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Here are 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5

An interesting article. It is estimated that Microsoft fans are about to speak out. Ah, Windows Phone 7.5 mango! Just saying the name of the platform seems to start controversy-and don't get us wrong, we appreciate the design work and the universally smooth performance Microsoft Achieved with it, but it's clear that so far it's had a lukewarm release tion at best, and it's still behind in features when compared to the big two, android and IOS. But th

Dockone technology Sharing (13): 10 questions take you to know Windows Docker

relationship between the container and the sandbox?Once saw a great comment, must share to you: Sandboxing is focused in just security with code isolation. Containers has some security code isolation, but it's not the only or primary purpose. One-to-think about containers are as a layered/quarantined filesystem which makes it quick/easy/lightweight to run an A Pplication and also makes the application (in the container) very portable. As we can see, in

Windows 8 has 4 versions: 10 Things users should know

by Windows 8, consumers do not seem to need the professional version of the software. Some standard features are found in Windows 8, such as Windows Media Player, IE 10, Windows Store, and so on. 2.Windows 8 Professional Edition

Running Windows 10 from a USB drive

file. Click Next. 650) this.width=650; "title=" image "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" 680658-20170310125305873-1279450122.png "width=" 773 "height=" 610 "style=" margin:0px;padding:0px;border:0px; Background-image:none; "/> Select a location on the hard drive to store the Windows.iso file. Click Save. Windows 10 now generates the necessary IS

Running Windows 10 from a USB drive

necessary ISO files. After you complete this procedure, click Finish. Then plug in our USB drive. Download and install WINTOUSB software from this website (you can also Baidu WinToUSB3.5 cracked version). can use the free version, if you have money can also spend $29.95 (about 206.91 yuan) to buy their professional version. Start Wintousb. On the Introduction screen, click the button to the right of the mirror file field, and then sele

10 tips that Windows users should know

In the past few years, the Windows system has not changed significantly (at least on the desktop), but each new version of the update has brought some minor tweaks and upgrades. Of course, Windows is a large and complex desktop system, so if you want to better use the Windows system, you may wish to take a look at the 10

10 common errors made by new windows Administrators

10 mistakes new windows administrators make New windows administrators often make 10 mistakes: Author: Debra Littlejohn shinder Translated by Debra Littlejohn shinder: endurer, category 1st: 10 things, network administration Classification:

Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 VDA techpreview Delivery Windows 10

As Microsoft released a new version of the Windows operating system on July 29, the PC era has been turned into the Windows 10 era, and the PC will attract a wave of system upgrades to buy new PCs.But as it is known, new products are mostly unstable, especially for enterprise users, for the new version is both love and

Litter ze398c Drive Disc-USB to rs232-support Windows 10/mac

This tool is USB1.1, relatively old, a start to do little white mouse do not know to buy USB1.1, so I do not recommend to buy this, there are other models, support USB2.0 and USB3.0, but the price is relatively expensive, this is only about 30 yuan.Key Force special Use PL2303 chip, compatibility is very good, widnows 7+, Linux, Mac 10.9+ can support.Comparison is the driver download, official web download

10 Best windows 7 notebooks

While Microsoft's latest Windows 8 desktop operating system is becoming popular, some data suggest that the "Metro" interface, which replaces the traditional Start menu, is not acceptable to all users, and that the new operating system, though preloaded, has received some sales, but is in fact unpopular. Fortunately for notebook consumers, some of the classic Windows 7 systems are still available in the mar

Windows 10 xiaona new technology allows Edge browsers to become "online shopping artifacts"

Windows 10 xiaona new technology allows Edge browsers to become "online shopping artifacts" Today, Microsoft introduced a new skill of Windows 10 xiaona Cortana in its official blog, which can make Edge browsers a "essential artifact" for online shoppers ". This allows users to get real benefits online through this

5 Frequently Asked questions in Windows 10 installation and use _win server

Last weekend I spent a whole afternoon trying to redo the system, which was a setback. Install XP, WIN7, WIN10, and briefly review "Microsoft System History" Spit: System crashes, no installation of CD-ROM on hand, the Sun ran near to buy a Win7 disk, CD-ROM drive not read, changed 2 times fell through. Only the bottom of the XP found out, thinking as long as you can enter the system with a U disk to do a new system. Behold the installation process o

Windows 10 Deployment Flask Web

install wfastcgi) Enable wfastcgi create Web. config   Configuring IIS directories and Permissions Create a Web site Access to the PitThe good "Hello ..." is written in the tutorial.And I was like this.Config Error This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault="Deny"), or set explicitly by a location tag with overrideMode="Deny" or the legacy allowOverride="false"

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