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Export a C ++ class from a common DLL (2)-a closer look at the underlying mechanism of the C ++ class

Balon vernacular MSDN: export C ++ classes from common DLL (2)-a closer look at the underlying mechanism of exporting C ++ classes in the previous article, we introduced how to export C ++ classes from a DLL and how to selectively export C ++ class

Technical solutions A preliminary understanding of object-oriented (c + + Class)

We should know that C + + has two kinds of member data: static,nostatic; Three kinds of member functions: Static,nostatic,virtual. In fact, for normal member functions, there is a this pointer in the parameter. The this pointer actually points to

C # Several ways to invoke C + + class libraries

1. Calling public methods directly in C + + class LibraryUse the DllImport attribute to invoke a method, such as a public method in a C + + class library SampleCppWrapper.dll:extern " C " int __stdcall Add (intint n2);__stdcall represents the

[to] export the use of C + + class –dllexport and DllImport from a normal DLL (Chinese-English control, annotated)

These days to write a few small program practiced hand, when preparing to export a class, I found that I do not know if the extension DLL without MFC, how to export. But I know dllexport can export functions and variables, and MFC extension DLL even

Application Methods for C ++ class members

The C ++ programming language also has the object-oriented feature. For example, class members provided for classes in C ++. We will introduce the knowledge of C ++ class members in detail here, hoping to help you understand this knowledge. How to

Principles and skills of C ++ Class Library Design

A few days ago, Microsoft launched the Visual Studio Series C ++ class library and the g ++ In the GNU camp's pressure Axis product gc, which greatly excited programmers and developers, for C ++ Class Library Design developers, maintaining the high

. Net calls the C ++ class library

In fact, this has always been an unsolved problem. The best way is to write the C ++ class library as COM. But sometimes it is not possible to do this. There are only two methods: convert to the C function form or manage C ++ encapsulation. The two

Cc3.2+lua (8)--lua Call Custom C + + class

"nagging" What this SectionTo says is that if you register your C + + class with the LUA environment, let Lua invoke the custom C + + class . There are many online with the original tolua++ tools to register C + + class, I read a lot of such

Overview of basic concepts of C ++ class template Specialization

In the previous article, we introduced the specific application methods of C ++ class templates in detail. Compared with friends, we should be able to fully understand class templates. Then how does C ++ class template become special? In fact, the

Use C ++ class object to construct a function

The so-called C ++ Class Object: all objects of a class correspond to the same class object and want to learn C ++ class objects well. First of all, it is very important to understand the concept of the C ++ language. First, let's talk about what is

Use C language struct to implement C + + class

How do you implement C + + class in your language? Some low-level devices such as embedded, or some of the underlying drivers, operating systems, can not use the C + + language. There are a lot of explanations on the web, unless you make some

Overview of common C ++ Class Libraries

The C ++ programming language supports various programming styles. This includes support for Object-Oriented features. We can use this article today to learn more about some common C ++ class libraries in C. You can use this as a reference object to

Share C ++ class data in Static

This article fully introduces C ++ classes? C ++ is an extension of C language. That is to say, a C language program can also be considered as a C ++ program. For C ++ classes, static members can share data between multiple objects. Static Data

C ++ class containing Functions

The C ++ class contains three functions that we care about: constructor, destructor, and all important DoSomething functions, we need to wrap every function into an equivalent C ++ function. Here we will share with you. // original class  

In-depth analysis of C ++ class template application code

C ++ has the concept of class inheritance, which means an application that can implement the same functions as inheritance. So what is a C ++ class template? Is it similar to the usage of class functions? First, let's use the following code to

A detailed description of C + + class library development

Preface: This is a summary of the article, need to have a little C + + and DLL basic knowledge of the foundation, in the online access to a lot of information feel not a detailed, specific, comprehensive DLL development introduction, I This is based

Every day, a C-class car, which is the most cost-effective

"Every day rook-Meng Meng" Quality: C-Class Advantages: Temporary No Disadvantage: Slow speed Recommended index: 3 star "Every day rook."-Goldie. Quality: C-Class Advantages: Temporary No Disadvantage: Slow speed Recommended index: 2 star

Copy-on-write Technology _c Language for standard C + + class string

Standard C + + class std::string memory sharing and Copy-on-write technology Chenhao 1. ConceptScott Meyers in "more effective C + +" an example, I wonder if you still remember? When you were still at school, your parents asked you not to watch TV,

Avimemdc:a C + + class

Avimemdc:a C + + classThis was used in the Avi Examples.The header fileAviMemDC.h/*AviMemDC.hA C + + class for creating AVI filesCopyright (c) 2004, 2005 RenényffeneggerThis source code was provided ' As-is ', without any express or impliedWarranty.

Cocos2dx-lua binding custom c ++ class (1)

This article describes how to bind a custom c ++ class to lua on mac. 1. Tools first Find your cocos2d-x/tools/tolua ++, where files are roughly divided by type: (1) *. pkg: used to define the c ++ class to be bound and the interfaces to be exposed.

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