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Use Cairo to implement cross-platform graphics

Source: S_tact = 105agx52 & s_cmp = techcto Vector Plotting library used to generate consistent outputEli Dow, software engineer, IBM Linux test and Integration Center  Introduction:Cairo's goal is

The system shutdown of Cairo-Dock is invalid.

Text background After Cairo-Dock is set to automatically start upon startup, the Shutdown option in the System menu bar is invalid. You can use the command line to shut down the system.Search Process I was disappointed with the results found by

Cairo, SDL compilation and running on iOS platform

I wrote blobsalad code from the Internet (click to open the link), which is interesting. I want to transplant it to the iOS platform. The program requires Cairo and SDL. First, compile their iOS platform library. SDL 1.3 supports IOS compilation.

CentOS Build Gtk+codeblock full version _linux

First, the required source code package 1. GNU Make Tool 2. GNU GetText software package (required when there is no GetText () function on the system) 3. GNU Libiconv Library (required when there is no iconv () function on the system) 4. Fontconfig

Introduction to two 2D graphics Libraries

Http:// The latest project needs to find a cross-platform 2D graphics library. It is best to use interfaces compatible with Microsoft's GDI +. After some searches

Let's program 1 with gtk (START and warm-up) (repost some gtk articles)

Thanks to the author. ^ Program 1 with gtk (START and warm-up) Reprinted please indicate the source: Author: lvjinhua at gmail dot com 2006.09.20 Preface The purpose of this article is to provide a learning file for

GTK rotating image (pixbuf) patch

You must insert an image in the project and rotate it at any angle. The GTK version I used is windows32bit 2.24, which is from the official website. In this version of API, the rotate pixbuf API has only one simple function that rotates at a factor

Canvas Create matte Picture

First of all we know that CSS3 added a lot of useful, fun CSS3 style can be used.      Today we're talking about masks. Its use is not complex, and background use the same way. Use Mask-image to use, so that you can synthesize a picture with the

Chapter Two: Data visualization-Basic API

ObjectiveData visualization is a very important part of data mining, which is used not only in the process of accessing and understanding data, but in the whole data mining.Because data visualization can not only visualize the data, let you have a

Introduction to Google skia Graphics Processing Engine

This article is very helpful for understanding the android graphics system and is recommended to you. Http:// /~ Jserv/archives/002095.html   In September 2008, Google announced the web browser chrome, which uses the improved WebKit

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