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CakePHP 2.x upgrade 3.0, cakephp2.x upgrade 3.0

CakePHP 2.x upgrade 3.0, cakephp2.x upgrade 3.0 CakePHP 2.x => 3.x upgrade I. Controller Layer 1. find ('LIST ')In the original 2. x, This method uses 'fields' in the specified option to implement key => value3. x is replaced by 'keyfield' and

CakePHP study summary 6

CakePHP study summary 6 1. Change the debug information in the lower part of the cake during running.Set row 43rd of APP \ config \ core. php* Development Mode:* 1: errors and warnings shown, model caches refreshed, flash messages halted.* 2:

How does kohana filter out specific words from a string?

How does kohana filter out specific words from a string?Text: censor () filters out specific words from strings. The word to be filtered is passed as an array parameter. Words can be whole or In the configuration. UsageCreate a sensitive word

Kohana How to filter out specific words from a string

Text::censor () obnoxious filters out specific words in a string. The word to filter is passed as an array parameter. Words can be whole orReplaced by the string you set in the configuration.UsageCreate a sensitive word configuration file that you

2014 top 24 php Class Libraries

This article will share with you 24 free and high-quality PHP class libraries, which were also popular in 2014. We recommend them to you here. PHP is not only a language with rich functions, but also helps developers easily create a better network

24 useful PHP class libraries, 24 PHP class library _ PHP Tutorial

24 useful PHP class libraries, and 24 PHP class libraries. 24 useful PHP class libraries. Currently, PHP is the most popular scripting language for Web development. You can easily find a large amount of PHP information on the Internet, including

Comparison of ten PHP development frameworks

Comparison between the ten PHP development frameworks and the PHP development frameworks has recently become a hot topic in the PHP community. new frameworks are launched almost every day. Faced with more than 40 development frameworks on the market,

CakePHP2.x upgrade 3.0, cakephp2.x upgrade 3.0 _ PHP Tutorial

CakePHP2.x is upgraded to 3.0, and cakephp2.x is upgraded to 3.0. CakePHP2.x upgrade 3.0, cakephp2.x upgrade 3.0CakePHP2.x3.x upgrade shoushunyi, Controller Layer 1. find (list) original 2. in x, this method uses fields in the specified option to

Comparison of ten php development frameworks [reprinted]

This article has been around for a few days. Now I want to select an easy-to-use PHP framework for my own development, so I found it again. After reading it, I translated it by the way, since the original text was written at the end of March this

Monolog: PHP Logging Tool

Monolog is a full and easy-to-expand Logging Component in php. Currently, many well-known php frameworks, including Symfony, Laravel, and CakePHP, have built-in Monolog. Monolog can send your logs to files, sockets, inbox, databases, and various web

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