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Why does Google not have a Java Style Guide (coding style guide)

Write by nine days Yan Ling (jtianling) -- blog.csdn.net/vagrxie Sina Weibo -- Discussing newsgroups -- code library -- Douban I have heard that the three most widely used languages inside Google are c ++, Java, and python, But it is strange that Google style guide has c ++ and python, there are also JavaScript and objc, and it is estimated that there will be little internal use, but there is no java. This

How to create a style guide for Web sites in web interface design

The journey returns, everything is OK. Five days is very short, looking back basically only will be a blue sea and sky, as well as white sand beach, interested friends can go to my microblog to see what the scenery photos. Fortunately, after coming back did not feel unable to adapt to the normal life of a class, the difference between them is only "State 1" and "State 2" this way; do what you have to do right now. The previous article is the first half of the IOS Wow Experience-the sixth chapte

You have to pay attention to these details! To teach you to design a brand style guide from three angles

In brand design, the brand style guide is one of the most important documents. Whether it's creating a brand new or rebuilding a brand for an existing company, it's all about setting the tone and building a series of cohesive materials and specifications around the brand. In this article, we will explore the techniques for creating a design style

I'll teach you 10 tricks. Web Design style Guide

Editor's note: Now the station has passed that one person to carry a world era, most sites need to collaborate to complete, in order to ensure consistent design, team members fully coordinated, WEB design style guide indispensable, today to share a pure dry course, teach you 10 strokes to fix it! Today, the creation of websites is becoming more and more complex, and generally not a person can do. In creati

21 Awesome Web site UI design style guide

In web design or APP UI design, designers often take the time to organize various UI elements, such as font size, paragraph spacing, button color, size, and so on, in order to better standardize the design of documents, while making Style Guide may waste some time but has other benefits. For example, make sure that the UI design style is consistent and that devel

Google C ++ programming style guide 1

Google C ++ programming style guide (1): header file [this article]Google C ++ programming style guide (2): ScopeGoogleC ++ programming style guide (III): c ++ classGoogle C ++ programming sty

Google C ++ Style Guide

Google C ++ Style Guide-Chinese Simplified ¶ Version: 3.133 Original Author: Benjy weinbergercraig silversteingregory eitzmannmark mentovaitashana landray Translation: Yulefoxyospaly Project homepage: Google Style Guide Google open-source project

The current popular JavaScript code style guide _javascript Tips

JavaScript does not have an authoritative coding style guide and replaces some of the popular coding styles: Copy Code code as follows: Google's JavaScript style guide (hereinafter referred to as Google) Http://google-styleguide.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/javascriptguide.xml NPM Coding

Google C + + Style Guide Reading notes series

The Google C + + programming style manual mentions many of the issues that you need to be aware of when programming, and it can be helpful to standardize your code. Here are some reading notes, but also a summary of some of the points.-Google C + + Style Guide Read NOTE 1-Google C + + Style

Google C + + style guide of the popular translation (copy, do not reprint)

cases there might is good arguments for changing certain style rules, but we nonetheless keep things as they is I n order to preserve consistency. //Promote consistency, don't change style temporarily. Enforcing consistency is a way for us to keep our code base manageable. It is important to make it easy for other programmers to understand your code. If we maintain a uniform

Web Infrastructure Design Principles Classic paper "Architecture style and web-based Software Architecture Design" guide

Software Architectures ". The Chinese version of this paper, "Architecture style and web-based software architecture Design", can be downloaded from the Infoq Chinese station: This paper is not easy to read, as the translator of the Chinese version of the thesis, the author tries to comb out a reading context for the reader in this guide. But I still hope that the reader can overcome the difficulties, to

Google C + + Style Guide

Google C + + Style Guide Revision 3.260 Benjy Weinberger Craig Silverstein Gregory Eitzmann Mark Mentovai Tashana Landray Each style point has a summary for which additional information are available by toggling the accompanying arrow button tha T looks this way:▽ to toggle all summaries with the big arrow button:▽toggle all summaries Table of Contents

The high-speed landing practice of Python Coding style guide

The high-speed landing practice of Python Coding style guide Machine and human strengths, such as coding style Check this can be self-active work should be handed over to the machine, so this article helps you in a few minutes to achieve the coding style of self-active inspection. 1. What are the famous P

Website style guide Online generation tool Stylify ME

The Web site style guide is a hassle-making process, but it's very useful, and it allows team members to clearly define the design specifications of the project. Just like a handbook, forget to open a look to know. If you haven't made a style guide before, take a look at the style

Google C + + programming style Guide (eight): Exceptions to the rules

The key to the use of the programming style guide is to provide a common coding specification where everyone can focus on implementing content rather than presentation. We give the overall style specification, but the local style is also very important, if you in a file the new code and the original code

Google C ++ programming style guide (1)

Background Google's open-source projects are mostly developed using C ++. Every C ++ProgramMembers also know that C ++ has many powerful language features, but this powerful will inevitably lead to its complexity, which will makeCodeIt is more prone to bugs, difficult to read and maintain. The purpose of this Guide is to elaborate on how to write and not write in C ++ encoding to avoid its complexity. These rules allow code to effectively use the

Raywenderlich.com's swift Programming style guide

Translated from: Https://github.com/raywenderlich/swift-style-guideThis style guide may be different from what you see elsewhere, and our focus is mainly on the readability of the Internet and articles. This programming style guide was created to maintain the elegance and co

Google Java Programming Style guide--See around corners

descriptions will occasionally appear in subsequent documents.1.2 Guide NotesThe sample code in this document is not a specification. That said, while the sample code follows Google's programming style, it doesn't mean that this is the only way to show the code. The format selection in the example should not be enforced as a rule.Source file Base 2.1 file nameThe source file is named with its topmost class

Google Java Programming style guide Chinese version (GO)

ordinary class, an enumeration class, an interface, or a annotation type ( @interface ) The term comment is used only to refer to the implementation of annotations (Implementation comments), we do not use the word "documentation comments", but rather javadoc. Other term descriptions will occasionally appear in subsequent documents.1.2 Guide NotesThe sample code in this document is not a specification. That said, while the sample code follows

Google HTML/CSS/JS Code Style Guide

property name Colon.For consistency reasons, add a space between the property name and the value (not between the property name and the colon)./* Not recommended */H3 { font-weight:bold;}/* Recommended */H3 { font-weight:bold;}The selector and the declaration line are interlaced with the selector and declaration.Each selector and declaration is independent of the new row./* Not recommended */a:focus, a:active { position:relative; top:1px;}/* Recommended */H1,H2,H3 { font-weight:normal; lin

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