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Struts2 series notes (4) --- Ation class access servlet, struts2 --- ation

Struts2 series notes (4) --- Ation class access servlet, struts2 --- ation Ation access servlet There are three methods for the Ation class servlet: (1) Access Servlet API in an indirect way --- use ActionContext object (2) Implement the interface and complete the injection when accessing the Action (3) obtain the Serv

Poj 2594 treasure transition ation [transfer closure + minimum path overwrite]

Note: There are n vertices, which tell you how many vertices can cover all vertices. [Note that vertices can overlap for example, 4-> 1-> 2 5-> 3] Analysis: Knowledge reserve: Transfer closure: the so-called transfer, it can be understood that for node J, if I can reach K and K can reach J, then I can reach J. In this way, like floyed, it can process whether the specified two points can arrive for(int k = 1; k Because the points can be reused, the passing closure is used to process the arriv

Struts2-ation Accessing the Servlet API

represents the response of the Web app to the client. The wording is shown in EG2. Similarly, if you implement the Servletrequestaware interface and the Servletcontextaware interface, the operation is the same as the previous Servletresponseaware operation.Third, struts accesses the Servlet API through the tool class Servletactioncontext (not recommended)Static PageContext Getpagecontext (): Gets the PageContext object for the Web App.Static HttpServletRequest getrequest (): Gets the HttpServle

Maze interval ation (Simple Deep-first search)

Let's talk about: Shows the meaning of the question in advance: XXXXXXXXX X X * x X XXXXXXXXX X X X XXXXX You can think of it as a House. The character 'X' is the wall, and you are now in the location of '*'. Ask you to fill in the blank space around, '*' is replaced. Note that the firewall cannot be crossed. In fact, it is the most basic issue of deep traversal. You only need to find the location of '*' and check whether there are spaces around it. If yes, fill in '#' and then recurs

Poj2594 treasure transition ation (minimum path overwrite + transfer closure)

Question: Send robots to the MARS Site for treasure hunt and give a directed graph without loops. robots can land on any point, Then we explore other points along the road. Our task is to compute at least how many robots can access all points.Point can be repeated. Ideas: The minimum path overwrites, but the point can be repeated, it is required to pass the closure, with Floyd /* ***********************************************Author :devilCreated Time :2016/5/17 16:45:13****************

Treasure overlap ation -- minimum path overwrite with overlapping paths

Question: http://poj.org/problem? Id = 2594 Note: use Floyd to connect an I point to a point that can be reached by I, and then overwrite the minimum path. Source code: #include #include #define MAXN 505int map[MAXN][MAXN];int

Poj 2594 treasure transition ation (Transfer closure + minimum path overwrite)

// The build of the passed closure (Floyd) + the minimum path overwrite // This question is different from 1422 because it is a directed graph rather than Dag, the robot can go back to another path. // the roads of two different robots may contain

Unity3d's animation (animation system)

1, animation system configuration,2, code control animationOriginal address: http://blog.csdn.net/dingkun520wy/article/details/512474871, Animation system configurationCreate the Game object and add the animation component, and then drag the animation file into the component.Enter the debug properties panel of the animation fileCheck the Legacy propertySelect the Game object, open the Animation edit windowAdd animation change PropertiesTo change the attribute value of a keyframeAnimate after con

Automatic Parallel interview

software engineer andTeam lead ofCluster OpenMP project. Michael:Wow, now I know why you areThe man(TM) to talk to about automatic IC parallelization. Let us startActual interview with the current state of automatically parallelizing compilers: What are they able to do today? Jay:Vectorization technology and simple parallelization has moved into mainstream extends cial compilers. This is because the students that worked on parallation ation in the 19

Common operations for MONGO databases

": "","Apply_url": "https://uwmadison.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0HTPAaHgHK45dO ","Deadline": "Fall:may 1Rent sessions offered between may-august): February 1 ","Requirement": "Toefl:minimum of the Internet (IBT) and 550 for PAER test or 213 (computer-based) anned copy of official college transcripts ation page"term": "Fall semester (September-december) Uary-may) "Apply_process_url": "Http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/visp/applyvisphtm}> Db.opportunity.

ASP. Mvc-filter

point in the request pipeline.The MVC framework implements the default attribute classes for these kinds of filter interfaces. As shown in the table above, the ActionFilterAttribute class implements the Iactionfilter and Iresultfilter two interfaces, which is an abstract class that must be provided for implementation. The other two feature classes, Authorizeattribute and Handleerrorattribute, have provided some useful methods that can be used directly.The filter can be applied to a single

DELL R710 Error code Rollup

unsupported CPU configur-ation. Check CPU or BIOS revision. (CPU configuration is not supported.) Please check the CPU or BIOS version. Does not support the configuration of the processore141f CPU # protocol error. Power cycle AC. (CPU # protocol error. Please turn off AC power and turn it on. The system BIOS has reported a processor protocol error.E1420 CPU Bus parity error. Power cycle AC. (CPU bus parity error.) Please turn off AC power and turn i

Unity3d Animation (animation system) __unity3d

1, animation system configuration,2, code control animation Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/dingkun520wy/article/details/51247487 1, animation system configuration Create the Game object and add the animation component, and then drag the animation file into the component. Enter the debug properties panel of the animated file Select Legacy Property Select the game object to open the Animation edit window Add animation change Properties attribute values that need to be changed for key

Summary of Chinese garbled characters in Java development

1.jsp page Content Display garbledThis garbled reason is very simple, the general tool or decoding program for Chinese characters in the resolution of the default decoding method:"text/html; Charset=iso-8859-1 "%>We just need to modify its encoding, as follows:"text/html; Charset=utf-8 "%>Character set: UTF-8 > GBK > GB23122.jsp and Servlet jumps appear Chinese garbled 2.1:method= "Post"JSP in the form form ation= "Xxxservlet", method= "post", after t

Common jquery operations and jquery operations

Common jquery operations and jquery operations Page load Method $().ready(function() {}) Div hide operation // Whether the div hides function isHideMenu () {return $ ("# menuContent "). is (": hidden")} // hide divmainFrameset. hide (); // display divmainFrameset. show (); Get object // Get $ ("# menuContent") by id; // get $ (". menuContent") through class "); Attribute settings // Set value $ ("# menuContent "). val ("value"); // set css $ (". handle "detail .css (" marginLeft ", 5); // sets t

Use a custom URL to implement jump-B between Controllers

]; NBSp }//Toggle the current navigation controller to have the original sub-controller removed to re-add NBS P else { NB Sp [Navigationcontroller Pushviewcontroller:viewcontroller animated:animated]; }//push }else { nbsp Navigationcontroller = [[Uinavigationcontroller Alloc]initwithrootviewcontroller:viewcontroller]; [Dcurlnavgation Shareddcurlnavg Ation].applicationd

Servlet and JSP Chinese garbled problem summary _ Jian

Forword: For cainiao such as Jian, Chinese garbled characters are a headache During javaee projects. Today, I will dedicate this virgin blog to you, Chinese brother. Question_1: [Garbled Chinese Characters in JSP content display] If the JSP page does not interact with any servlet, Chinese garbled characters are displayed, and the encoding settings of the page header are carefully observed, such: Change the encoding property value to pageencoding = "GBK" for normal display (of course, you ca

Will it belong to Svo in the future?

improvement is an eternal topic. Although the speed of Svo + cone tracing can reach 70 FPS in the demo, it is far from enough for a large system like games. This is one of the reasons why both ue4 and idtech6 are positioned for future hardware. Here, the common optimization is to use a hybrid pipeline: the traditional method of rendering direct lighting (both forward and deferred can), and Svo is responsible for Indirect lighting. In Indirect lighting itself, ue4 also uses the same multiresolut

Hive Join and hivejoin

Hive Join and hivejoin Https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/Hive/LanguageManual+Joins LanguageManualJoins Join Syntax Hive supports the following table join syntax structure: Join_table: Table_reference JOIN table_factor [join_condition] | Table_reference {LEFT | RIGHT | FULL} [OUTER] JOIN table_reference join_condition | Table_reference left semi JOINtable_reference join_condition | Table_reference cross join table_reference [join_condition] (as of Hive 0.10) Table_reference: Table_fac

MIME types that may be used in the future, collected by some garbage dumps

/gifgps application/X-gpsgtar application/X-gtargz application/X-gziphdf application/X-hdfhdm text/X-hdmlhdml text/X-hdmlhlp application/winhlphqxapplication/mac-binhex40htm text/htmlhtml text/htmlhts text/htmlice X-conference/X-cooltalkico application/octet-streamief image/iew.m Image /gififs image/ifsimy audio/melodyins applic Ation/X-net-installips application/X-ipscriptipx application/X-ipixit audio/X-moditz audio/X-modivr I-World/i-vrmlj2k image/

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