c lvalue required as left operand of assignment

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[ZT] an understanding of the Left value "lvalue" and Right Value "rvalue"

An understanding of the Left value "lvalue" and Right Value "rvalue" Original address: http://bbs.chinaunix.net/viewthread.php? Tid = 749505 & Read the post"Hello" is of the const char *?I found that many of my friends have incorrect understanding

Discussion on the left and right values of C/C ++

Lvalueness is an important attribute of expressions in C/C ++. Only one left-value expression can be used to reference and change the value of an object. (In some cases, the right value expression can also be referenced (refer) to an object, and the

[Go] left and right values

Http://www.cnblogs.com/dejavu/archive/2012/09/02/2667640.html#commentform left and right values, L-value and R-valueIt has been assumed that the lvalue is the value that can appear to the left of the assignment expression (the side of an assignment

C + + Learning Note 13: operator overloading (assignment operator 2)

Move semanticsCompletion of the transfer of ownership, when the copy construction and assignment construction, the target object ownership must be handed over to our new object, the original object will lose ownership, the _p pointer will no longer

Left and right values in C + +

I. CONSTEXPR and constant expressionsConstant expressions (const expression) are expressions that do not change the value and can be evaluated in the compilation process. Obviously, literals are constant expressions, and const objects initialized

C + + side effects and sequence points

Http://allchange.blog.sohu.com/156456875.htmlSIDE EFFECT (side effects) and sequence points (sequence point) sharingWhen the execution sequence runs to certain specific areas called sequential points, all the side effects that were previously

C + + Primer fourth-expression

BasisOperators are divided into unary, two, and ternary operators depending on the number of operands, the same symbol may represent different operators, and the meaning of the specific symbol is determined by context. A generic operand can be

C Compiler Anatomy _4.2 semantic Check _ Expression semantics Check (6) _ Unary operator expression

In this section, we discuss the semantic checking of unary operator expressions, as shown in their associated code 4.2.35. For the "pre-Gaga" and "pre-decrement" operators, we take the same strategy as "post-Gaga" and "post-decrement", converting--a

Introduction to C Programming for classic (version 5th)

Now, the reader must be eager to write programs to allow actual interaction between the computer and the outside world. We do not want the program to only work as a typist and display fixed information contained in the program code. Indeed, the

C + + Primer 5th Chapter 4 Learning Notes

4th Chapter ExpressionsAn expression is a formula of an operand and an operator, and an expression evaluates to a result, and a single variable or literal value is also an expression, and the result is itself.Operators are: Unary operators, two-ary

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