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C # Sharp experience-3. Basic Structure of the Microsoft. NET platform)

Third, the basic structure of the Microsoft. NET platform Li Jianzhong (cornyfield@263.net), Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Index C # Sharp experience

"Winform" sharp wave Report use

A sharp report is used when the report is issued.Some details to be aware of:1, set the text to Staticbox, through the gridppreport variable, using Controlbyname to get to the control after the text is set_report. Controlbyname ("organizationname " " Hello ";2, set the text to Staticbox, you can also use the "Report main object" under the parameter collection parameters to set. First, set the parameters in Staticbox data to Parameter1, and then set th

Ubuntu plans a new version named "sharp lizard"

Article title: Ubuntu plans a new version named "sharp lizard ". Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Dapper Drake, including desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source, must be released in at least June, but the Ubuntu development team is already preparing for the next version, the name is "Edgy Eft )". Ubuntu founder Mark Chatworth mentioned in an email today the idea of the cod

Introduction and recommendation of. Net porting of objective-sharp-Encryption

Mongo-sharp is the. Net port of mongoships and uses the mono SIM address https://bitbucket.org/matterhackers/agg-sharp. Middleware is an open-source two-dimensional graphics engine. It provides a set of graphics that combine the subpixel accuracy technology and anti-aliasing technology.AlgorithmTo achieve efficient and high-quality two-dimensional graphics processing. Another feature of compaction is its g

Analysis of Baidu's response to the sharp exposure of CCTV

Baidu as the Occupy China's search engine market 85% share of the leading boss, its every move affects thousands of webmaster's nerves. If we are on the change of Baidu always keep the attention and attention, so that we can better optimize the site to make adjustments and deployment, in order to better let our site have a good ranking and traffic. Since Baidu Phoenix Nest ranked system by CCTV "economic half-hour" August 16 sharp exposure, Baidu has

Using Websocket-sharp

Use Websocket-sharp to create a C # version of the WebSocket serviceWebsocketbehavior is the core object, he contains the OnOpen, OnMessage, OnClose, OnError four methods, and a sessions object. Familiar with WebSocket know the top four methods are used to handle client links, send messages, link close, and errors. Sessions is used to manage some of the connected connections. For each connection, a new Iwebsocketsession object will be added to the id,

Global event Ajaxstart, ajaxstop not executed in "sharp jquery"

The recent study of "sharp jquery" is indeed a good book, benefiting from it. However, due to technical developments and version updates and other reasons, there are some pits need to tread.For example: The sixth chapter seven mentions the global event Ajaxstart, Ajaxstop according to the case knocks the result not to be executed.After reviewing the data, it is found that after the jquery1.9+ version, the AJAX global event must be bound to the documen

The path of Java cultivation--junit sharp weapon

test classes, running one after the other? Isn't that the same as creating the Main method test?So JUnit also provides a test suite group://You now have 3 test classes Public classtest1{@Test Public voidTest () {//... Test1 }} Public classtest2{@Test Public voidTest () {//... Test2 }} Public classtest3{@Test Public voidTest () {//... Test3 }}//Create a test suite class (the test suite can overlay each other):@RunWith (Suite.class) @Suite. suiteclasses ({test1.class,test2.class,test3.cl

"Sharp jquery" Reading notes four

Events and animations in jqueryI. EventsPage load$ (document). Ready (function () {xxxxx})Shorthand$ (function () {Do something})Element Binding EventBind () on ()Bing (event type, optional parameter: Additional data object for event object, binding handler function);Hover () toggle ()//1.91 version post-removal workaround see my other PostCustom eventsEvent bubbling"content">Outer DIV ElementOuter DIV Element"msg">Block Default EventsEvent. Stoppropagation (); or Rturn false"Text/javascript">

"Sharp jquery" Reading notes

Style addclass () removeclass () Toggleclass () hasclass ( )i:html () text () Val ( )J: Traverse Children () Next () prev () siblings () closest ()Css-doma:css () offset () position () scrolltop () scrollleft () (need to be strengthened here)Chapter fourth events and animations in jquery1. Synthesis Event: hover () toggle ()2. Bubbling and capturing(3). Event Object Properties: Event.type Event.preventdefault () event.stoppropagation ()event.target Event.pagex event.pagey Event.which4.bind () u

Sharp Jquery-dom operation

1 Find node ① the node lookup ② is available based on the jquery selector. Text () Gets the text content of the node ③ available. attr ("attr") gets the property value2 create node ① the jquery factory function is available to complete the $ (HTML) eg:$ (" Sharp Jquery-dom Action

jquery's powerful selector---source "sharp jquery"

. Form object property Filter Selector37,: Enabled Select all available elements38. Disabled Select all unavailable elements39,: Checked Select all selected elements (Radio box, check box)40.: Selected Select All selected option elements (drop-down list)Nine, form selector41.: Input selects all 42.: Text selects all the single line textbox43,:p Assword Select all the Password box44,: Radio Select all the Radio box45.: CheckBox selects all multi-box46,: Submit Select all the Submit button47.: Ima

"Sharp jquery" 4–6 Chapter

string for Ajax Request2) the Serializearray ( ) method is used for a jQuery object that serializes the contents of the DOM element into a string JSON format of Data3) The $.param () method is used to serialize An array or an object according to Key/value8. Ajax Global Events in jQuery Method name Description Ajaxstart (callback) functions executed at the start of an Ajax request Ajaxstop (callback) functions executed after the AJAX requ

The sharp jquery--uses is (": Checked") to determine if the multi box is selected

  The sharp jquery--uses is (": Checked") to determine if the multi box is selected

Sharp Jquery--jquery event, animation (reading Note II)

to the Click,div click of the div to bubble to the body's click. Sometimes this bubble is worse if it's not what you want it to be. because you trigger a span Click event will also trigger the DIV, triggering the body. ways to block bubbling in jquery:even.stoppropagation ();blocking the default behavior in jquery:Even.preventdefault ();also block bubbling with the default behavior:return false; is a shorthand. 3. Properties of the event objectEvent.type ()event.stoppropagation ()Even.preventde

Sharp jquery--Writing jquery plugin (reading note five) [end of article]

(function() {})}) }) (jQuery);Example: Removing the left and right spaces;(function($) { $.extend ({ ltrim:function(text) { return (Text | | ""). Replace (/^\s+/g, ""); }, RTrim:function(text) { return (Text | | ""). Replace (/^\s+$/g, ""); } // Call $ ("div"). Val ( Jquery.ltrim (" text "$ ("DIV:GT (1)") The source code in jquery is :gt:function (a,i,m) {return i>m[3]-0;}There are three parameters: A

Sharp js function set

= function (){Return arguments [0];}With (object ){Return eval ('callback ('+ this. toString () + ')');}}// Var obj = {a: 1, B: 2 };// Var bind = (function (){// A = 10;// B = 11;//}). $ Bind (obj );// Bind ();// Alert (obj. );4. string. Format. Even if many js coder want to have a string. Format method in c # (similar to java), it is not troublesome.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:String. prototype. $ format = function (){Var ret;For (var I = 1; I Var exp = new RegExp ('\ {' + (I-1) + '\}', 'G

The application of jquery and Ajax--"sharp jquery" (2nd edition) reading notes 3

then be used to iterate the output using the $.each () function.The $.param () method is used to serialize an array or object according to Key/value.6 , JQuery in the Ajax Global Events Ajaxcomplete (callback) The function that is executed when the AJAX request is completed; Ajaxerror (callback) The function that executes when an AJAX request error occurs, the catch error can be passed as the last parameter; Ajaxsend (callback) the function executed before the AJAX request is s

"Sharp jquery" notes--two Sections

event to be returned from the $ (this) object5. Forms:1) with check box:$ ("Tbody>tr"). Click (function() { // to determine whether VAR is currently selected hasselected = $ (this). Hasclass ("selected"); // If selected, moves out of the selected class and vice versa $ (this) [hasselected?] Removeclass ":" AddClass "] (" selected "); // Find an internal checkbox, set the corresponding property $ (this). Find (": CheckBox"). attr ("Checked",! hasselected

"Sharp jquery" notes--four Sections

information for an element, such as the contents of a Dynamic output text boxVersion 2, 1.7: On () replaces Bind (), delegate (), Live () Off () replaces Unbind (), Undelegate (), unlive () 3. E.target can capture the target element of the triggereg$ ("#myTab TD"). Click (function() {$ (this). css (' background ', ' red ');})For example, if there are many, it will be annoying lock.After improvement:$ ("#myTab TD"). Click (function(e) { var $click = e.target; $click. css ('

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