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C Programming language PDF (First edition second edition package download)

Author: Brian W. Kernighan/(Mei) Dennis M. RitchiePublishing house: Mechanical Industry PressSubtitle: 2nd edition • NewOriginal name: The C programming LanguageTranslator: Baowen Xu/li zhi/Yu Jinyuan revisionPublication year: 2004-1Number of pages: 258Price: 30.00 RMBBinding: Paperbackisbn:9787111128069Content profile ...In the history of computer development, no progr

"PDF" Download for the C + + programming language (English fourth edition)

C + + programming language (Fourth edition) "PDF" Download Link:https://u253469.pipipan.com/fs/253469-230382177Content IntroductionThis book is a classic reference in the field of C + +, and introduces the new features and functions of c++11. The main contents include: C + + Type, object, scope, storage, computing basi

Python Language Programming Fundamentals (2nd edition) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadThis book presents a Python language teaching idea that aims to understand and apply computational ecology, not only the Python language syntax, but also the 14 Python libraries from data comprehension to image processing, and shows a new language learning path for the beginners of Python language.The book has designed a total of 25 very mo

Parent-Child Programming Tour "second Edition" HD Chinese pdf+ HD English pdf+ source code

Download: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/17jzBzVdQ2XMmRIrOZhMnDQ"The father and child of the Programming Journey" Second Edition "" HD Chinese version pdf+ HD English version of the pdf+ source codeHD Chinese PDF, with catalogue and bookmarks, able to copy and paste;HD English

Java Programming Ideas The 4th edition of the official full version and the official exercises after the answer (code and PDF)

Java Programming Ideas The 4th edition of the official full version and the official exercises after the answer (code and PDF)Java Programming Ideas The 4th edition of the official full version and the official exercises after the answer (code and

0 BASIC Programming: 0 Basic Html+css (3rd edition) full PDF scan version

suitable as a teaching material or reference book for teachers and students in colleges and universities, as well as various web design courses, and can also be used by website construction professionals. Tutorial Address: 0 BASIC Programming: 0 Basic Html+css (3rd edition) complete PDF Scan version 0 BASIC programming

The 3rd edition of Python core programming Chinese version pdf

import and test 22.2.5 reference count 22.2.6 thread and Global Interpreter lock (GIL) 22.3 Related Topics 22.4 Practice Chapter 23rd Other topics 23.1 Web services 23.2 using WIN32 COM to operate Microsoft Office23.2.1 Client COM programming 23.2.2 Microsoft Excel23.2.3 Microsoft Word 1th python core 23.2.4 Microsoft PowerPoint23.2.5 Microsoft Outlook23.2.6 Medium Size Example 23.3 write Python and Java programs with Jython 23.3.1 What is Jython23.4

ebook Android Programming authoritative guide 2nd edition. pdf

Big Nerd Ranch is a professional mobile development technology training organization in the United States. Based on its Android training camp curriculum, this book incorporates several authors ' experiences for many years and is a fully practical Android Programming Guide. A total of 34 chapters, detailed introduction of 8 Android applications. Through these well-designed applications, the reader can master a lot of important theoretical knowledge and

"Linux command line and Shell script Programming Daquan 2nd edition. Bloom" pdf

Lynx 52424.2 Curl Program 52724.2.1 Installing Curl 52724.2.2 Explore Curl 52724.3 using ZSH to process the network 52824.3.1 TCP Module 52824.3.2 client/server mode 52924.3.3 using zsh for C/s programming 53024.4 Summary 533The 25th Chapter uses e-mail 53425.1 Linux e-Mail Basics 53425.1.1 e-mail in Linux 53425.1.2 Mail Delivery Agent 53525.1.3 Mail Delivery Agent 53625.1.4 Mail User Agent 53725.2 setting up a server 54025.2.1 SendMail 54125.2.2 Pos

Opencv+3 Computer Vision ++python Language Implementation + Second Edition PDF

with fur. He likes to comb his cat every day. Sometimes the cat will catch his beard.He has been writing for Packt Publishing house since 2012, including the OpenCV for Secret Agents OpenCV Blueprints, Android application programming with OpenCV 3 "OpenCV computer Vision with Python" and "Python Game programming by Example".When he does not write books or take care of his pet, he provides counseling and tr

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadContent Introduction······This book is the latest version of the JavaScript super bestseller. ECMAScript 5 and HTML5 both won in the battle for standards, allowing a large number of proprietary implementations and client-side extensions to formally enter the norm, while also adding a lot of new features to JavaScript for future development. This edition of the book, in addition to adding 5 new content, other chapters also have m

Data structure and algorithm analysis _java Language Description (2nd edition) pdf

chapter adds the related Materials of suffix tree and suffix array, including the linear time suffix array construction algorithm of Karkkainen and Sanders.? Update the code in the book, using the diamond operators in Java 7.Mark Allen Weiss is a professor, associate dean, undergraduate education director and graduate education director at the Florida International University School of Computing and Information science. He received his PhD in computer Science from Princeton University in 1987,

Data structure and algorithm analysis Java language Description (original book 3rd edition) pdf

conquer algorithm 29810.2.1 split algorithm run time 29810.2.2 recent point problem 30010.2.3 select question 3 0210.2.4 theoretical improvement of some arithmetic problems 30410.3 dynamic programming 30710.3.1 a table instead of a recursive 30710.3.2 matrix multiplication order arrangement 30910.3.3 optimal binary search tree 31110.3.4 all point pair Shortest path 31210.4 randomization algorithm 31410.4.1 random Number generator 31510.4.2 Jump table

Android Programming authoritative guide Third edition pdf

: Network Disk DownloadBig Nerd Ranch is a professional mobile development technology training organization in the United States. Based on its Android training camp curriculum, this book incorporates several authors ' experiences for many years and is an authoritative guide for Android programming that is fully operational. A total of 36 chapters, the development process of 8 Android applications are described in detail. With these well-designed appli

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition). Nicholas.c.zakas. Scanned version. pdf

best-selling Ajax advanced programming.[1]Directory editing 1th chapter JavaScript What is 1.1 history brief 1.2 JavaScript Implementation 1.3 Summary 2nd Chapter ECMAScript Foundation. 2.1 Syntax 2.2 variable 2.3 keyword 2.4 reserved word 2.5 original value and reference value 2.6 original Type 2.7 Conversion 2.8 Reference type 2.9 operator 2.10 Statement 2.11 Function 2.12 Summary 3rd Object Foundation 3.1 Object-oriented term 3.2 object apply 3.3

Computer Programming Art (first volume) basic algorithm 3rd edition PDF

Language 1441.3.3. Applications to permutations 1641.4. Some fundamental programming Techniques 1801.4.1. Subroutines 1801.4.2. Coroutines 1931.4.3. Interpretive Routines 2001.4.3.1. A NIX Simulator 202" Trace Routines 2121.4.4. Input and Output 2151.4.5. History and Bibliography 229Chapter 2 Information Structures 2322.1. Introduction 2322.2. Linear Lists 2382.2.1. Stacks, Queues, and Deques 2382.

Wang Shuang Assembly Language (third edition) environment construction (with PDF and tool download)

Saving Changes", press two times to enter, save the settings and restart.(13) After the restart is still press ENTER to enter the installation program, the previous options are almost the same, still the way "Next"(14) Select "Yes", "Next", "Yes"(15) Do not select "Install add-ons" (Select the option by pressing the space to deselect), "Next"(+) "Yes", "OK"(17) Select "Yes" for all(18) Select "Enable both UMB and EMS"(19) Select "Load both"(20) Select "Use Default"(21) Select "Continue"(22) Sel

Python Programming (4th edition) PDF

: Network Disk DownloadContent Profile ...Python Programming (Photocopy) (4th edition) (set of 2 volumes) includes: Python QuickStart: Building A simple example of data representation, object-oriented programming, object persistence, GUI, and Web Foundation; system programming: Writing for command line scripts, process

Step by step, learn about iOS 5 Programming (second edition) PDF Chinese version-share download!

Currently, this is the first Chinese version to introduce iOS 5.x and Xcode 4.3, especially for beginners in iOS programming and development. This document is translated by the EntLib team. If you have any technical questions, please leave a message. The second edition has a total of 249 pages, mainly including the following content: Part 1: Hello World! Create your first iPhone App Part 2: iOS

The art of Computer Programming + volume 3rd: Sorting and Finding (second edition) PDF

at the California Institute of Technology. Professor Knuth has received many awards and honors, including the American Computer Association Turing Award (ACM Turing Award), the Scientific Gold Award by former President Jimmy Carter (Medal of Science), the American Mathematical Society Steele Award (AMS Steele Prize), And the highly acclaimed Kyoto Award (Kyoto Prize), which was awarded in November 1996 for the invention of advanced technology. Professor Knuth now lives in Stanford campus with h

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