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30 years old, quit the job of 200,000 annual salary, start a business, current monthly salary 2k

the blessing of many entrepreneurs. "Feng," the analyst said. "Go with Appcan."2012: Appcan 1.0, Product demo born, ready to start a business. 2013: Appcan 2.0, based on the AppCan2.0 construction of the easy platform, after 3 months of grinding, in July at the exhibition received the first single 3000 contract business. 2014: Appcan 3.0, the project slowly up,

Big data analyst with annual salary of 500,000 make a note of "excerpt"

The following is a data analysis in the field after the roll of n years, write down some of the experience, will be able to give some reference to the new place. (summed up good, you can learn from learning OH)What are the requirements of the data analyst?1, the theoretical requirements and sensitivity to the numbers, including statistical knowledge, market research, model principles.2, tool use, including mining tools, databases, common Office softwa

OO System analyst Path--use Case Analysis Series (7)--Preparation of use case specification--business rules and entity descriptions

period of time, the popular goods more into the unpopular, and more exchanges with customers, customers like what the goods we go into what, continuous improvement, the end will be customers. If the boss does business analysis first, customer relationship analysis, consumption curve analysis .... It's not open yet, it's going to go bankrupt. In addition, RUP and XP are not either or the relationship, in the process of making F-35, for the overall air

Ask the work sentiment: how does the IT practitioner raise a salary to start a job to jump job _ interview

, many people do not remember the level of their colleagues a year ago. All think this guy is just like that. So it's necessary to write a year-end summary of what you've learned. No one knows himself better than himself, what you have learned, and what you know best. And you do not speak out, who knows you have progressed. To talk about a larger business, there will be one or more directors, managers, supervisors, the big boss of money may not know w

Job-hopping two times, with an annual salary from 110,000 to 350,000 (in serial)

Guide:In December 2006, a letter from PMI told me that my PMP passed, and I breathed a sigh of relief, and I knew the fate of a company would come to an end. A is a giant Chinese company that is trying to open up more multinational business clients than traditional governments and banks. My entry seems to be under such a background, I have had about four years of experience in foreign companies. And my 9000 monthly

High salary, Beijing: Java, Android, product manager, product operations, channel operations, business development Manager (technology companies, established in 10, the scale of more than 500 people, focus on mobile internet)

Company Introduction:established in 05, the overall size of about 500 people, has a product line and the future strategic direction are in the mobile Internet. The Company's culture is free, relaxed and open. Basic treatment: highly competitive salary in the industry, five risks a gold, double Hugh, statutory holidays, annual leave, various regular benefits, bonuses, and so on, the industry standard!Special treatment: (1) Flexible working hours, clock

To what extent does the web Front-end learn to find a job? To what extent can I increase my salary? -

time, but if you are in a small city, I don't think there is much change. The technical requirements of small cities are generally low, and you will do the web page. If you have a poor foundation, starting from outsourcing companies, we should take every company as a stepping stone. Remember to keep your learning and updating speed. There are a huge number of jobs in 58 cities. To what extent can I increase my salary? Don't tell you, when I went

Whether you are studying technology to find a job or start a business, you must have a clear understanding of the technology itself. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will not appear in China.

Whether you are studying technology to find a job or start a business, you must have a clear understanding of the technology itself. Bill Gates will not appear in China, because China is not very respectful of technical talents yet, we are still stuck in the embarrassing situation of using software technical talents as human machines.I. In China, you must never learn technology to get a stable life and a hi

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