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How to use C ++ switch-case statements

In the C ++ programming language, some judgment statements exist, such as the if and C ++ switch-case statements. In this article, we will introduce the basic usage of the C ++ switch-case statement in detail, hoping to help you. Detailed

The truth about the default constructors for C + + compositing

  For the C + + default constructor, I had a two-point misunderstanding : Class if there are no constructors defined, then the compiler (sure!) will define a composite default constructor for the class. The composition default

UML Use case Diagrams: guidelines

UML use case Diagrams: guidelines Released: 2012-3-21 In Visual Studio flagship edition, you can draw a use case diagram to summarize the users of your

C ++ Object Model -- Construction of Default Constructor (chapter 2)

C ++ Object Model -- Construction of Default Constructor (chapter 2)Chapter 2 The most common complaint about C ++ In The constructors of Constructor is that The compiler has done too many things on The back of programmers. the Conversion operator

Negative tive C ++, 3rd edition, item 37: Never redefine the inherited default parameter value of a function (default parameter value obtained through inheritance)

Item 37: Never redefine the inherited default parameter value of a function (the default parameter value obtained through inheritance) By Scott Meyers Translator: fatalerror99 (itepub's nirvana) Release: http://blog.csdn.net/fatalerror99/ We started

Construction operations of default constructor in the C ++ object model, and object model constructor

Construction operations of default constructor in the C ++ object model, and object model constructorA class. If there is no user-declared constructor, a default constructor is implicitly declared. The implicitly declared constructor determines when

Use of the ORACLE case when and SELECT case

Case has two formats. Simple case function and case search function.--Simple Case function Case Sex When ' 1 ' Then ' men ' When ' 2 ' then ' women ' Else ' other ' END --case search function case If sex = ' 1 ' Then ' man ' When sex = ' 2 '

More effective C ++ Chapter 1 Reading Notes: pointer, reference, C ++ type conversion, polymorphism array, default constructor

This is a very good book. We recommend you read it. Of course, the book is not necessarily true. Readers need to think and understand it on their own.   This article records some of my views.   Clause 1: differentiate pointers and references.   Of

MySQL is case sensitive. mysql is case sensitive.

MySQL is case sensitive. mysql is case sensitive.Frequently encountered problems are not particularly important but depressing. For example, MySQL is case sensitive today. First, test the result. In Linux, not on windows. There is a big difference.

Summary of Switch-case usage in C + +

The If statement handles two branches and uses the IF-ELSE-IF structure when dealing with multiple branches, but if there are more branches, the more nested IF statements layer, The procedure is not only large but also difficult to understand. Deep

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