c7000 pass through module

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How to pass parameter values to a module when loading a module

1. symptom description In Linux systems, dynamic Loading modules often need to be implemented: 1) when loading a module, pass a parameter value to the module, and the parameter value cannot be modified during the module operation; 2) When loading a module,

PASS Parameters from the command line to the kernel module (module_parm)

Http://blog.chinaunix.net/u1/54524/showart_470321.html The module can also obtain parameters from the command line. But it's not something you usedArgc/Argv. To pass a parameter to the module, declare the variable that obtains the parameter value as a global variable. Then use the macroMODULE_PARM()(In the header fileLinux/mo

Linux Module_param ()-Pass parameters to the module

1. Programming in user mode: Pass command-line arguments via main ()Writing a kernel module: passing command-line arguments via Module_param ()2. The Module_param macro is new in the Linux 2.6 kernel and is defined in the Include/linux/moduleparam.h file3. Module_param uses 3 parameters: variable name, its type, and a permission mask to make an auxiliary SYSFS entryModule_param (name, type, perm);Name is bo

Solve Nginx upload module Nginx_upload_module pass get parameters

Summary of methods to solve the nginx_upload_module of Nginx upload module passing get parametersRecent users have reflected that our system can only upload files of 50M size, hoping to support uploading larger files.Obviously PHP can not easily achieve large file upload, because there will be a variety of depressing problems, such as server timeouts, then how to solve it? I thought of nginx_upload_module!!!How do I install nginx_upload_module? See he

Compile kernel module "Go" in high-pass platform Android Environment

This article was reproduced from: http://blog.xeonxu.info/blog/2012/12/04/zai-gao-tong-ping-tai-androidhuan-jing-xia-bian-yi-nei-he-mo-kuai/The Linux kernel in the Qualcomm Android Environment is compiled as part of Android, and you can use make to do it all at once from the beginning to the end. For some platforms such as Marvell, the kernel compiles relatively independently and must be compiled separately using standard kernel compilation commands. In general, the use of high-

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