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Fix prompt signing conflict when Android app installs quickly, Android signature file generation (GO)

, IW, Ja, ko, lt, lv, MS, NB, NL, pl, PT, pt-rpt, RO, Ru, SK, SL, SR, SV, SW, TH, TL, TR, UK, VI, ZH-R TW, zu strings.xml/projectname/res/values line Android Lint problem "error, in Will"missingtranslation"from "fatal" is changed to "warning" or "warning" option below.Go onAfter solving the above problem should be no problem, continue to export the signature package, the following dialog may appear, meaning that you need to set the debugableHowever, o

Mac installs Android SDK to launch appium Android automated test

Download the Android SDK first.Switch to User home directoryCD ~/Create configuration file touch. bash_profileOpen the configuration file. bash_profileAdd Content:Export path= $PATH:/users/zhangminjie/documents/sdk/platform-tools:/users/zhangminjie/documents/sdk/toolsExport Android_home= "/USERS/ZHANGMINJIE/DOCUMENTS/SDK"Export java_home=$ (/usr/libexec/java_home)Update source. bash_profileAfter executionAppium-doctorRunning IOS Checks? Xcode is insta

Android parody, VW reviews buy box suspension effect

; Snapping up the hover box layout file now Buy_layout.xmlXML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?> LinearLayoutxmlns:android= "Http://"android:orientation= "Horizontal"Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content" > ImageViewAndroid:id= "@+id/buy_layout"Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:background= "@drawable/

You big God, do java+android development what to buy a notebook?

============ Problem Description ============Dear God, do java+android development, what kind of notebook should I buy?For example, how much memory, how much CPU, as well as graphics cards and so on. The more detailed the better!Preferably with a specific model. Please recommend, thank you!============ Solution 1============Development Android configuration requi

Do not buy cheap Android phones

Tech blog TechCrunch published an analysis on Wednesday titled Matt BurnsArticleIn order to occupy the Android Market, many manufacturers have made great efforts to expand their product lines and launch cheap models.These low-cost hardware design shanzhai, short battery life, and many preset useless software, so the use time is short, and users are urged not to buy cheap

Mac OS 10.10 installs Android Studio issue: Android Studio was unable to find a valid JVM

Tips: Small series before doing this step, have determined that the JDK and environment variables have been installed and configured correctly, about how to check the Java environment variables please Baidu.Cause Analysis: The Info.plist configuration file under the Android Studio installation package has a setting for the JVM version number, because the version number is too low to match my jdk1.8.0_31, so we need to change this version number, 1.6.

On shelves a DIY buy lamp software [all Sincerity Hui Poly] (including Android phone _ Apple Phone _ Apple tablet)

Full-hui Poly CBO products is a very perfect e-commerce platform, mainly serving the electrical business of the home industry services, including lighting, furniture, building materials, clothing and other major industries, in order to further expand to other places to go, because the company's products are Business Edition, to provide manufacturers and distributors and other user groups, The platform provides manufacturers and suppliers to upload their products to the company's platform for sal

Linux Mint installs, configures and builds Android source compilation environment

Linux Mint installs, configures and builds Android source compilation environmentHave used Ubuntu, now want to change Linux mint try. Here is the process I installed to configure Linux Mint13.1. InstallationWhen I installed LinuxMint13, I tried several ways and failed. Finally, a hard disk installation is selected. Hard drive installs LinuxMint and

Android installs multiple identical apk on the same phone for easy debugging

Android Studio installs multiple identical apk on the same phoneOriginal address: Http:// look at the effect:1. While I was using ecslipse, I've been working on the issue of "Android Studio installs multiple identical apk on the same phone", but one of the stupidest ways to cha

Android installs multiple apk on the same phone for easy debugging

Android Studio installs many of the same apk on the same phoneOriginal address: Http:// look at the effect:1. While I was using ecslipse, I've been working on the issue of "Android Studio installs multiple identical apk on the same phone", but not every time. One of the stupide

Mac installs Android development platform

, because the HTTPS protocol is encrypted, the mainland because it can not be reviewed, directly sealed, and the HTTP protocol is filtered, if you do not access the messy things, the operation steps:Under SDK manager tools->options Open SDK Manager settings, select "Force https://... sources to be fetched using http://...", Enforces the use of the HTTP protocol.While updating the ADT plugin, use URL instead of

Eclipse builds Android development environment (installs adt,android4.4.2)

. Create an Android projectFile->new->other, select Android application Project as shown inAs prompted to create, I created the project called Androidtest, without making any changes to run directly.7. Run the Android projectAfter the virtual machine starts up, and then runs the Android program, the interface after the

Android Upgrade installs APK compatible Android7.0, resolves fileuriexposedexception

2. Add a File_paths.xml fileThe file format is as follows"name" path="path"/ > ... Where the root element Here, we store the downloaded apk file in Android/data/"1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>"cache_download" path="download "/>3. Using Fileprovider in Java code Public Static voidinstallapk (Context context, file file) {Intent Intent=NewIntent (Intent.action_view); Uri data; //judge version greater than or equal to 7.0 if(Build.VERSION.SDK_

"Go" installs Intel Haxm for Android emulator acceleration, starts in 30 seconds to complete

open virtualization technology entry in Bois.This for HAXM But Intel Virtualization Technology(VT-x) are not until VT-is. for more information After the setup is successful, rerun the setup file and enter SC query INTELHAXM in the console. The emergence is the success!!Download and use Android x86 imageThe Android 5.0.1 API provides 32-bit and 64-bit An

How do I get the files under the Meta-inf directory of the package after Android installs the app?

============ Problem Description ============After Android installs the app, can you get the files in the Meta-inf directory of the package?After installing the app on the phone and then opening the app, does the SDK in the app have access to the Meta-inf file in the app package?Why do you do this?Because the same app package, you need to play a different channel ID inside. And then keep the signatures cons

Android installs Windows system inside

the touch screen up or down;②Press the volume up key=Click the mouse, volume down key=Right-click the mouse;③The Phone menu key is equivalent to enter, return key=esckey (Exit)④tap the lower left corner of the screen, the long-lost input method is called out! the phone memory of the Kagan directory, create a name of"HDD"the folders that are placed inside the file will appear on the phoneXPin the systemEdisk. Note: Restart after placing the fileXPwill come into effect yo! 3.There are child

Unity Android App installs OBB sub-package (basic Apk+obb)

1, first in unity to make a good subcontracting, the method of subcontracting as shownReady to pack and pack the Android installation package (Apk+obb), for example: abc.apk + Abc.obb2. Install the APK to the Android device first, then rename the corresponding Obb file to:Main.and copied to the Android device under the "/andr

After eclipse installs ADT, the Android SDK and AVD Manager cannot be found under the Windows menu

The solution to the Android SDK and AVD manager option is not found under the Windows menu after Eclipse installs ADT-zhjr1220 column-Blog 20/article/details/9569113In Eclipse, click Window→customize perspective→command Groups availability→available Command Groups tick the android SDK and AVD Manager option, then tick

Ubuntu14.04 (64) Bit system installs Genymotion simulator and integrates into Android studio!!!

appear in the homepage when the download is complete, and if you want to debug the app using the emulator in Android studio, you should modify the emulator SDK, click setting== "adb==" to bind the SDK directory of Android Studio9. Click to open the simulator directly10. Integrate Genymotion into Android studio and go to the

Raspberry Pi installs the APK app in the Raspberry Pi Android system

Raspberry Pi 3 Android TV install apk app TutorialThis digest from: does the Raspberry Pi 3 Android TV install the software? For users who are familiar with ADB, the installation process is not complicated, through the ADB remote connection to the Raspberry Pi, and then use the ADB command to install the application, o

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