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C ++: compilation unit, declaration and definition, header file function, prevent repeated reference of header files in the same compilation unit, static and anonymous Space

Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/rocketfan/archive/2009/10/02/1577361.html   1. compilation unit: A. cc or. cpp file is used as a compilation unit to generate. O. 2. Definition and declaration of common data types, Function Definition and

Definition of the basic type model of C/C ++/Java/C #

C/C ++ only defines the relationship between basic data types (character length: CHAR DATETYPE LP32 ILP32 LP64 ILP64 LLP64 JAVA C # CHAR 8 8 8 8 8 16 16 BYTE N/ N/ N/ N/ N/ 8 8 SHORT 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 _ INT32 N/ 32 N/ N/ N/ N/ N/ INT 16 32 32 64

Knowledge of the. NET development environment, console program creation, output, input, definition variables, variable

First of all, thank Shanglikai for taking me into. NET, a good software development program. Through two days of learning in this area is also a lot of understanding, let us first understand the C # languageC # is a new, simple, secure, and fast

Basic Swift data type, swift data type

Basic Swift data type, swift data typeConstants and variables Constants and variables are represented by a specific name, such as maximumNumberOfLoginAttempt or welcomeMessage. A constant points to a specific type of value, such as a number of 10 or

# Connector and # operator in the C ++/C macro definition

Http://blog.163.com/wshyao@126/blog/static/1070451420081018103237836/ # Connector and # Connector # The Concatenation symbol is composed of two pound signs. Its function is to connect two substrings (tokens) in the macro definition with parameters

OBJECTIVE-C macro Definition Detailed description _ios

Like to read some Open-source project source, always will find that the great God's code always have some short and efficient macro definition, click to see, find obscure, not to mention learning, sometimes understanding is a difficult, but the

Definition and Summary of C + + main operator overloading

The operands of predefined operators in C + + can only be basic data types, and in fact, for many user-defined types, similar operations are Required. For example:Class Complex{PublicComplex (double r=0.0,double i=0.0) {real=r;imag=i;}void Display ()

Swift2.0 The return value and function type of the function of the language tutorial

Swift2.0 The return value of the function in the language tutorial and the function type Swift2.0 the return value of the functionFunctions can be divided into non-return-valued functions and return-valued functions, depending on whether they have

"Python" Java Programmer learns Python (v)-definition and use of functions

Don't want to be a lamb to be slaughtered!!!! To become strong ....The definition and use of functions in the front or for a reason, now the language tends to general, basic types are basically those, focus on the use of learning objects, and the

On the difference between inline function and macro definition _c language

Replace macros with inline: 1. Inline functions can be debugged at run time, while macro definitions are not possible;2. The compiler will do security checks or automatic type conversions (with normal functions) on the parameter types of the

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