c class property get set

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OC-@ property, self, and class nature, oc-@ propertyself

OC-@ property, self, and class nature, oc-@ propertyselfMake code writing easier -- 1 -- seter and accesser1.1 setter1.2 getter-- 2 -- the nature of the class2.1 class objects2.2 category nature2.3 How to obtain class objects2.4 use of class objects2

A brief analysis of Objective-c Runtime class and Object tutorial

The advantage of the Objective-c language is that we are more flexible when writing code, such as we can forward the message to the object we want, or swap the implementation of a method at random. This feature means that objective-c requires not

member variables and property descriptions for a class

0x 01 Attribute property of ClassThe properties of the class are the properties declared through @property. property is a struct of type objc_property. The structure encapsulates information about attributes such as the name of the property, the

Using the reflection mechanism in Java to get and set property values for an entity class

The Java reflection mechanism is in the running state, for any class, can know all the properties and methods of this class, for any one object, can call any of its methods and properties; This dynamically acquired information and the ability to

Use of Get and set, get{} and set{} functions in C #

A: In C #, get is an action that is made when the property is read, and set is the action that is made when the property is set. Defines a property that is read-only if it has only get. Similarly, only set, attributes are write-only, and of course

Simple usage of C # get Set

There are many articles about C # get set, but the author of this article has its special, the author uses the simple language to describe the C # get set is very clear.C # Get set release one: The accessor of a property contains an executable

[Go] C # reflection Set property values and get property values

Gets the value of the attribute in the class////////public string Getmodelvalue (string FieldName, Object obj) {try {Type Ts = obj. GetType (); Object o = Ts.getproperty (FieldName). GetValue (obj, null);

C # Reflection (Reflection) implements the idea of a Property get or set value for a class _ Practical tips

Recently, a friend called Insus. Learn about Reflection (Reflection), which provides objects (type types) that encapsulate assemblies, modules, and types. You can use reflection to dynamically create an instance of a type, bind a type to an existing

SET in C #, GET

C # in Get and set, it seems to see or not understand, popular point to explain, with what is the advantage, not howIf you write like this, there's nothing different.private int __old;public int old{Get{return __old;}Set{__old = value;}}But if you

Property in C ++

I read more than tive C ++ and modern c ++ design, and I think I should start to practice ...... So I thought of "attributes ". The attributes I want to complete have the following features: 1. syntactically consistent with C # And ActionScript,

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