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Visual Studio 2015/2013 installation failed: A fatal error occurred during the installation of the Microsoft Visual Studio Assemblies Shell (Minimum) Interop

one of the troubleshooting items cannot be accessed all deleted, You can also repeatedly install, encountered the failure in the view error log file to delete, anyway is trouble, perhaps a tool to quickly search is also good.Because regedit cannot be accessed, operations such as changing the owner of a permission change will fail, so the pchunter is found on the internet (which is said to be done over the drive layer or using an undisclosed API), and the final reload succeeds.Visual

Microsoft Visual Studio team Foundation server express 2013 (1) Server installation and configuration

This article aims to record your learning experience and usage experience. The record is just right for the convenience of others. The record is mediocre and boring. Please take this note. Note: This document uses the TFS 2013 Express version as an example because it is a free version. It can be used by up to five users. A larger team can use Visual Studio team

Using the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition in Visual Studio 2013

Tags: sqlite string nload value CSharp EMS dispose connect CTI(1) Download SqlCe components (2) Download VS2013 tool Designer Https:// (3) Create an empty text file with Notepad. (4) Select "Server Explorer" in view to add the connection (5) Select SQL Server Compace4.0 (6) Create an SDF file, for example, on C:\DB.SDF (7) Double-click Database

Developing Microsoft cloud Windows Azure Configuration Guide with Visual Studio 2013 (for mainland China)

Microsoft Cloud is operated by the "Century interconnection" in China, so if you develop Microsoft cloud with the Visual Stuido 2003 Universal General Account, there will be problems, which is his inconvenient support. The advantage is that because it is operating on the mainland, it is faster.(1) Open official website I have applie

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 installation and trial

I am downloading the vs2013 version of the installation package, download is a compressed file, after decompression is 2.86GB. After the download of the installation package is complete, we can enter the installation.It is also advisable to install the Internet connection.Open the downloaded file, we want to select the. exe executable file to open, as follows:Open after we enter the installation, to choose the installation location, because this software occupies a large space, it is recommended

The rule "earlier versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008" failed. An earlier version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is installed on this computer. Upgrade Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to SP1 before you install SQL Server 2008.

Today, after reloading the system, I need to install the development tools, I use the development tools are visual Studio2008 and SQL Server2008r2, when the installation of the visual Studio2008 in the database when the problem occurs:Workaround:Install patches. Download installation rule "earlier versions of

Install SQL Server R2, tip error: An earlier version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 was installed on this computer. Upgrade Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to SP1 before you install SQL Server 2008.

Install the tool when the VS2008 installed vs comes with the SQL tools, waiting for me to install SQL Server R2 when the "earlier version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008" problem, found on the Internet solution is as follows :------for 32-bit systems (I am a bit of a 64-bit system this is all right.) Installing SQL Server R2, prompting for errors during installat

Environment variables in Visual Studio (for example, Visual Studio 2013)

ObjectiveThis article summarizes the environment variables that are common in Visual Studio and their role in organizational solutions and engineering.Note: This article uses Visual Studio 2013, which is described in Visual C + +

Go to Microsoft Visual Studio team system and Microsoft Visual sourcesafe

Release date: 11/18/2005 | Updated on: 11/18/2005 Microsoft Corporation Applicable:Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 team Foundation ServerMicrosoft Visual sourcesafe 2005 Abstract:This overview helps developers decide whether to choose Microsoft

Blend for Visual Studio 2013

Software development in order to make designers and programmers "parallel" work and directly involved in the development of the program. 1, in the Network program development team, after the sketch design, designers can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript directly generated UI, the programmer in the UI, while the implementation of the logic behind it. 2. In the desktop development of WPF, Microsoft has created a new development language xaml--Extensible Applica

Beginning SharePoint®2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools use Visual Studio 2012 to develop SharePoint

Tab: 2013 SharePoint vs2012Beginning SharePoint? 2013 Development 3rd chapter -- SharePoint 2013 developer tools use Visual Studio 2012 to develop SharePoint applications vs2012 with standard series project-level and project-level templates, making SP development simpler and

Visual Studio 2013 update 3 RTM officially released

Vs2013.3 RTM released! Complete installation package: Package installation instructions: Id = 43727 Incremental installation package: package installation instructions: Id = 4

InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2013 Graphics Tutorial (teaches you how to pack.) NET program)

Original: InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2013 Graphics Tutorial (teaches you how to pack.) NET program)InstallShield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2013 Graphics Tutorial (teach you how to package the. NET fram

Developing a node. js program on Visual Studio 2013

"Off-topic"Recently ready to do something with node. js, so look for a plugin on Visual Studio for easy development. It turned out to be one of the node. js Tools for Visual Studio (Ntvs) from Microsoft, although it is now easy to use because it only publishes the 1.0 Alpha

Visual Studio 2013 New features: Increasing the transparency and traceability of code

Microsoft has broken the tradition of two years of Visual Studio upgrades, with Visual Studio 2012 publishing less than a year, and Microsoft plans to release Visual

Visual Studio 2013 's C + + development environment Good--vs2013 installation trial notes

Original: the Visual Studio system, the last time a big improvement was made to C + +, VS 7.1, that Microsoft has finally greatly improved the editor.VS 2003 is actually an upgrade to VS 2002. VS 2002 's C + + development environment, in fact, there are very serious bugs, simply can not be used.Since then

Visual Studio 2013 and 14

Visual Studio 2013 and 14 If Install Visual Studio on the same computer as Visual Studio in 2013 "14" When CTP 14.0.21730.1 DP, a number of

"Compile | build | debug" In the Visual Studio 2013 environment operating VC6/VC7/VC8 and other low-version platform projects

details? The new standard has already been structured to enrich the complete concept of the system, and provide a friendly interface, the use of development work more and more close to a variety of splicing, assembly work.Aside from pointing too much, fortunately did not forget the matter. We will use the visual Studio 2013 version of the environment, how to ope

Windows7+visual Studio 2013+cuda7.5 Compilation Caffe

MATLABThe main concern here is to modify the Commonsettings.props file in two places Modify the Commonsettings.props file to make Modify the parameters in the Commonsettings.props file to make it a native MATLAB installation directory PropertyGroup condition = "' $ (matlabsupport) ' = = ' true ' , matlabdir ; d:\ File program\matlab\matlabdir ; librarypath ; $ (Matlabdir) \extern\lib\win64\microsoft;$ (LibraryPath) li

Cross-browser, coded UI test with Visual Studio 2013

user actions, which many developers cannot accept. The Visual Studio 2013 release Release (RC) has made a number of improvements in many different ways, from the new IDE functionality to the Extended test framework ( provides a detailed list of changes to the RC version). From my point of view, there are two new features that are particularly inte

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