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[Cacti monitoring] installing cacti monitoring under centos6.2

[Cacti monitoring] install cacti monitoring 1 under centos6.2 configure LAMP environment a install mysql database yum-yinstallmysqlmysql-servermysql-develb configure apache and phpyum-yinstallhttpdph... [cacti monitoring] install

[Cacti monitoring] installing cacti monitoring under centos6.2

[Cacti monitoring] install cacti monitoring under centos6.2 1> Configure LAMP environment a> install mysql database yum-y install mysql-server mysql-devel B> Configure apache and php yum-y install httpd php-mysql 2> install rrdtool and net-snmp yum-y install zlib freetype libjpeg fontconfig gd libxml2 php-

Detailed Implementation of Cacti plugin added in Cacti monitoring Linux

Cacti is a software implemented in php. Its main function is to use the snmp service to obtain data, store and update data using rrdtool, and generate charts and present them to users. Previous articles briefly talked about Cacti monitoring The following section describes the Linux application that Cacti monitors. I. A

Mysql-cacti-templates-1.1.2.tar.gz free download cacti mysqlincrease monitoring, hadoop0.20.2.tar.gz

Mysql-cacti-templates-1.1.2.tar.gz free download cacti mysqlincrease monitoring, hadoop0.20.2.tar.gz Added monitoring for cacti MySQL1. Install the monitoring plug-inWget http://mysql-cacti

Open Source Monitoring Solution Nagios+cacti+pnp4nagios+nconf+ndoutils+nagvis (v) Cacti installation

";$database _hostname = "";$database _username = "Nagios";$database _password = "XXXX";$database _port = "3306";$database _ssl = false;(4) Set directory permissions# Useradd Cactiuser# chown-r Cactiuser rra/log/(5) Increased timing tasks#echo "*/5 * * * * cactiuser php/var/www/html/cacti/poller.php >/dev/null 2>1" >>/etc/crontab#每5分钟以cactier去抓取数据绘图, this time 5 minutes should be the minimum interval, it is not recommended to modify to a small

Cacti monitoring server data migration

Cacti monitoring server data migration In response to the customer's requirements and discussions with Wang, if a standby Cacti monitoring server is missing in the BJD environment, the data of the original Cacti monitoring server

redhat6.5 installation cacti monitoring and installation process problem solving

Topic Description : Install cacti as a universal monitoring tool in the Redhat system. Environment Description: i The client uses the Win7 system to telnet to the Linux server via PuttyClient Ip:,linux server ip: (using intranet)Cacti principle: Cacti itself is a PHP script, all its functions a

Installing the open-source system monitoring tool cacti in centos 5.5

Cacti is an open-source network monitoring tool that monitors the status and load of hosts, it can be used to monitor the running status of servers such as Apache and MySQL. Cacti Official Website: Cacti must run in PHP, MySQL, and Apache environments.

Install cacti monitoring in centos6.5 (1)

: remove the # sign before the # view all include. 1 80 line. 5: We will start three important services after configuring SNMP. [[Email protected] ~] # Service snmpd start // start the SNMP service [[Email protected] ~] # Chkconfig snmpd on // set startup [[Email protected] ~] # Service httpd start [[Email protected] ~] # Chkconfig httpd on [[Email protected] ~] # Service mysqld start [[Email protected] ~] # Chkconfig mysqld on 6. install and configure ca

Cacti+nagios Monitoring System (VI): CACTI integration ntop

of cacti ntopCd/root/downloadwget Plugin:ntop-v0.2-1.tgz ntop-v0.2-1.tgzTar zxvf ntop-v0.2-1.tgz-c/var/www/html/cacti/plugins/vi/var/www/html/cacti/include/config.php$plugins [] = ' ntop ';In plugin Management "Install and enable pluginsIn user management, check the view NtopSet the URL in Settings, misc:http

[Cacti configuration series] Notes for configuring cacti monitoring in windows.

Recently, a cacti monitoring is configured in windows. Installation Package for Windows: Note the following: 1. Change the time to China time Add the following functions to the cacti/inclde/gloabl. php file: Date_default_timezone_set ('Asia/Shanghai '); 2. In setting --> poller type, select spine. 3. In

Establishment of cacti Monitoring Platform

As a Linux SA, the most important thing in daily life is to ensure the normal and stable operation of the website. We need to monitor the running status of the website and server in real time, in this case, you need to use open-source software (cacti, Nagios, zabbix, and so on) monitoring.

Cacti+nagios Monitoring platform for Perfect integration

Recently there are many students on nagios and cacti integration is very tangled, close-up this article for your reference, to solve everyone in nagios and cacti integration process encountered problems.One, cacti installation deploymentAs a Linux SA, the most important thing in daily life is to ensure the normal and stable operation of the

Installation of cacti network monitoring system on CentOS6.7

Cacti tool is a set of open source web-based network monitoring and system monitoring graphics solutions. Cacti obtains data through the SNMP service and draws graphics using RRDtool, providing very intuitive data and user management capabilities. Cacti requires web, MySQL,

Cacti Monitoring (3) configuration cacti

Cacti installed, you can configure how to monitor! When the first landing cacti request username is admin Password is admin request Change password Below we will be on the public network of a running switch to do traffic monitoring (the monitored objects need to open the SNMP service)Click Devices--------then click Add to add Description: This is the dis

Monitoring Linux hosts with CACTI

First, the preparatory workEnvironment: Centos 5.6Required Software:httpPhpPhp-mysqlPhp-snmpMysqlPerl-dbd-mysqlPhp-pdoRRDtoolNet-snmpNet-snmp-libsNet-snmp-utils#下载相关软件cd/usr/local/src/wget Introduction of the environmentThe main monitor is CentOS 5.6Main monitoring Machine ip=, installation configuration(1) Install the APACHE+PHP+GD Web

Build cacti monitoring under Linux

I. Introduction of CACTI monitoring software1. Cacti is a PHP language implementation of a software, its main function is to use the SNMP service to obtain data, and then use RRDtool to store and update data, when the user needs to view the data with the RRDtool to generate a chart presented to the user. Therefore, SNMP and RRDtool are the key to

Cacti templates (graphical templates, data templates, host templates) and custom monitoring scripts

method to obtain the data (usually a command or script ). In actual work projects, we may need to monitor more metrics. What should I do now? In fact, the cacti official website provides many templates, and many volunteers also provide a large number of templates. We can download, decompress, import, and use them directly. On the cacti official

UbuntuLinux system sets up cacti Monitoring Service

Article Title: The UbuntuLinux system sets up the cacti Monitoring Service. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Including desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, open source, and other basic classification. Step 1: Install ubuntu and LAMP services.   We recommend that you use the ubuntu server system + LAMP service to install the

Build Cacti monitoring and common fault solutions for CentOS

additional efficient polling tool Spine.#. /Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/cacti-spine -- with-mysql =/usr/local/webserver/mysql -- with-snmp =/usr/local/net-snmp (optional, if the net-snmp source code is installed, it must be added)# Make make install# Cd/usr/local/cacti-spine/etc/# Cpspine. conf. distspine. conf# Vispine. conf // configure the mail to connect to the

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