c software free download for windows xp

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Windows XP Tips Summary

Windows XP Tips Summary (Novice dedicated) 1. How to configure Windows XP service yourself? If you are using Windows XP on a stand-alone computer, many service components are not needed at all, and additional service programs affect the speed of th

WINDOWS XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) 1th/2 page _ Application Tips

Windows XP Ultimate Setup Windows XP Ultimate Setup (painstaking edition) Statement: The above data are collected from the Internet from the collation, I have not one by one test, so in the change to be careful, do a backup, preparedness, hehe. Firs

Windows XP full system Optimization Tutorial

German Windows XP system optimization patch is not looked at a lot of Windows XP optimization article, put the system is also toss to die, or old cow pull broken car. Below we are employed to introduce people in detail about Windows XP Comprehensive

XP and Win 7 dual system installation instructions and precautions

Tags: style http io color os ar using SP filesPre-Installation Instructions:1, install XP first, and then install Windows 7, it is best not to reverse, or XP will not put Windows 7 boot Manager to cover out, will be more trouble. In summary follow

The simple speed optimization method of Windows XP system

Windows XP System Optimization Acceleration Method Daquan: ① Select Start Run, type regedit, expand Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop, change the value of the string value "Hungapptimeout" to 200, and then the string value " Waittokillapptimeout

XP System 70 Tips

Although the official version of WIN10 is about to be released, Microsoft has already given up XP, but as the most successful operating system, still has a large number of users, and the following a lot of XP skills, in the WIN10 system, the same can

XP practical optimization Tips for the big broadcast

Long-term use of the Windows XP hibernation feature, you will find that the system will soon become unstable. It's best to press Ctrl+alt+del, click the Processes tab in the Windows Task Manager window that pops up, locate the Explorer.exe file, and

Computer Master common skill application Full contact _WINDOWSXP

1. How to clear the paging file when shutdown    Open Control Panel, click Administrative tools → local security policy → local policy → security options, double-click the shutdown: Clean virtual memory paging file item, click the Enabled option on

Windows Vista Download _vista

According to sources, the version of Windows Vista is similar to Windows XP and is divided into two broad categories. Windows XP is divided into "home" and "professional" categories, where the Home Edition includes an entry-level version (Starter),

Win7 under the C language programming software have what

Win7 under the C language programming software. Many people just start to contact C language friends want to know with the above software development C language is good, generally speaking, Microsoft'

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