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Business English Vocabulary Daquan 1Economist economistSocialist Economy Socialist economyCapitalist economy capitalist economyCollective Economy Collective economyPlanned economy planned economyControlled economy regulated economyRural economics rural EconomyLiberal economy economyMixed economy mixed economyPolitical economy Political EconomyProtectionism protectionismAutarchy InwardPrimary sector primary IngredientPrivate sector, private sectorPubli

[Multi-Yuan-intelligence-Energy] theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ commodity CQ creation business MQ de business DQ daring business MQ core business WQ zhishang sq lingshang

Multi-Yuan-intelligence-energy theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ primary business CQ creation business mq d-Business qidr business MQ core

Baidu Encyclopedia core users share the experience of creating encyclopedia entries

First simple talk about my Baidu Encyclopedia account basic situation: Experience value 1460, wealth value 930, total contribution entry 234, pass rate 85%, complex version 129, four level, Intermediate edition, Baidu Encyclopedia core user! What is Baidu Encyclopedia core user? Baidu's business card definition: Baidu

Thinking on Business operation mode of Business-to-business e-business

E-commerce business-to-business business model is not simply to run a network of supermarkets and logistics, not simply the enterprise itself in favor of marketing and open the Network window, but also not e-commerce operators for the promotion of enterprise goods opened an advertising company (advertising is only a variety of operations service providers in the

SEO strong outside the chain of Baidu Encyclopedia editorial experience to share the article

they are thinking, we just need to estimate. Below I from the Baidu Encyclopedia structure, to share I do Baidu encyclopedia some experience. Entry name The term is the name of the target you want to do, for example, I have always wanted to do "Wuhan Baidu," The word for Baidu Encyclopedia, we feel good implementation? Baidu

[China Telecom value-added business Study Notes] 10 value-added business based on business nodes provides technology

Author: gnuhpcSource: 1. Concept of business nodes: Intelligent Network has the following problems: The switch must be upgraded to support SSP and INAP; SCP system has a high technical threshold and high cost; Intelligent Network-based business development has a high technical threshold; Only basic voice resource functions, lack of flexible processing capabilities for vo

Add multiple external links to Baidu Encyclopedia and sousearch Encyclopedia

First, create a company entry.I tried the fireproof board industry. Of course, if I promote it in Baidu Encyclopedia and sousearch encyclopedia, I must find related industry entries to complete or create them. Under normal circumstances, we can create an entry for the company name. Generally, this entry does not exist. Of course, when we create a company profile, we will not add a website. This is unlikely

Baidu Encyclopedia 2 Novice in the encyclopedia to join the experience of successful links to share

Baidu's own products have always been in a similar way, so SEO outside the chain of work, if you can know Baidu or Baidu Wikipedia left your link, such links are undoubtedly quite high-quality links, especially Baidu Encyclopedia in the link. Recently has been doing a medical website SEO work, because it is a new station, so outside the chain to get a lot of trouble. Later saw someone in Baidu encyclopedia

Analysis Website Promotion: The function and value of Baidu encyclopedia construction

Network promotion methods and forms there are many kinds of network promotion platform and channel there are many, common promotion platform has blogs, forums, questions and answers, classified information, business-to-business, SNS, micro-blog, encyclopedia and so on. Each platform has its own characteristics, each platform also has its own value and special rol

Comparison: Interactive encyclopedia and Baidu Encyclopedia

Interactive Encyclopedia, although as one of the larger Wikipedia web site, but its status has been more embarrassing, because the interactive Encyclopedia of the title, although the "domestic largest encyclopedia", can this largest must be excluding Baidu encyclopedia. Interactive

Business treasure: Business-to-business ushered in the era of low prices

Recently, the Network Sheng Business Treasure (002095) Chairman Sun Deliang said, the future of E-commerce, just like mobile phones and broadband, will be achieved by the "high threshold, high cost" to the "low threshold" and "Chinese cabbage price" change, small and medium-sized enterprises need to spend on E-commerce will be less money, e-commerce may be the result of the transition. Sun Deliang said that the current domestic macro-economic situati

Encyclopedia Marketing: Don't think it's easy to create Wikipedia

Encyclopedia Marketing is a corporate brand and visibility of the network marketing method, for network marketing, encyclopedia marketing or a relatively new piece, a lot of people engaged in network marketing and business, and did not really regard the encyclopedia as one thing. In fact, using a good

How to use Baidu Encyclopedia for Marketing

, generally is the business organization is unable to modify the contents of the content, which for our enterprises is to kill two birds with one stone. Baidu Encyclopedia a very good marketing platform, but the premise is that we have to have professional knowledge of the industry, clever implantation of the idea of advertising and selfless dedication of the three combined, do not simply for advertising t

A figure of the second to understand Peer-to-peer, P2C, O2O, Business-to-consumer, business-to-business, C2C_P2C

Peer-to-peer, P2C, O2O, Business-to-consumer, business-to-business, c2c, see these dazzling flooded the internet is not the word, is not very familiar. However, there is no egg to be familiar with, if you do not understand the meaning of them, do not understand their differences, you take what the show force lattice it. Don't worry, come here, there is a picture

Baidu Encyclopedia is Baidu's most successful product rather than "tomb"

they specialize in the use of Baidu to promote SEO training one months can also deal with a few students, earn thousands of yuan? is not the encyclopedia we wrote it? As long as it's not a very popular entry, Inside are can be implanted some ads, the author has written a "use Baidu Encyclopedia to build brand promotion site Stone the actual combat sharing" article, some of the experience you can see, I bel

On the market pattern of business-to-business E-commerce in China

In 2006, China's e-commerce total turnover of about 500 billion yuan, of which business-to-business E-commerce accounted for about 95%, while in all business-to-business turnover of about 97% of the money transaction is done online. By contrast, Chinese business-to-

On the key points to be remembered in the process of writing Baidu Encyclopedia

Yesterday saw an article, the title forgot, but the article is very novel, talk is the author advised webmaster Friends do not too superstitious Baidu Encyclopedia, the new station was completed immediately after the preparation of encyclopedia, so for the development of the site and unfavorable. The reason is also very simple, that is, Baidu care for their products, en

Business-to-business website Optimization Solve these problems first

Business-to-business website optimization has become one of the most important strategies of business-to-business web marketing strategy, the traffic of the search engine can not be ignored, but the business-to-business site is di

Business-to-business E-commerce: Are Chinese companies ready? Two

Electronic commerce First, the outlook: China's business-to-business e-commerce ready? Based on the previous analysis, we can draw the following conclusions: 1, Business-to-business E-commerce in both the West and China, are in the initial stage, in the development process there are many uncertainties. 2, social struct

Enterprise website How to use the Business-to-business information network to do outreach?

Do business site webmaster Friends should be in the industry business-to-business information online publishing information, so that both for their own companies and products in the industry information on the Internet to do publicity, sales products, there can give their own corporate web site do outreach, really kill both birds. I am also doing

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