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"Drools-open source Business rules engine" example of getting started (including source code)

: points for the distribution of reference factors are: the number of transactions, the number of transactions, credit card repayment times, birthday special offers and so on. To define a rule: Birthday, then add 10 points, and the current month to double the number of transactions before calculating points 2011-01-08-2011-08-08 Monthly credit card repayment more than 3 times, each full 3 gift 30 points Monthly purchase of more than 100 of the total amount, every 100 yuan free 10 points Purchase

Go: Learn the basic coding rules for C language from an open source project

learn the basic coding rules of C language from open source projectsEach project has its own style guide: a set of coding conventions for that project. Some managers choose basic coding rules, others prefer very advanced rules, th

First contact with SharpHsql (pure C # open source database engine)

On the blog of the source of inspiration in open source, I saw this article: Open Source pure C # lightweight Database Engine: SharpHSQL I have used many similar database engin

C # windows open-source Google Search Engine

It is often difficult to search for a website using www.google.com. After reading the msdn knowledge base, I used C # To write the Google search engine for this Windows application version, it mainly calls the Web Service opened by Google, but the search speed is not very fast, but at least it saves the trouble of right-clicking [open in a new window]. The follow

An open-source C # 3D Game Engine

Excited. Http://www.exocortex.org/3dengine/ 1 INtroduction For my fourth year Computer Graphics Course I wrote a little 3D Engine Using C # And. NET platform. I decided to go this route as opposed to the C ++ route that everyone else took in the course because I wanted to see whether C # lived up to it's hype.

Open-source server engine (C #) of "Legend of the hot blood" allows you to smoothly perform the game (update compilation and deployment tutorial)

The legend of the hot blood... a popular online game that has been around for more than 10 years. This setCodeAfter I use the Code Conversion Tool and the modification, I can smoothly enter the game Changyou weight mainland. As a cainiao, it is not easy for me to independently complete and modify the bugs in the code... although I have already done so, I have not updated it for a long time. I just want to open the

Open-source game engine experience and open-source engine experience

Open-source game engine experience and open-source engine experience It should be said that everyone playing the game has a dream of writing the game engine on their own. While there ar

Open-source search engine toolkit and Web search engine system

Open source search engine Toolkit 1. Lucene Lucene is currently the most popular open-source full-text search engine toolkit. It is affiliated to the Apache Foundation and initiated by Doug Cutting, a senior full-text indexing/ret

List of C # Open source systems outside China, C # Open Source

tracking. See all open source project management tools in C # Open source RSS ; amp; RDF tools in C # RSS bandit-A desktop news aggregator written in C # See all

3D engine-an Open Source engine that can be transplanted to Android

current surveys such as GPU, which will be shared with you to save your investigation time (more engines are found during the investigation, but 9 types are selected by individuals): Horde3D OGRE3D Irrlicht jmonkey Catcake jPCT-AE min3d gamine Alien3D Perform Parameter Analysis for nine engines:1, OGRE Name OGRE Supported Graphic lib OpenGL and Direct3D Develop Language C ++, builds on gcc 3 + on Linux

"Search Engine Basics 3" search engine related open source projects and websites

Part of the content is transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/hguisu/article/details/8024799First, open source project1.Lucene full-text retrieval systemHttp://lucene.apache.org and http://www.lucene.com.cn/Lucene is a subproject of the Apache Software Foundation 4 Jakarta Project group, an open source full-Text Search

Quake3 source code overall impression and its open-source engine project

Quake3 source code overall impression and its open-source engine project Address: http://blog.csdn.net/zlstone/article/details/4651271 In general, the overall architecture of the quake engine is very beautiful and is a good learning material. In addition, from quake1 to qu

Open source Java cms-freecms2.3 Integration Rules management

Original address: http://javaz.cn/site/javaz/site_study/info/2015/24843.htmlProject Address:http://www.freeteam.cn/Integration Rule ManagementManage the loyalty process rules for member operations.Integration Rule ManagementClick on the integration rules from the admin menu on the left.?Add an integration ruleClick the "Add" button below the list of integration rules.After filling in the relevant properties

C # Open Source tools (or C # Open source framework)

to use the socket, how to maintain a socket connection, and how the socket works. The project is developed using pure C # and is easy to scale and integrate into existing projects. As long as your existing system is used. NET development, you can use SuperSocket to easily develop the socket application you need to integrate into your existing system.quartz.nethttp://www.quartz-scheduler.net/Quartz.net is an open

Open-source: fully self-developed Search Engine 1.0 source code and instructions, full-text indexing of a single machine 4 million web pages, no more than 20 milliseconds for any retrieval of 50 words

Open-source: fully self-developed Search Engine 1.0Source codeAnd Description: Full-text index on the 4 million web page of a single machine. The retrieval of any 50 words cannot exceed 20 milliseconds Search Engine Source 1.0Code, Related ins

Research Report on flow engine in. Net open-source project nxbre

I just finished reading it last week.Nxbre, WritePPTTo the project team for reviewGSPThe implementation requirements of the Rule Engine in.I don't know why I can't upload files, so I havePPTTo share with you. If you are interested in this open-source project, you can leave a message.PPTAnd only the flow engine is writt

Open source search engine resource list

sorting algorithms, and customizable features, which are more required than commercial search engines. Currently, there are some open-source search engine projects, mainly including the search engine development kit and architecture, Web search engine, and file search

Search engine construction based on heritrix + Lucene (2) -- index and search framework lucenelucene establishment search learning instance source code Lucene Regular Expression query regenxquerylucene filter query instance open source code

gave a detailed introduction to Lucene's principles, structures, and APIs. http://www.e.com.cn/.but it is no longer effective. There areBluepoint2009Is named 《Lucene3.6 getting startedOfArticleIt is worth your reference. For some entry-level examples of Lucene, refer to the example code provided by the blogger: "create search and learning instance source code of Lucene", "query regenxquery by Lucene regular expressions", and "Lucene filter query i

Open source free Java cms-freecms1.9 Integration rules management

Project Address: http://www.freeteam.cn/Integration Rule ManagementManage the loyalty process rules for member operations.1. Integration Rule ManagementClick on the integration rules from the left side admin menu to enter.2. Add Points RuleClick the "Join" button below the list of points rules.Click "OK" button to fill in the relevant properties.3. Edit the integration rulesSelect the integration rule that

"Open source framework that thing 25": the implementation of the framework template engine of the transformation of the record

Actually write a new language in Java What, nothing difficult, difficult is the fear of your mind, after all, now some open-source framework such as ANTLR support, do lexical analysis, syntax tree construction is very easy one thing, as long as the planning and definition of grammar rules, the subsequent implementation is not much more complex. Good

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