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Compile a simple online Shell Command Interpreter

Project name: Online Shell Command Interpreter Objective: To practice socket programming Function: You can use Windows telnet to remotely log on to the Linux system, run your own shell command parser, and perform some simple internal and external commands, the operation commands and running results are displayed on the Windows Telnet terminal. Source codeIn Http://download.csdn.net/source/126197

The role and workflow of the online command interpreter

The main function of the command interpreter is to interpret the commands entered by the user and then go to the handler of the corresponding command to execute them. Operating systems typically place command interpreters at the top of the OS to enable direct interaction with the user. 1. Role of the Order interpretation procedure The keyboard terminal handler receives commands that the user enters from the keyboard and saves them in the keyboard bu

JAVA design mode-interpreter mode (interpreter) __java

definition: Given a language, defines a representation of his grammar, and defines an interpreter that uses the representation to interpret a sentence in a language. Type: class behavior pattern class Diagram: The structure abstraction interpreter of the interpreter pattern : declares an abstract interface (or abstract class) to be implemented for all concrete

Original interpreter mode (Interpreter pattern)

Design PHP Interpreter mode definition(It is rarely encountered in real projects, so the theory goes first ...) The interpreter mode is a solution for parsing according to the prescribed syntax, which is rarely used in current projects. It is defined as a representation of the method that defines a language, define an interpreter that uses this representation to

[design mode] Interpreter mode interpreter

In Gof's design model: The basics of reusable object-oriented software, the interpreter pattern is said: Given a language, define a representation of its grammar, and define an interpreter that uses that representation to interpret the sentences in the language. If a particular type of problem occurs at a sufficiently high frequency, it might be worthwhile to describe each instance of the problem as a sente

Model-engineering implementation and expansion (Design Mode C #) interpreter mode interpreter-reference answer

Transferred from: Model-engineering implementation and expansion (Design Mode C) Http://www.cnblogs.com/callwangxiang/ 1,Designed by youGlobal stock marketThe online financial system, which has a function of Real-Time query of stock prices. Users generally use Chinese names of stocks, Chinese pinyin of stocks, English names of stocks, abbreviations of stocksCodeYou can use the interpreter mode to

Design pattern (behavioral) interpreter mode (interpreter pattern)

PS One sentence: Eventually choose Csdn to organize the publication of the knowledge points of these years, the article parallel migration to CSDN. Because CSDN also support markdown grammar, Ah!"Craftsman Joshui Http://blog.csdn.net/yanbober" read the previous "pattern of design (behavioral) visitor pattern (Visitor pattern)" Http://blog.csdn.net/yanbober/article /details/45536787OverviewThe interpreter pattern is the behavior pattern of the class. G

In-depth design mode-interpreter mode (interpreter pattern)

Mode motiveIf a particular type of problem occurs in the system at a very high frequency, consider describing an instance of the problem as a sentence in a language, so you can build an interpreter that solves these problems by interpreting these sentences.The interpreter pattern describes how to make up a simple language interpreter, mainly used in compilers dev

Application of Interpreter interpreter model in the development of IOS app design mode _ios

Interpreter mode The pattern we share with you today is the interpreter pattern. First, explain what kind of problem the interpreter model is suitable to solve. In fact, the problem with the interpreter pattern is that if a particular type of problem occurs on a high enough frequency, it may be worthwhile to express

Familiar with Python interpreter Interpreter

1. Start the python Interpreter 2. Two modes of the python Interpreter 3. handle errors 4. Set the python interpreter to startCode 5. Execute the python Module 5.1 Python file Annotation 5.2 how to write Chinese comments 5.3 how to execute the. py file In the previous article, we installed python, installed the pydev plug-in under ec

JAVA Design Pattern 15th -- Interpreter (Interpreter pattern)

Interpreter mode, that is, Interpreter mode.The interpreter mode is a behavior mode. The Gof defines a language, a syntax expression, and an interpreter. This interpreter uses this expression to describe the language.Explain sentences in a language.What needs to be solved in

[Design mode-behavior type] Interpreter mode (Interpreter)

[Design mode-behavior type] Interpreter mode (Interpreter)One sentence It seems to be a grammar used to explain a language. (Similar to different interpreter sub-classes that explain different characters) Similar to the interpreter of the compiler, the actual situation may be less used. Summary Analysis

Java implementation Interpreter (interpreter) mode

/** * Declares an abstract interpretation operation * @author stone * */public interface Interpreter {public void interpret (context context); In practice, you can have a returned type that defines the data object that is interpreted}public class Xmlsaxinterpreter implements interpreter {@Overridepublic void interpret (context context) { SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("XML SAX In

Design mode 15:interpreter interpreter mode (behavioral mode)

Interpreter interpreter mode (behavioral mode)Motive (motivation)In the software construction process, if a particular area of the problem is more complex, similar patterns are repeated, if the use of ordinary programming to achieve will face very frequent changes.In this case, the problem of a particular domain is expressed as a sentence under some grammatical rule, and then an

Atitit. linq & #160; principles and implementation of java & #160; interpreter mode, atitit. linq Interpreter

Principle and Implementation interpreter mode of Atitit. linq java, atitit. linq Interpreter Principles and implementation interpreter mode of Atitit. linq java 1. Implementation of Linq from where 1 2. Where expr Implementation 1 3. A variation of Attilax 2 4. interpreter mode structure 2 5. Code3 5.1. EqExpression3

To understand the interpreter, make a small interpreter-Xiaohua C language (20)

Author: Chen Xi Date: 11:31:12 Environment: [Mac 10.7.1 lion intel-based x64 gcc4.2.1 xcode4.2] Reprinted please indicate the source Q: What does the interpreter come from? A: If it is a broad interpreter, you can understand it as a translator, as long as you can translate a thing that is regarded as original into what you need, processing can be called an interpreter

Python Interpreter: Part 1 function object, python Interpreter

Python Interpreter: Part 1 function object, python InterpreterPython Interpreter: Part 1 function object In the last three months, Ned Batchelder and I have spent a lot of time developing byterun. This project byterun (https://github.com/nedbat/byterun) is an interpreter for python bytecode developed using python. In the byterun process of the development

"Onlookers" design mode (27)--Behavioral interpreter mode (interpreter pattern)

The parser is an example of parsing in accordance with the prescribed syntax, which is used less in the current project, defined as follows: Given a language, define a representation of its grammar, and define an interpreter that interprets the sentences in the language.Personal UnderstandingThe interpreter pattern is seldom used in the project because he can cause problems such as efficiency, performance,

Design Mode note Interpreter mode Interpreter

Design Mode note Interpreter mode Interpreter // Interpreter mode ---- class behavior mode /* 1: Intention: Given a language, it defines a representation of its syntax and an interpreter that uses this representation to interpret sentences in the language. 2: motivation: 3: Applicability: When a language needs to be

Interpreter mode (c + + interpreter mode)

Interpreter The schema provides a framework for implementing a syntax interpreter that uses an interpreter to provide a user with an interpreter that defines the language syntax, and interprets the sentences in the language through this interpreter.

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