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asp.net C # get file size summary of various methods

A extension method of the file information class that returns a formatted version of the file size. For example: 1 GB or B and it at Max it would have two decimals. Add the following code to the common static class of the same namespace, create a

C language Get file size related operations

C language Get file size related operationsDisclaimer: Reference Please specify source http://blog.csdn.net/lg1259156776/DescriptionUsually in the hope that the data from the file will be assigned to an array or a pointer, and then the related data

C language file operation functions such as fgetc ()/fputc ()/fgets ()/fputs ()/fread ()/fwrite ()/fopen ()/fclose ()

Fgets (read a string from the file)Related functions: open, fread, fscanf, GETCHeader file include Define the function char * fgets (char * s, int size, file * stream );Function Description: fgets () is used to read characters from the file referred

C. How to get the file size

Open the file with fopen and point the file pointer to the end of the file. Use ftell to get the current position of the file pointer (that is, the file length ). Source code:# Include "stdafx. H"# Include # Include Using namespace STD; Int main (){

C-based file operations (file*, FStream, WindowsAPI)

C-based file operations In ANSI C, the operation of the file is divided into two ways, that is, streaming file operations and I/O file operations, respectively, described below. One, streaming file operation The file operations in this way have an

C/C ++ multiple methods to get the file size

Download source code: Click to download The source code is as follows:   # Include Iostream > # Include Io. h > # Include Sys \ Stat. h > # Include Afx. h > # Define _ Afxdll Using   Namespace

C # Get the size of folders and files and how they occupy space

This paper introduces in detail the method of using C # to calculate the disk space occupied by this path according to the path.There is a lot of information on the Internet to get the size of the folder/file. There is very little complete code for

C # obtain the file size, creation time, file information, and attributes of the fileinfo class.

C # obtain the file size, creation time, file information, and attributes of the fileinfo class. Table 09:00:40 | category: C # | report | font size subscription openfiledialog1 = new openfiledig1 (); if (openfiledialog1.showdialog () = dialogresult.

C # obtain the file size, creation time, file information, and attributes of the FileInfo class.

OpenFileDialog openFileDialog1 = new OpenFileDialog (); If (openFileDialog1.ShowDialog () = DialogResult. OK){OpenFileDialog1.FileName;System. IO. FileInfo file = new System. IO. FileInfo (openFileDialog1.FileName ); File. Name; // file NameFile.

C language to get the file size sample _c language

1.fseek Function Prototypes: Copy Code code as follows: int fseek (FILE * stream, long int offset, int origin); Parameter description: Stream, file stream pointer, offest, offset, Orgin, original (beginning position). The

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