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C #4.0 new features (2) named parameters, optional parameters for interoperation with COM

C #4.0 new features (2) named parameters, optional parameters for interoperation with COM 1. Introduction C # (2.0) is a pure object-oriented language like Java. They all use overload rather than optional parameters. However, for other external

Named parameters and optional parameters in C,

Named parameters and optional parameters in C, The named parameters and optional parameters are new in C # framework 4.0.   1. Definitions and calls of common methods Public void Demo1 (string x, int y) {// do something...} public void Main () {//

New features in Visual C #4.0-Part 1-optional parameters (optional parameters)

This is the first blog from a series of blog post which I'm planning to do on whet's new in Visual C #4.0 This is the first article in the series of Visual C #4.0 new features I plan to write. Optional parameter (optional parameters) Optional

Optional parameters, naming parameters, special types and features of. NET, optional. net

Optional parameters, naming parameters, special types and features of. NET, optional. net 1. Optional and named Parameters1.1 optional parametersSyntax:[Modifier] return type method name (required parameter n, optional parameter n)Note:1. The

In-depth parameter naming and optional parameters

Many developers asked why the named parameters and optional parameters were not added to the C # language until now. From the usage of other languages, they are all good features, especially when there are a lot of parameters in the method, but many

C #4.0 preliminary study: optional and named Parameters

Optional and named parameters features provide great convenience in some occasions, especially in office development, you can say goodbye to system. reflection. Missing. Here is a brief introduction to optional and named parameters in C #4.0. The C #

New features for C # 2010 naming and optional parameters

1. A named parameter allows the caller to assign a value to the parameter by supplying its name, so that the position of the parameter is not important. Optional parameters allow you to assign values to certain parameters when you define them, and

C # Basic parameters (ii) array parameters, optional parameters and named parameters

The three parameters of this introduction are grammatical sugars .  4. Array parameters   When declaring a method, add the params keyword before the parameter. Simplified parameter invocation for added readability.Usage:(1) used when the parameter

Named and optional parameters in C #

The named parameter and optional parameter are new features of the C # Framework 4.0.I. General method definition and invocationpublic void Demo1 (string x, int y) { //do something ...} public void Main () { //Call Demo1 ("similar",

"Optional parameters"

In the previous blog post, I mentioned the new language features in C #4.0, the "optional parameter", but it is still not satisfied after being written. I still have some questions that I have not explained. As a result, I made some explorations and

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