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After c++11, the source code has been added support for UTF8 and UCS4 (Unicode is used internally for Windows, because the NT kernel uses UCS2, which is 89, UTF8 was invented by the year 92)

in C + + programming, we often deal with nothing more than the editor and compiler, to the editor said, we often encounter is garbled problem, such as Chinese note display or can not save, the solution is to save your file as Unicode (UTF8). for the

MySql modifies the database encoding to UTF8 to avoid gibberish _ MySQL

It is important for MySql to modify the database encoding to UTF8 to avoid gibberish. bitsCN. commysql to specify the encoding when creating the database. many developers use the default encoding, which is difficult to prevent. Coding databases can

MySql modifies the database encoding to UTF8

It is very important for MySql to change the database encoding to UTF8 when creating a database. Many developers use the default encoding, which is difficult to prevent. Coding databases can avoid garbled characters caused by import and export.

URL decoding (GBK/UTF8) C + + algorithm

The pages we visit will be encoded in different ways.For example: "C + +" URL encoding (GBK) is "c%2b%2b"So, how do you decode it?By observing the encoding rules that can be encoded by URL1, numbers and letters are not encoded.2, the other symbol

Horspool algorithm C++11 implementation (support Chinese-English hybrid search)

Summary:This paper presents an implementation of a horspool algorithm, presents a usage example, and introduces a very useful UTF8 character transcoding project, gives a simple test report, and so on.Algorithm implementation:#include #include

Int (11) What is the maximum length, and what is the maximum length of varchar in MySQL (RPM)

What is the maximum length of int (11), and what is the maximum length of varchar in MySQL?  What is the maximum length of int (11)?In the SQL statement, int represents the type of field you want to create, int represents an integer, and 11

Automatic restart from library crash (Mysqld got signal 11) Problem resolution

One: Problem descriptionReceived the mail alarm today, then into the database to view the slave status, the IO process and the SQL process are no.Mysql> Show slave status \g;*************************** 1. row***************************

Java syntax sugar foreach

Java syntax sugar foreach ?? Syntactic sugar is a syntax provided by almost every language to help programmers develop code. It is just a little trick implemented by the compiler, during compilation, developers can perform some processing on these

File encoding determination (utf8, UTF16) and conversion

 1. Determine Based on BOM first The BOM of the UTF-8: ef bb bf; the corresponding decimal value is: 239 187 191 if the first three bytes of the file match with it, the file encoding is utf8 The UTF-16LE BOM: FF Fe; the corresponding decimal value

C ++ 11 standard preliminary knowledge

Official content Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%2B%2B11 The C ++ Standards Committee http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/   Compiler support Http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh409293 (V = vs.110). aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/ B

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