expected his brother-in-law Li guangli to stand u

Most programmers have a manager dream in mind, but on the technical line, "half-dead"

650) This. width = 650; "src =" http://img.blog.csdn.net/20140815145645578? Watermark/2/text/plain =/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma =/dissolve/70/gravity/center "/> When we were still worried about how to learn technology well in college, we buried "a small ideal, I must learn technology well, become a good programmer. When I had been in the IT industry for six years, I was a bit sad and touched by my previous little ideals. Look at the fr

Author: Lin Qingxuan

not solid. "Sui Zi Jing Zhou Road. Boat Nanpu, see the women's Jin Jiao negative and swarm, ze hope and cry: "I do not want this, for is also ." The source was surprised to ask, ze said: "The Lady surnamed Wang, I should be the son of, three years old pregnant! I don't want to worry about it. Today, we can see that no one can escape, and we can use the mantra to help me develop fast. When I was a child in the three-day bath, I would like to give a smile to me. In the next 13 years, the Mid-Autu

Never lose your passion when you go through a failure

Road, is not only a distance, but also an experience. The scenery along the road is only scenery, although beautiful, the meeting is only met, although not give up, the move is only touched, despite the heart, but also in vain.Clearly is the person who loves, why in the end but to a one-off results end? Some of it is because after marriage feel the day is not going down, in order to find a new good start and give up once wholeheartedly put in the feelings

Various popular riddles on mobile phones ^_^ (revealing secrets)

1: The Swan will fly to the bird, miss the past empty worry, the cloud under the moon double shadows, several streams of water and meet again, sunset moon people rely on the month, single nobility with each other. (I can't live without you) 2: The Swan will fly to the birds without returning, and the good character will have no headers for two people; two more pens in the middle of the word (two trees are not connected by LIN Xin), and the man-er combination is his own. (I love you very much Yo

Section 11: Three Losers (11)-queen and Princess

, the legend of the Three Kingdoms, said that he was frustrated by Cao Yu, and complained in his heart. After Cao Yu reported the news, he was furious. By the second year of June, cao Yu sent the Minister to announce his death and buried him in the city. This is a simple saying. Does genius die of illness or is it killed? Judging from the conventional sentiment, the author should be enlightened by Cao Yu,

How to face the pain?

truth of the world, we should live in the middle road, not falling on both sides. just now the method can let us enlarge the mind, if you look at the problem from a different perspective, you will not die in a bit. There used to be a painter who drew a black spot on a white paper and put it in a picture frame. Many people look at the controversy, consensus, do not know what this represents. In fact, its meaning is very profound: sentient beings cling

Bad mood and nonsense. (I hope you do not leave a message)

everyone has it. It is the motivation to support everyone's survival. Different motivations, different paths, and different choices. Therefore, we live different lives. Therefore, some people may not be able to get out of the project, but I think that I am very happy to be with them because I admire them, I agree with them, I am willing to follow them, and follow them as examples, so I will continue to work hard. If I am really a dead spirit-no life, no choice, no path, no energy, I will

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