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Comparison between CAN bus and RS485

The overall solution of a recent project was designed as a distributed system, so it struggled with the CAN bus or RS485 communication. Therefore, I searched some documents about RS485 and CAN bus on the Internet. In addition to further

An analysis of enterprise service Bus Solutions, part 1th: Basic concepts of enterprise service Bus

Introduction"Everything is flowing, nothing lasts." Everything melts, nothing is fixed "-Heraclitus (Heracleitus)In about 2003 years, the concept of SOA gradually entered the field of vision, and at one time people happily published their own views

C expert programming note-Bus Error)

Bus Error (core dumped) is mentioned in Expert C programming ). Bus errors are almost all caused by unaligned reads or writes. It is called a bus error because the blocked component is the address bus when an unaligned memory access request occurs.

Bus error (Fieldbus errors)

Transfer from http://blog.csdn.net/todd911/article/details/8813321Bus errors (core dumped) are mentioned in "C Expert programming".Bus errors are almost always caused by misaligned reads or writes.It is called a bus error because the blocked

I2C bus-based electro-mechanical memory fm31256 with watchdog and real-time clock

AbstractFm31256 is a multi-functional storage chip based on I2C bus and powered by the iron and electronics technology. In addition to non-volatile memory, the device also provides real-time clock, low-voltage reset, watchdog counters, non-volatile

Embedded System Basics

1, the definition of embedded system (1) Definition: application-centric, computer-based, software and hardware can be cut to adapt to the application system to function, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption requirements of the dedicated

Linux uses the I2C bus to read and write EEPROM (read and write I2C from Device general program) __linux

Linux using IIC Bus Read and write I2C from device registers by Handavei @ Jilin Normal University handawei@jusontech.com reproduced please be sure to indicate the source ******************* ******* 2012.7.16 1, this paper gives the implementation

UART, SPI, and i²c explanations

To do SCM Development UART,SPI and I²c are our most commonly used hardware interface, I collected the relevant specific materials on these three kinds of interfaces are explained in detail.UartThe UART is a universal serial data bus that is used for

NS3 Network Simulation (6): Bus Network, ns3 Simulation

NS3 Network Simulation (6): Bus Network, ns3 Simulation Happy shrimp Http://blog.csdn.net/lights_joy/ Reprinted, but keep the author information In the first example first. py provided by NS3, a point-to-point network is simulated, and the

HD Audio bus driver PHP Run efficiency summary prompt program speed

1, in the function, when passing the array Using return is more efficient than using global Like what function Userloginfo ($usertemp) { $detail =explode ("|", $usertemp); return $detail; } $login =userloginfo ($USERDB); Than function Userloginfo

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