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How many versions of C # are there? What is the difference between C # and. NET versions? C # and. NET versions?

c#1.0 1.1-->vs2003-->.net 1.0 1.1--> Delegate Event Properties AttributeC#2.0-->vs2005-->.net 2.0--> anonymous delegate generic yield partial class operator overloaded static classC#3.0-->vs2008-->.net 3.5-->linq Expression Collection initializer

Relationships between versions of Microsoft Visual C + +

We usually play games, use of CD-free crack patches and other programs are often required by the C + + redistributable Package support. But the C++redistributable package has many versions, often making it impossible for new players to find it. The

Various versions of C language

GCC specifies options for different versions of the C language:GNU (modified version of GNU for C89): default,-std=gnu89ANSI, ISO C90:-ansi,-std=c89 (ANSI C (C89) and ISO C (C90) content basically the same, mainly format organization is not the same)

C # and various versions and contacts of the. Net Framework

Reprint: HTTP://WWW.TUICOOL.COM/ARTICLES/3ENU2AC # languageC # is an object-oriented, high-level programming language running on the. NET framework that Microsoft publishes. And is scheduled to debut on the Microsoft Career Developer Forum (PDC). C #

Samsung Note3 has several versions of PHP with multiple versions of the analysis explained

PHP version mainly divided into three branches: PHP4/PHP5/PHP6 Among them, PHP4 is too old, the poor support for OO has basically been eliminated, it is not detailed. And PHP6 because there is no application on the production line, but also

win2008 iis7/iis7.5 The simplest and strongest installation of multiple versions of PHP support environment _win Server

Use PHP manager,windows 2008 R2 IIS7.5 Install multiple versions of PHP environment Personal on Windows 2008 R2, configure the installation PHP environment in the IIS environment to focus on the practice: 1, if you need to configure MySQL on the

ASP. NET cache-multiple versions of cache pages

Sometimes, you may want to cache a page, but create different versions for the page based on the request. For example, the page may have different outputs based on the values passed in the query string. ASP. NET allows multiple versions of the same

[Mysql] differences between Mysql versions and mysql versions

[Mysql] differences between Mysql versions and mysql versions I. Differences between Mysql versions: 1,MySQL Community ServerCommunity version, Open source is free of charge, but does not provide official technical support. This is also the MySQL

Import and export between different oracle versions

The solution for importing and exporting oracle versions between different versions is as follows. In a special case today, you need to use oracle9 data in oracle8, for example, import and export. After a long time, the data exported from oracle9

Classic Algorithm Research Series: c/c ++ implementation of all versions of the Quick Sort Algorithm

Author: July, March 20, 2011.Source: http://blog.csdn.net/v_july_v.--------------------------------------------------   Preface: I believe that I have written the first two articles about the Quick Sort Algorithm: the first one, the first one, and

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