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Take what to save you: our domain pain

If you buy a car and park it in the parking lot, if you want to drive away, the parking lot asks you for complicated formalities to prove that the car is yours and requires you to pay a parking fee for a year or several years, even if you don't want

Further detailed Windows security authentication mechanism Ntlm&kerberos

Why 0x01 should understand Windows Security Authentication mechanism:Deepen the depth of understanding of subsequent exploits, or that sentence, to know it, but also to know its why, not nonsense, we directly began0x02 Windows authentication

The micro-consultation innovation model of the question and answer website

The next competition market in Chinese Internet is the question and answer website, it will be difficult to do a large-scale question and answer site, but to do a market segmentation of the question and answer site is full of opportunities, such as

Outside the chain: the most complete chain of the history of the explanation

Episode: An article written for this traveler's message (Luoli hope you can see) 4.luoli I also think this article is written in general, how to publish it? Outside the chain construction is not necessarily refers to black hat. Let me explain

10 Examples of machine learning

What is machine learning?What is machine learning? The answer to this question can refer to the authoritative machine learning definition, but in reality machine learning is defined by the problem it solves. Therefore, the best way to understand

My mind on the construction of large-volume web site

ObjectiveThis big traffic site mainly refers to the mixed traffic, the source of traffic is mainly from the search engine, which is what we call the garbage flow. This flow does not specify the exact keyword, as if the general news network, the

Reasons for downgrading the site by Baidu and solutions

There are dozens of causes listed. See the following:(1) conflicts with Baidu's Administrator ManualCause: for example, accumulating keywords and hiding text. If this happens, even if Baidu has already included you, don't be glad to be confused,

Website Optimization Strategy Six: Site positioning common mistakes

In the previous article, Zhang Dong for you to introduce the basic overview of site positioning, but there are many friends in doing site positioning when the direction, will fall into some of the site positioning of the erroneous zone, resulting in

The three major problems of the existence of a faint website

Because of working relationship, contact a lot of internet entrepreneurs, through and their communication, the author summed up the site survival of the three major problems: 1 architecture and products; 2 integration and marketing; 3 incentives and

Build a wireless router in Ubuntu

PC + dual-nic + 802.11N wireless network card + Ubuntu = super 802.11N wireless soft route there are many wireless router models, but they are similar, but to be honest, the performance is very general, in addition, if there are newer and

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