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Use Cairo to implement cross-platform graphics

Source: S_tact = 105agx52 & s_cmp = techcto Vector Plotting library used to generate consistent outputEli Dow, software engineer, IBM Linux test and Integration Center  Introduction:Cairo's goal is

Cairo Summary 1

Cairo will become the future of Linux 2D plottingNote: currently, "theory is not practiced" ^_^======================================1. What is Cairo.======================================Cairo is a vector graphics library that supports multiple

Cairo with Windows graphics interface

1. IntroductionTwo of Linux's most popular desktop environments are KDE and GNOME, and the underlying components of QT and gtk+,gtk+ are mapped using Cairo. Cairo (HTTP// is the open source vector graphics library support a

[In construction] Cairo Tutorials

This article is for the translation of Cairo official tutorialsOriginal English Link: correct me if there is any translation error.Reprint please indicate the original link."It's under construction!" 】Cairo

C + + Cairo drawing graphics based on Vector graphics library

sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev//pkg-config--cflags--libs cairo//-i/usr/include/cairo-i/usr/include/glib-2.0- I/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/glib-2.0/include-i/usr/include/pixman-1-i/usr/include/freetype2-i/usr/include/ libpng12 -lcairo#include

"Rendering Engine" Cairo introduction

Cairo is a lightweight rendering 2D engine that can be exported to different format results files based on specific bitmap coordinates, such as a common picture format, or PDF format. Cairo also supports access to multiple programming languages and

Implementing R drawing under CentOS6.5

1 , first install R's drawing package Cairo:[[email protected] mysofts] # R CMD INSTALL cairo_1.5-9.tar.gz2 , check> Library (Cairo) load Cairo package > Cairo.capabilities () #png JPEG TIFF PDF

CentOS Build Gtk+codeblock full version _linux

First, the required source code package 1. GNU Make Tool 2. GNU GetText software package (required when there is no GetText () function on the system) 3. GNU Libiconv Library (required when there is no iconv () function on the system) 4. Fontconfig

R Drawing Font Solutions

A problem often encountered in the COS forum is how Chinese fonts are solved when drawing. Initially, a popular approach is to use family = "GB1" , but generally this makes the diagram more ugly, and does not completely solve the problem. Later

In. Net Core, ZKWeb. System. Drawing is used to implement the verification code function (graphical verification code). netcoredrawing

In. Net Core, ZKWeb. System. Drawing is used to implement the verification code function (graphical verification code). netcoredrawing This article describes how to use a third-party ZKWeb. System. Drawing in. Net Core to implement the verification

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