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JavaScript Chapter-----Function scope, function scope chain and declaration in advance

In some C-like programming languages, each piece of code within the curly braces has its own scope, and the variables are not visible outside the code snippet that declares them (i.e. we cannot directly access the variables declared within the code

C + + scope (ii)

http://www.cnblogs.com/wolf-lifeng/p/3156936.html2.3 Global Scope 2.3.1 OverviewThe global scope is the largest namespace scope, unlike the user-defined namespace scope, where the global scope does not need to be defined, and it naturally exists in

[Translation] JavaScript: function scope chain

Original article: http://blogs.msdn.com/ B /jscript/archive/2007/07/26/scope-chain-of-jscript-functions.aspx In JavaScript, the function scope chain is hard to understand. this is because the scope chain of functions in JavaScript is far from that

A summary of the function scope chain in JS

In JavaScript, the scope chain of a function is a difficult thing to understand. This is because the scope chain of functions in JavaScript is far from the scope chain of functions in other languages such as C and C + +. This article explains in

JS scope and scope chain concept understanding and use _ basic knowledge

(1) Scope The scope of a variable is the region of the variable that is defined in the program's source code. 1. The lexical scope is used in JS (lexical scope) A variable that is not declared within any function (which is also considered global

The scope chain understanding of JS __js

Original article Source: http://blog.csdn.net/yueguanghaidao/article/details/9568071#comments The scope of JS has been a bit confused, and today I accidentally read the JavaScript Authority Guide, was immediately attracted to write really good. I

Talk about JavaScript scope and scope Chain _ basics

Each programming language, its variables have a certain range of valid, beyond this range, the variable is invalid, which is the scope of the variable. From the point of view of mathematics, it is the field of the independent variable. Scopes are

JavaScript function and scope Summary introduction _javascript skills

Use functions in JS to note three points:1, when the function is invoked, it is run in the grammatical environment when he is declared; 2, the function can not run itself, it is always called by the object, the function runs, the function body of

JavaScript from scope to closure-notes

Read "You don't know JavaScript" a book to make a note;Compiler principle:JS is a compiled language, similar to the traditional compilation language, the traditional compilation process is divided into three stages;1. Word segmentation/lexical

JS scope and scope chain details, js scope details

JS scope and scope chain details, js scope details (1) Scope The scope of a variable is the region of the variable defined in the program source code. 1. lexical scope is used in JS) Variables not declared in any function (if var is omitted in the

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