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Use Cairo to implement cross-platform graphics

Source: S_tact = 105agx52 & s_cmp = techcto Vector Plotting library used to generate consistent outputEli Dow, software engineer, IBM Linux test and Integration Center  Introduction:Cairo's goal is

[In construction] Cairo Tutorials

This article is for the translation of Cairo official tutorialsOriginal English Link: correct me if there is any translation error.Reprint please indicate the original link."It's under construction!" 】Cairo

Cairo-dock, which is more beautiful than AWN installed in Ubuntu8.04 [multi-figure]

Ubuntu8.04 I used to beautify Dongdong AWN for a long time and wanted to change its taste. Some friends said that AWN is more card-like. What should I do? Now we try to install cairo-dock, which is more beautiful than AWN. We can use the DEB package

Cairo, SDL compilation and running on iOS platform

I wrote blobsalad code from the Internet (click to open the link), which is interesting. I want to transplant it to the iOS platform. The program requires Cairo and SDL. First, compile their iOS platform library. SDL 1.3 supports IOS compilation.

Pygobject (99) Cairo series--Ring loading icon

Example Example Code: #!/usr/bin/env Python3 # Created by Xiaosanyu on 16/7/6 # section 149 TITLE = ' waiting ' DESCRIPTION = "" "In this Examle, We use the transparency effect to create a waiting demo. We'll draw 8 lines that would gradually fade

Fedora8 Chinese font setting skills

1. During installation of Fedora8, you must note that you must select the Simplified Chinese installation interface so that the Chinese-related software (such as the input method) and Chinese Language Pack will be installed by default. Otherwise, it

CentOS Build Gtk+codeblock full version _linux

First, the required source code package 1. GNU Make Tool 2. GNU GetText software package (required when there is no GetText () function on the system) 3. GNU Libiconv Library (required when there is no iconv () function on the system) 4. Fontconfig

Installing the source code on a Linux system GTK + 2.0

Installing the source code on a Linux system GTK + 2.0==================================================keywords:gtk+, Install, Linux, SourceAuthor:whyglinux (whyglinux at Hotmail DOT com)date:2007-01-07===============================================

Set fedora8 and Firefox Font

0. Install fedora8 During installation, You must select the Simplified Chinese installation interface, so that the Chinese-related software (such as the input method) and Chinese language packs are installed by default. Otherwise, it will be

Introduction to two 2D graphics Libraries

Http:// The latest project needs to find a cross-platform 2D graphics library. It is best to use interfaces compatible with Microsoft's GDI +. After some searches

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