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You big God, do java+android development what to buy a notebook?

============ Problem Description ============Dear God, do java+android development, what kind of notebook should I buy?For example, how much memory, how much CPU, as well as graphics cards and so on. The more detailed the better!Preferably with a specific model. Please recommend, thank you!============ Solution 1============D

Android development Getting Started Guide-Android mobile self-adaptive draw9patch without distortion background setting steps, Getting Started Guide draw9patch

Android development Getting Started Guide-Android mobile self-adaptive draw9patch without distortion background setting steps, Getting Started Guide draw9patch 1. [Android mobile self-adaptive draw9patch without distortion backgro

[Android UI design and development] 2. Guide interface (2) use ViewPager to implement the welcome guide page and androidviewpager

[Android UI design and development] 2. Guide interface (2) use ViewPager to implement the welcome guide page and androidviewpager 1. Implementation results 2. Preparations before Encoding ViewPager is a new feature provided after Android3.0, so to make your application backward compatible, you must support the

Android Development-API Guide-Application Development Basics

subclass of the object, and see activity in the Development Guide for more information. Service A service is a component that runs in the background to perform long-running operations or to service a remote process. The service does not provide a user interface. For example, when a user uses another application, the service can play music in the background, or it

"Android Development experience" Android Studio1.0 full version first experience--mac/window Dual platform Installation Guide

. Select Accept Click Finish to install.This interface is displayed if we choose to customize it. To select an installation directory, it is important to note that this directory cannot contain spaces and Chinese characters. It is not recommended to use the default%appdata% directory. Click Next to see a page similar to the above, select Accept click Finish to install.(7) Once we've done this, we can start using as.When you finish updating the Android

[Android Development] Getting Started with App Widget development Guide

The main topics in this section include the Android Desktop widget, the app Widget Development Guide, and a simple example of how to visually explain the app widget.The concept of widgets, app widgets, Web appsThe original concept of the widget was a 98 Apple engineer named Rose, who was officially known until 2003, but then many large companies began to accept a

"Android Development Experience" complete guide to using Ant bulk pack Android Apps

, packaging Success!Then we come to our target directory. We can see. Packaged apk file. Has lain quietly here.watermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvemhhb2thaxfpyw5nmtk5mg==/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/ I0jbqkfcma==/dissolve/70/gravity/center ">10. Verify that the replacement is successfulAfter getting our installation package, we were able to decompile our project in order to verify that the replacement was implemented in the manifest file. I am using the GUI interface of the Anti-co

"Android Development experience" Android Studio1.0 official version of the first experience-the use of common features guide

and get the RGB color value and the 16-bit color value. We click on the left side of the small straw, you can directly to the picture to take color, just need to stop the straw to take the color of the location, this tool is too convenient!10. Multi-resolution preview of layoutsIn addition to the exciting features above, as also provides a powerful layout of the multi-device preview effect, which is too convenient for the interface to fit!First click on the layout file, then select the options

Read the authoritative Guide to Android development

Because last year 12 purchased 10 percent of the "Android Development Authority Guide (First edition)", in the second edition after the Turing community gave me a second version of the coupon code, excited to immediately buy e-book, I have to say Big Nerd Ranch guide books a

Android Development Quick guide: Android program framework "Grass"

OverviewBefore you learn a new technology, you need to understand the overall framework of this technology, so let's start with the ANDROID program structure.The Android APP has four top-level classes: Activity, Service, ContentProvider, Broadcastreceiver.Top Level class ActivityActivity is one of the most important concepts in Android apps. When you ope

Android Game Development Practice Guide (Chapter Hua programmer Library)

Android Game Development Practice Guide (Chapter Hua programmer Library)Basic InformationOriginal Title: Learning android game programming: a hands-on Guide to building your first android gameAuthor: (US) ROGERS (R.) [Translator's

Android module development guide in Titanium

@Kroll.proxy publicclassMyProxyextendsKrollProxy{ @Kroll.method(runOnUiThread=true) publicintdoSomething(){ return100; } } Official Address: Android Module Development Guide Summary This guide teaches you how to develop the Android module in Titanium to expand

Android Brief Development Tutorial Viii.: Guide Bee two-dimensional graphic drawing instance function definition

With the previous introduction to the Android platform, you can basically start to write Android apps, and here's an example of a two-dimensional graphic that will introduce the general approach to Android development, which involves customizing the application class, extending the View,intent definition, Send messages

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android 10.2.5 New development Platform Installation configuration Guide

into the apk when we build the APK, so we can exclude the required files from the APK file using the following configuration:packagingoptions{Exclude ' meta-inf/lgpl2.1 'Exclude ' meta-inf/license 'Exclude ' meta-inf/notice '}1.2.3 Permissions and features configuration for the vast majority of ArcGIS Androidapps applications almost all require network support, and some applications may require access to the device's sdcard, need to have read and write permissions to the card, in addition to th

Android Audio and video development Getting Started Guide

Recently received a lot of users through e-mail or message that want to learn audio and video development, how to get started, I wrote a special article today unified reply.Audio and video This piece, there is really no comparison system of tutorials or books, online blog articles are relatively fragmented, I hope I can squeeze out the time of the whole topic in detail to say ~ ~ At present, I first give a large direction of the study

Android studio Development Guide

Android studio Development Guide Author: chszs, reprinted with note. Blog homepage: http://blog.csdn.net/chszs I. Introduction Android studio is a brand new Android development environment. It is based on intellij idea and is si

Android Development-api Guide-<application>

following values. value Description "none" There are no additional UI options. This is the default value. "splitActionBarWhenNarrow" When the horizontal space is limited (such as when the device is in portrait mode), a horizontal bar is added at the bottom of the screen to display ActionBar the Action item in. There is no longer a limited number of Action items displaye

Android Development-API Guide-data storage

() method, you can perform SQLite queries. The method can pass in various query parameters, such as table name, projection, Select statement, field name, grouping, and so on. If you want to make complex queries, such as using field aliases, use theSQLiteQueryBuilder/code> ,它提供了很多便于构建查询的方法。 Each SQLite query returns one Cursor that points to all records that meet the query criteria. Cursoris the only way to traverse database query results and read row and column data.For an example of an app that

Android Wear (Watch) Development-Learning Guide

here will avoid some of the pits behind: http://www.cnblogs.com/benhero/p/4183322.htmlCard notification: Watch notification Optimization: http://www.cnblogs.com/benhero/p/4211746.html Custom cards: http://www.cnblogs.com/benhero/p/4217771.html Before you learn the custom card notifications, you may want to learn about the data transfer section.Data communication: Connection Data layer: http://www.cnblogs.com/benhero/p/4138498.html Data sending and receiving: http:

Android Development-api Guide-tasks and fallback stacks

Task and Back StackEnglish Original: http://developer.android.com/guide/components/tasks-and-back-stack.htmlAcquisition (update) Date: 2014-12-16In this article Save Activity Status Managing Multiple Tasks Specify startup mode Handling affinity Clearing the fallback stack K Start a task Related articles Multitasking the Android See

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