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"Objective-c" 08-self keyword

The This in Java can only be used in dynamic methods, not in static methods The self in OC can be used either in dynamic methods or in static methods Description: This objective-c topic is a prelude to learning iOS development, and to

[Objective-C] 08-self keyword

Note: This Objective-C topic is a prelude to iOS development. It also helps programmers with experience in object-oriented language development to quickly get started with Objective-C. If you have no programming experience or are not interested in

Objective-c language--self and Super keyword parsing

Look at the code:@implementation son:father-(ID) init{ = [Super init]; if (self) { } return to self ;}What is self and what is super ?In dynamic methods : Self stands for "object"; In static methods : Self stands for "class"; One

Self in ruby, scope, use of visibility

Some things mean nothing at any time, such as integers, and what you see is what it says. As with keywords, you can't use def,class these keywords as variable names, so when you see them, it's easy to know what they do. But there are a lot of things

Objective-c class method Self keyword

NSString Basic Use#importintMain () {//The simplest way to create a stringNSString *str =@"Big Wuhan"; NSLog (@"I'm in%@ .", str); //another way to create a string intAge = the; intNo =5668; NSString*name =@"Yellow 祎 a"; NSString*NEWSTR =

"Getting Started with PHP object-oriented (OOP) programming" 15.static and the use of the Const keyword (self::)

The static keyword is described in a class where member properties and member methods are static, and where are the benefits of static members? Before we declare the "person" of the human beings, in the class "people" if we add a "human state"

How to use "keyword + time period + region" to collect Sina Weibo data

As a pioneer in social media in China, Sina Weibo does not provide official APIs that are obtained using the keyword + time + region method. When we see that foreign scientific research results are based on social media data obtained by a keyword,

How to embed python into C ++ -- boost. Python: How to call functions that contain variable tuple and dict variables of keyword parameters in C ++

This problem occurs when I try to use pygraphviz to embed my c ++CodeI found it when I drew a binary tree. I found some materials for half a day. Here I will call several common C ++ calls Python uses the boost. Python method to make a summary,

Objective-c language--self and Super keyword parsing

The article turns from @implementation Son:father -(ID) init{ self = [super init]; if (self) { } return self; } This is an ordinary to initialization method that invokes the Init implementation of the parent class before the

Inquisitive objective-c Runtime (1)-Self & Super

Inquisitive objective-c Runtime (1)-Self & Super-chun Tips Chun TipsFocus on iOS development Inquisitive objective-c Runtime (1)-Self & Super PrefaceAbout OBJECTIVE-C Runtime a good document: Understanding the OBJECTIVE-C RuntimeThe

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