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Fabric CA User's Guide __ block chain

Fabric CA User's Guide Certification Authority The features provided are: identity registration : or connecting to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) as a user registry; issuance of a registration

LDAP Learning Notes

Order: work in the CA system used LDAP, using open source OpenLDAP, today because the work needs to participate in the basic training of the general LDAP, in this study notes, deepen learning effect. 1, what directory services and LDAP areThe

HAproxy + Keepalive implement LDAP proxy service

HAproxy + Keepalive implement LDAP proxy service Because the company has a lot of self-developed systems, all of these systems are using LDAP for authentication. Currently, we have several DC controllers to share these ldap requests, the user

Use ldap c api to modify a user's password in MS Active Directory

1. First, you need to understand the notes for modifying the user password in the Windows Active Directory:1. In the Active Directory, the user's password is Unicode encoding, so the password must be converted from ASCII to unicode encoding, the

Linux encryption and decryption, the basic application of OpenSSL and the process of CA implementation

First, data encryption methodEncryption is divided into: one-way encryption, symmetric encryption and public key cryptography.1. Symmetric encryptionSymmetric encryption: Using the encryption method of single-key cryptosystem, the same key can be

Working Principle and encryption and decryption process of CA Based on PKI

ToPKIBasicCAWorking Principle andEncryption and decryption Processes 650) This. width = 650; "width =" 555 "Height =" 415 "Title =" pki.jpg "style =" width: 701px; Height: pixel PX; "alt =" wkiol1pcqkcz_vzjaag9jh9do8377.jpg "src ="

CentOS5.5apache + svn + ldap + ldapphpadmin configuration method

Apache + svn + ldap + ldapphpadmin configuration method environment installation package required: other software using YUM installation software default location

Access to network File system and LDAP network account settings

Access Network File system 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "alt=" J_0028.gif "/>CIFS Network File system access1. Install the shared access clientYum Install Samba-client-y2. identify shared server shared

Configure OpenLDAP to use SSL/TLS to encrypt data communication

OpenLDAPAndOpenSSLIntroductionOpenLDAP is one of the most common directory services. It is an open-source project developed and managed by open-source communities and volunteers. It provides all the functions of directory services, including

CentOS5.5 apache + svn + ldap + ldapphpadmin configuration method

  Apache + svn + ldap + ldapphpadmin configuration method   Environment installation package: httpd-2.2.17.tar.bz2   Subversion-1.5.5.tar.bz2   Php-5.2.14   Install other software using YUM   The default software location

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