c 11 interface keyword

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C++11 's override keyword

1 Public inheritanceWhen a derived class is publicly inherited from (public inheritance) base class, inheritance consists of two parts: the first is the "interface" of the function (interface), and the second is the "implementation" of the function (

C ++ 11 deep learning

C ++ 11 deep learning Delegate constructor Before C ++ 11 is introduced, if a class has multiple overloaded constructors and these constructors have some common initialization logic, you usually need to write another initialization function with

Delphi keyword explanation 1

This document consistsOrangeOriginal, copyright belongs to orange Absolute // It allows you to create a new variable, and the starting address of the variable is the same as that of another variable.VaRSTR: String [32];Strlen: byte

Define an interface. Define an interface member

Section 2 Interface Definition   Technically, an interface is a set of data structures that contain functional methods. Through this set of data structures, the customerCodeYou can call the functions of component objects. The interface is

Interface (i)

InterfaceInterface, English is called interface, in software engineering, the interface refers to the method or function for others to call. From here, we can realize the original intention of the Java language Designer, which is the abstraction of

Transient keyword, javatransient keyword

Transient keyword, javatransient keyword The transient keyword is transient. It can be seen that it is instantaneous and cannot be fixed. Will it be related to the object status and so on? I found some information online, which is related to object

C ++ from scratch (11)-class-related knowledge

C ++ from scratch (11) -- Knowledge about classes Due to space limitations, this article is the next article in "C ++ from (11)", discussing polymorphism and other issues. Virtual meanings The middle part of this article has already introduced the

The const keyword in C + + is detailed

1. What is a const?Const means a constant type, a const-modified variable or object cannot be modified and updated, and of course, in some cases, we can change it rescue.2. Why should I introduce a const?The original purpose was to replace the

Java Basic Learning Summary-interface

Original link: http://www.cnblogs.com/xdp-gacl/p/3651121.html The concept of an interface  Java is only support single inheritance, but there are multiple inheritance in the reality of this phenomenon, such as "Golden Monkey is an animal", The

The same points and differences between abstract and interface (interface) in C #

1. All can be inherited 2, can not be instantiated 3. You can include a method declaration 4. Derived classes must implement methods that are not implemented Difference: 1. Abstract base classes can define fields,

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