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6 books related to business strategy

Take a look at the book on business strategy reviewed in recent years and pick out 6 copies, which are listed below: 4.5 Stars | A brief History of strategy: the development process of the concept of "strategy" and the business of the three major consulting firmsThe English version of the book was published in 2010. The main content is the development histo

Microsoft Business Intelligence entry: three heavyweight books are less than Microsoft's online tutorials

2nd), which describes some of the data mining plug-ins of excel2007 for data mining.Algorithm, A detailed list of various parameters and DMX scripts, but not a thorough explanation, I feel like Microsoft's bookonline, suitable for reference as a Tool Book, but it is not suitable for reading as an entry book. The last part of the book provides an example of Data Mining programming using. net.CodeFor reference in the actual project. Article 3: proficient in SQL Server 2008ProgramDesign, the boo

Ten books on the impact of Chinese business management 10 people

Article Source: Managers seeWe often say that a business without management is like a disunity. In such enterprises, the lack of good leadership management core, lack of good management mechanism, employees do not know how to better serve the enterprise, but also do not know how to heart to a place to think, the strength of a place. Just imagine, such a team, how can have a strong competitiveness, create good performance? How can the brutal competitio

Software: workflow and business process management (Business Process ..

The two are controversial and the differences are becoming more and more subtle, but it is necessary to clarify.The concept of workflow is generated earlier than business process management. It originated from office automation and can be traced back to the end of 1960s and the beginning of 1970s. It emphasizes the automation of business processes,Therefore, it i

Analyzing the conversion rate of the business: The data analysis process of the Business-to-consumer website

Article Description: e-Commerce business data analysis process. "Please raise your hand!" If your user conversion rate reaches 5% a day. "If you ask all of China's business-to-consumer websites. As a result, there is no one to raise a hand. At present, most of the conversion rate is below 1%, the best to do only to 3.5% or so (for example, to sell

The business processing model of UML modeling (Business process MODEL,BPM)

Introduction of Business Process Model (Brief introduction) A business process model is a set of activities that describe the sequence of activities from start to finish, in terms of time or space, and input and output. The final output of the business processing model is t

The experience of Web front-end development: Sharing the books you've seen and the growth process

Article Introduction: talk about my web front end of the road to share some good books on the front. Web front-end research and development engineers, in the country is a Chaoyang career, this area is not the formal education of schools, most people rely on their own self-taught. This article mainly introduces the books and the growth process that I ha

Activiti node listeners combined with business usage (let business and process completely separate)

In the actual Activiti project development, the task node is often used, today I was in the task node listener groping for a day, although the Internet has data but are all kinds of nodes have not been in depth, I was only today to meet the confusion recorded, Hope to help students learn activiti. Task node monitoring as long as the implementation of the Tasklistener interface, usually we use the Activiti process and

Books and periodicals after the printing process introduction

Books and periodicals printing will be printed into a variety of forms of the book, need to undergo a series of process, these processes are mainly folding, with pages, books, book core processing, package cover, cutting, finished product inspection, packaging and other processes. Different binding forms, the process i

example demonstrates the definition of a business process using the workflow component of the framework-leave application process-web

Example Demo using Framework's Workflow componentmake business process definition - Leave application process-webReference on. NET rapid Information System development Framework-Series━. NET rapid Information System development framework-Introduction to Workflow━.

Example demonstrates how to define a business process using the workflow component of the framework-leave application process

example demonstrates how to use the Framework's Workflow componentmake business process definition - Leave application Process  Reference on. NET rapid Information System development Framework-Series━. NET rapid Information System development framework-Introduction to Workflow componentsRdi

Image processing learning process--website, video, books (long-term update)

useful and interesting tool for connecting to the thought matrix. One of the benefits of college expertise is here, and it's easy to get a clear picture of what expertise needs to be applied in the relevant fields, even if it's not good at the time. This is also I think that the need to go to graduate school, the necessity of continuing to enter a higher field, you know that your horizons and more in-depth knowledge can be researched and applied. University: Image

Design business process platform based on WF _ multiple statuses of the same process

Design business process platform based on WF _ multiple statuses of the same process A status chart is a design chart that is frequently used in workflow design, When talking to me about the status chart, many process designers often say that they are familiar with the legends of the status chart in UML, but every

Confusion in the embedded learning process--I don't know what books I read at first, how can I get a learning order?

understand the concept of B, c to explain, I even B, C do not know how to learn a? I can't learn it!It is not that people write poorly, but there is no way to pull a circle into a straight line. The process of learning is essentially a cyclical process, the only way is "doubt": in the book, there are two concepts such as B, C I do not understand, and then no longer think about this matter, but believe that

"Code piece" JBPM4.4 Development process node (dynamic agent implementation process management business)

(Getcurrentuser ()); Applicant, Current User Stucourseapply.setoldcourse (Model.getcourse ()); Stucourseapply.setnewcourse (Newcourse); Stucourseapply.setnewteacher (Newteacher); Stucourseapply.setoldteacher (Model.getteacher ()); Stucourseapply.settitle ("Modify course information"); String Processdefinitionkeystr=new string (processdefinitionkey.getbytes ("iso-8859-1"), "Utf-8"); Stucourseapply.setprocessdefinitionkey (PROCESSDEFINITIONKEYSTR);//Call busi

[TMF eTOM] business process framework

TMF document copyright information Copyright©Telemanagement Forum 2013. All rights reserved. This document and translations of it may be copied and furnished to others, and derivative works that comment on or otherwise explain it or assist in its implementation may be prepared, copied, published, and distributed, in whole or in part, without restriction of any kind, provided that the above copyright notice and this section are supported ded on all such copies and derivative works. however, th

Product Manager Business Flowchart Drawing process Sharing

Product Manager Business Flowchart Drawing process Sharing 2012/06/28 Read (72102) Comments (12) Favorites (159) Everyone is a product manager "starting College", bat actual product director of the hands-on system to take you to learn products, learning operations. Click here to view detailsFigure 1: Simple flowchart with instant stickers and whiteboardForeword: Recently, busy to t

Deploying process applications in IBM Business process Manager V8

About this tutorial This tutorial describes how to install or deploy process applications and manage them. The process application lifecycle includes installing, managing, and undoing deployment snapshots. Although version control considerations are part of the lifecycle, they are not included in this tutorial. As you develop the process, you can take advantage

"Anatomy PetShop" five: PetShop's business Logic Layer Design _ self-study process

not in technology, but in the analysis and understanding of domain business. It is hard to imagine that an architect who is unfamiliar with the business rules and processes in the field can design a system architecture that meets the needs of the customer. It is almost possible to conclude that the design process of the busi

IBM holosofx Business Process Management

Holosofx-derived from the Latin "holo" (overall) and the Greek "sophic" (SMART)-founded in 1990, the goal is to help companies understand and govern their business processes in an integral way. In September 2002, IBM acquired holosofx to expand its Websphere Business integration platform. Holosofx improves the customer's ability to design, monitor, and improve business

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