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[Original]. Net business framework development practices-eight business layer ing selection policies

. NetPractical application of business framework development-selection strategy for ing at the Business Layer In the previous articleArticleMentioned in mapping, it feels like re-implementing nHibernate. In fact, the article is intended to reflectRichard made some choices when thinking: using existing ones, or finally using other methods. If you say anything as

Brew advanced and proficient-3G mobile value-added business operation, customization and development-business model

Model (1) Value proposition: the value that products and services can provide to consumers. Brew's value proposition is to gain more customers and create more value for customers. In layman's terms, it is "making the cake bigger and sharing profits ". The important attribute of brew's value proposition is accuracy, that is, how to perfectly meet the customer's needs. (2) target customerSegments): refers to the target consumer group. The process of defining a consumer group is also called market

Architecture Design-Brief description of business logic layer

The business logic layer is a layer dedicated to processing software business requirements. It is located on top of the database and under the service layer, and completes some columns of Domain Object CRUD, as a group of microservices provided to the service layer, the service layer is organized on the exposed to the performance layer, such as inventory check, usage validity check, and order creation. The

Discussion on community PHP business development to improve efficiency and shorten development cycle

In the current rapid development of the Internet business, new products springing up, the old product line new business is constantly breaking and trying. This puts a higher demand on rapid development iterations. First, the basic operating environment For new product development

VPMN Business Description

. The realization mode of the intelligent network is divided into two kinds: Overlay network realization mode and target network realization mode.2.1 Overlay Network Implementation modeWhen MSC has not yet fully upgraded to MSC/SSP, it can be implemented in the overlay network in overlay way, triggering the intelligent business according to the special access number, but the promotion of the business is lim

Common business scenarios in enterprise-level development of wpf and enterprise-level business scenarios of wpf

Common business scenarios in enterprise-level development of wpf and enterprise-level business scenarios of wpf A few days ago, I got an internal inventory management system in the company. It took about two months to understand the requirements, system design, and coding. Later, the company made other arrangements, this is yellow. By the way, some people in the

Business modeling use case diagram of software project requirement development process Practice

to complete the collection of customer requirements, collect the requirements, through analysis, collation and production of documents, assist the project manager to review the collected customer's initial needs.Customer representative: As complete and accurate as possible to the requirements of the system's objectives, functions, performance, technology, interface, security level and other needs. and confirm the result of the requirement review.User

Business database development on-line Process v1.0

Tags: database development database ServiceXX Business Database development on-line process v1.0 Drafting time:2015.11.23Set Time:Revision time:0x00PurposeThis article defines the database-related processes involved in the development of the launch of the business, directs t

Discussion on community PHP Business Development _php Tutorial

In the current rapid development of the Internet business, new products such as springing up, the old product line new business is also constantly breaking and trying. This puts a higher demand on the rapid development iterations. First, the basic operating environmentFor the deve

Agile development from concept principles to business models

Masters should not only sum up some theories about agile methods, but also have practical methods to operate and cooperate with the corresponding business models. Otherwise, they will always say that agile declarations are principles, practices, or experiences, there is no theoretical or business model support, and there is nothing to talk about when it comes to charging problems. Who pays for agile communi

The development of Happy tea plantation system--how to do the business model of orchard planting?

Happy Tea plantation system development Contact Su Nian 188.1414.7927 Happy Tea Garden game development Happy Tea plantation Development Happy Tea Garden app development management guru Peter Drucker once said: "The competition between enterprises today is not the competition between products, but the competition betwe MVC | The whole development of the Business-to-consumer Mall

-layer architecture technical human Resource Management System project HR (Deep WebService) Project Training Objectives: Through this project, grasps the HR Human resources management system work flow, the training student dnet actual combat development ability, grasps the database based Web2.0 application and the Web service development technique skillfully. Including system analysis, design (including fun

The potential development of business social networking in China, realizing the expansion of Socialization

Commercial social networks in China started late, but developed rapidly. Representative websites include human networks and online business social platforms. Social networks have great development potential in China, where the concept of "connecting" and "relying on contacts" has been applied for thousands of years. Similar to the traditional SNS website, SNS com

Dw2.0-roles and roles of business models and data models during development

topic is too large, you can select a subset of the topic for development. Generally, the more deeply the modeler understands the business, the more perfect the model is. After selecting a topic, the next step is to develop the topicDISModel. DISThe model describes the data in the topic. Analyze the business requirements related to the topic and find the rel

Translation: Using ASP. NET MVC 4, EF, Knockoutjs and Bootstrap design and development Site-6-business logic

and can learn something.If you have any questions welcome to the discussion, thank you.How to use codeFrom here you can download the script for the database:Application_db.sqlTo run the program in VS, you need to enable allow NuGet to download missing packages during build,Or take a look at the link description below.Http://, modify the database connection string in your Appl

3.3 SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

. Whether you start a business Intelligence development Studio shortcut from a SQL Server 2008 folder or start from the Visual Studio folder in the Start menu Visua LStudio 2008 shortcuts, open applications are actually ... Kind of. If you do not have a full set of visual Studio installed, the only project template available is a business intelligence project. Ho

ExtJS 4.2 Business Development (i) Homepage construction

This article starts to build a ExtJS 4.2 single page application, here first introduces the homepage construction, the content includes: Homepage structure explanation, the extension function and so on.Directory1. Home Page Structure description2. Extended function3. Online Demo Address1. Home Page Structure Description 1.1 home page layoutThe traditional ExtJS 4.2 application, the basic layout is as follows:1.2 Home Page Layout analysisDepending on t

Business Systems ("incremental iterations") development process Management

As a set of B/s lightweight rapid development engine, Noahweb can help you quickly realize the development of website and information system. For some large scale, slightly longer cycle, especially the system of frequent changes in demand, using the Noahweb engine with the "incremental iteration" of the development model, you can multiply shorten the project cycl

High salary, Beijing: Java, Android, product manager, product operations, channel operations, business development Manager (technology companies, established in 10, the scale of more than 500 people, focus on mobile internet)

welcome Oh! The detailed JD is as follows: Position name Job description Employment requirements Front-end engineer (JAVA) 1. Function development According to the requirements of the Product manager;2. Responsible for front-end Web system performance tuning. More than 1.2 years experience in develo

Frontend development-preliminary business logic of the comment area on the playback page -- logic

Frontend development-preliminary business logic of the comment area on the playback page -- logic 1. This time mainly involves data interaction between the front and back ends. Jquery Tutorial: Http:// 2. Engineering address: Website publishing address: http: // 8029/ 3. Busines

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