c call superclass constructor

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A deep understanding of javascript prototype chain and inheritance, and a deep understanding of javascript

A deep understanding of javascript prototype chain and inheritance, and a deep understanding of javascript In the previous article, I introduced the concept of prototype and learned the relationship among the three friends in javascript: constructor,

This pointer in the constructor

This pointer in the constructorAuthor: Wen Yu Note: Thanks to Marshall Cline, author of the C ++ FAQ lite, and Shen Yu, translator. Thanks to Gregory Satir, author of C ++ language core, Doug Brown, and translator Zhang Mingze. ----------------------

Deep understanding of javascript prototype chain and inheritance

Deep understanding of javascript prototype chain and inheritance Javascript itself is not an object-oriented language, but an object-based language. For those who are used to other OO languages, it is not suitable at first, because there is no

Deep understanding of JavaScript prototype chain and inheritance _javascript techniques

In the previous article, we introduced the concept of prototypes, learn about the relationships between a constructor, a prototype object, and an instance of three good friends in JavaScript: each constructor has a "Guardian God"--the prototype

A complete anatomy of a polymorphic method inside a Java constructor

Let's take a look at an example, and if you read Java programming ideas, you should be impressed.1 PackageCom.test.zj;2 3 Public classpolyconstructors {4 5 Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {6 //TODO auto-generated Method Stub7

Refactoring-improving the design of existing code: handling the general relationship (9)

Simplify function calls 1. Pull Up Field move Up The two subclasses have the same field. Move this field to the superclass. If the child classes are developed separately or combined during the refactoring process, you will often find that they have

In-depth understanding of JavaScript object-oriented programming

Read Catalogue One: Understanding the constructor prototype (prototype) mechanism Second: Understanding the concept of prototype domain chain Three: Understanding the prototype inheritance mechanism IV: Understanding the use of

Python Learning notes Summary (III) class

First, class simple introduction1. IntroductionClass is the primary tool for Python object-oriented programming (OOP), which creates objects that are defined by class using class statements.Class and module differences, classes are statements, and

[Java Study Notes] Chapter 5 inheritance of Java core technologies

[Java Study Notes] Chapter 5 inheritance of Java core technologiesChapter 2 Inheritance Using inheritance, You can construct a new class based on an existing class. Inheriting existing classes is to reuse (inherit) the methods and domains of these

Java Core technology-inheritance

Class 1, superclass, and subclassThe "is-a" relationship is an obvious feature of inheritance.1.1 Defining subclassesKeyword extends represents inheritanceThe keyword extends indicates that the new class being constructed derives from an existing

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