c language string functions c language switch case c language switch case example c language syntax reference c language variable declaration c language versions list c language while loop example c language xor c length of array c library update c like syntax c line sockets c list example c lock file c logical not c logical operators c loop through array c loops examples c lvalue required as left operand of assignment c mail com c man open c math max c math random c math sqrt c max float c max function c max int c microsoft visual studio 2015 c min function c min max c mkdir example c mode c move file c multiline string c mysql api c mysql connection c namespace c ncurses example c new object c not equal to c number format c object to xml c odbc c odbc connection c odbc connection example c odbc example c one line if c open file c open file read c open flags c open function c open mode c open text file c opendir c operator c operator example c operator order c operator precedence c operator precedence chart c operator precedence table c operator priority c optional function parameters c optional parameters c order of operations c os c output online c output string c overwrite file c pad c pad string c param c parse datetime c parse text file line by line c pass by reference example c password code c pdf parser c pipe operator c pointer reference c pointers and references c pointers explained c popen c power operator c pread c precedence c precedence chart c precedence table c prevent sql injection c print binary c print boolean c print date c print file to stdout c print float c print format c print function c print string c print to console c print type of variable c print variable c print working directory c printf binary
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