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Use Cairo to implement cross-platform graphics

Source: S_tact = 105agx52 & s_cmp = techcto Vector Plotting library used to generate consistent outputEli Dow, software engineer, IBM Linux test and Integration Center  Introduction:Cairo's goal is

Cairo Summary 1

Cairo will become the future of Linux 2D plottingNote: currently, "theory is not practiced" ^_^======================================1. What is Cairo.======================================Cairo is a vector graphics library that supports multiple

Cairo with Windows graphics interface

1. IntroductionTwo of Linux's most popular desktop environments are KDE and GNOME, and the underlying components of QT and gtk+,gtk+ are mapped using Cairo. Cairo (HTTP// is the open source vector graphics library support a

[In construction] Cairo Tutorials

This article is for the translation of Cairo official tutorialsOriginal English Link: correct me if there is any translation error.Reprint please indicate the original link."It's under construction!" 】Cairo

"Rendering Engine" Cairo introduction

Cairo is a lightweight rendering 2D engine that can be exported to different format results files based on specific bitmap coordinates, such as a common picture format, or PDF format. Cairo also supports access to multiple programming languages and

Introduction to two 2D graphics Libraries

Http:// The latest project needs to find a cross-platform 2D graphics library. It is best to use interfaces compatible with Microsoft's GDI +. After some searches

Open source 2D graphics library ghost research (I)

Agg ry, a powerful 2D ry library. Due to some defects of GDI + (not cross-platform, poor accuracy in some application scenarios), I have been looking for a solution that can replace the GDI + drawing component, and finally I chose idea, it provides

Introduction to Google skia Graphics Processing Engine

This article is very helpful for understanding the android graphics system and is recommended to you. Http:// /~ Jserv/archives/002095.html   In September 2008, Google announced the web browser chrome, which uses the improved WebKit

Zookeeper Google skia Processing Engine

In September 2008, Google announced the web browser chrome, which uses the improved WebKit as its core, and revealed many new features of chrome. For example, Google released the new [V8] JavaScript (ecmascript) the primary engine, perhaps because

Canvas Create matte Picture

First of all we know that CSS3 added a lot of useful, fun CSS3 style can be used.      Today we're talking about masks. Its use is not complex, and background use the same way. Use Mask-image to use, so that you can synthesize a picture with the

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